Tuesday, November 30, 2010


First I would like to say Thank you to Remodelaholic for featuring
my Vintage Bathroom Remodel today!!

This bathroom as well as most of our house has been quite a project... so it's nice to be featured!
If you missed this post, you can find it right HERE if you would like to read about it and see the frightening before!! LOL!

Okay, soooo
onto a little fun.
There was a little something inspired me this week.
My friend Lisa over at Suburban Retreat posted about a sweet little shelf that she made last week...

She made this out of an architectural salvage piece that she found and added in some
floral robe hooks that she purchased from little old me a couple months back.
She told me she had a couple of ideas for them when she bought them
& I love what she did with them!
I have been waiting to see what those hooks became in their new home!
She put together her vignette with a pair of skates, a cheery snowman and a darling painted sign
that she purchased from the sweet & talented Lisa over at Serendipity Chic.

So, something about this vignette inspired me
to work on a little something...

I saw those skates that Lisa had hanging on her shelf and thought
of the antique doll shoes and skates that I have tucked away in the armoire in my bedroom.

I keep them in a vintage suitcase that is a treasure trove of doll things!
I feel like a little girl when I look through all the outfits for the dolls!
I check in there first when I come across a doll missing a sock, shoe , bonnet or sweater or
just needing a new dress for a bit.

So, I pulled out the suitcase & looked through & found the wee little vintage doll skates I was looking for
and also grabbed a darling red leather Patsy Ann shoe.

While looking for the second shoe,
I came across the tiny dresses mixed in the bunch that are for my little Nancy Ann Storybook dolls.

I haven't looked at these wee dolls in awhile~ I usually keep them in a small antique cupboard
safe and sound atop the armoire...
but decided to take them out and see about incorporating them into the decor.

Some of you may remember these dolls or even had these when you were little.
The original ones were bisque and the later ones were a hard plastic.

The ones I have are bisque dolls and they are just so darn adorable!
They just have the sweetest faces~not to mention their dainty little dresses and bonnets!

I have picked up a few here and there at thrift stores or on ebay over the years.
They are quite collectible, and some can be quite valuable~
especially if you come across any in their little polka dot boxes.

The kids used to call them 'cartoon face' dolls when they were little because they
thought their little pouty faces were like cartoon characters.
Each Nancy Ann doll has a theme or represents something~ they all have a similar look, but different clothing, hair colors, and themes for example Red Riding hood, Summer, etc.

The skates in Lisa's post inspired me to put together a bit of a doll themed tree just for fun.
Kind of different, but it's a tabletop tree~
so it is just perfect for a vintage shoppe as a display with antique doll items for sale all over it
or for a little girls room with visions of sugarplums and sweets!

It kind of makes me think of back when Santa used to place little treasures and presents
tucked into the branches of the tree for a delightful surprise on Christmas morning!


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Monday, November 29, 2010


Get your holiday decorating on!
starts up this
Friday~ December 3rd!!

Share your
decorating inspirations,
you name it!!!
ANYTHING for feathering your nest for the holidays is welcome!
Of course,
ANY decorating, flea finds, re-do's or design posts are welcome as always~
I am just incorporating a themed link up for the next few weeks to share in the Holiday season.
a new holiday button on my sidebar!
I am a crazy, button making woman these days~
( Thanks again Vanessa for all your help!)
so I might even make a couple different ones.
The first Holiday Feathered Nest Friday is this Friday December 3rd!
Hope to see you there!!

Here's what I am working on right now...

A little vintage inspired vignette..

A very snowy wreath...

White Christmas delights...

and Joy!

Listening to the holiday music is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays.
I plug in my ipod in the car, and then again at the house.
The twinkle of the lights and classic Christmas songs playing
while I go about my day is so enjoyable!

When I found the metal 'Joy' sign, I just loved it and had to bring it home with me.
It's a perfect accent piece and reminder to just slow down when things get crazy
and find the 'joy' all around.

So, how is your holiday decorating going?
Have you started? Are you done already?
I am a bit behind this year... seems like inspiration has been eluding me...
but I am trying to catch up and hope to be sharing
my Holiday Feathered Nest with you all soon!


Happy Monday Everyone!!

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Saturday, November 27, 2010


While at my mothers house for Thanksgiving...
I noticed a wee little trend appearing all over the place...

Or should I say obsession ...

It first showed itself in the living room...
on a couple of throw pillows
and a modern side table.

Then it appeared just a few times in her closet...

decorating her
& quite a few handbags...

even her clothes hangers got some animal print love...

She's a wild one for sure! :)
Zebra, cow and giraffe print covered her
Coffee mugs, plates and rugs...

& the formal antique dining chairs had little zebra seat covers.

Mickey their yorkie couldn't even escape it covering his bed...
I think he is beginning to worry a bit that his next sweater
will be leopard print...

After all, the animal print decorated everything...
even my mother!

So, do you think this might be a bit of a problem?
Should we do an intervention?
Or seek help from the

'Animal Printaholics Anonymous'?

Frankly, she has always been a wild and crazy kind of girl...
maybe that is where we all get it from...
I have to admit, we are all kind of a crazy bunch out here
So I guess animal print would be a natural choice for my mom to be
decorating her world with.
It is just like her...
wild, crazy & lots of fun!
Love it!

Isn't my mother adorable?
She approved this post and thought it would be fun~
No animals were harmed in the decorating of either
my mother or her home!


Friday, November 26, 2010



French Country Cottage

Since it is a holiday...
and a lot of you are spending some wonderful time with family and friends ~
I debated hosting the party this week
but since it happens on a Friday I decided to go ahead and put the link up either way.
I know that those who are able to join in, will share some fantastic inspirations!
If you aren't able to join the party, hope to see you next week and
hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

I wanted to once again say

Thank you so much for joining in and sharing your gorgeous rooms,
inspired projects and fantastic finds!!

Here are just a few that stood out for me from last week...

Alicia over at Lafamille shared her delightful bathroom vanity!
I love how she used this table as her vanity~ it looks amazing!

My friend Erin over at Like Grandmas shared this absolutely delightful little wire lampshade turned basket! Such an inspired fantastic project-
it is so cute and I would love to see it used as a lampshade too!!

An absolutely beautiful table was shared by Jacqueline
I am in LOVE with her dishes !!

Thank you so much to all of you who joined in and shared last week!

Feel free grab my new 'I have been Featured!' Party button!!

I so enjoy visiting your blogs, meeting new friends and love to see your posts!!!

Can't wait to see what you have been up to this week!!

Just a few rules...

Link up an old post or a new post, doesn't matter-
share what decorating inspration, find or project you would like to share this week!!

I would just LOVE it if you would decide to become a French Country Cottage Friend/Follower!

make sure you post a link or a button to link back to my blog so that all the other party participants can be seen too

Go visit the other party goers - show them some love - meet new friends and get some new inspiration for feathering your nest!!

Let's have fun!! It's a party!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Just a quick post...
Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I hope your day is filled with family, friends, laughter...
and wonderful, special moments
where memories and love fills your hearts.

Enjoy your day!

I am Giving Thanks
for the many, many incredible blessings in my life.

You, my blog friends~ are included
I am thankful to have met such sweet friends out here in blogland!



Feathered Nest Friday should
post as usual- but it may be up late or on Friday morning this time.
I am scheduling it to post- we will see how it works!
The linky will be open all weekend long if you would like to join in!


Can you believe it is already Thanksgiving?
I feel like the time has been flying by this year and it has snuck up on me.

I usually have my house decorated with Christmas goodies and am getting ready to host my Holiday party.

This year, I feel like I am so behind!!!

So I started getting a few things going...

I found these huge mercury glass balls ...

along with a couple of tiny ornaments and a sweet little blue bird.

Belsnickles are a favorite of mine, too. I always keep an eye out for them.

I love snow tipped bottle brush trees...
this tiny pink one fits perfectly in this little teacup on the shelf in my kitchen.

I have been pulling out some boxes of Christmas decorations and slowly getting
a few things up around the house.
This is my kind of snow...

There's much to do...and frankly,
I am feeling a wee bit uninspired at the moment.
The trees need to be dressed,
the mantles decorated
and the outside garland placed above the door.

As I mentioned the other day,
A winter storm moved into our area over the past couple of days
and covered the world outside with a blanket of snow...
not my favorite thing to tell you the truth...
but I guess it helps set the Holiday mood

We finally got our power and phone back-
no cellphone service yet.
Some of you asked about a winter storm in California...
Winter storm? Really?
Crazy to even think , huh?
It is probably not much compared to what some of you all experience for a winter storm.

I mean, this is the place where warm weather & sunshine prevail!
Last week we were near 80 down in SoCal...
this week it was down to 23.
NOT my kind of weather!!
We do usually get some snow here...
but I am never ready for it.

I do not really embrace winter.
I am cold enough all the time already without adding in the chilly air and snow-
I use my seat warmers in my car all year long!

I am definitely more of a warm weather kind of girl,
but the cold weather outside has given me some time to get some things done inside...
especially without power and phones.
Pulling out some boxes and thinking about decorating for Christmas was fun.

Now I just gotta get going on it!!

Don't forget~ Feathered Nest Friday coming your way!
Hope to see you there!

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