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Happy New Year to you and yours!

As I have been thinking about the new year-
and wishes, hopes and dreams
I am also reflecting on the past year
some hard things happened in 2010... but also so many fantastic things, too.

It was filled with so much happiness, laughs and love...
and I am feeling so blessed for all the wonderful,
precious moments & memories
of 2010.

Sharing just a few

After counting down, Cullan got his braces off

Ansley wrote her first book
about a magical, beautiful wolf.

My oldest son graduated high school

My brother Evan moved home to California this year &
our family gathered for a fun reunion get-together during the summer

So enjoyed seeing Placido Domingo performing Cyrano with my husband
& introducing my daughter and sister
to opera with Madama Butterfly

Had so much fun on a fantastic trip with my favorite girls...
my daughter Ansley and sister Taylor!

Meeting one of my personal and design idols
Miss Rachel Ashwell!

Spending lot's of time with my Family...


and laughing...

and relaxing at our favorite beach.

and, of course,
starting this blog and meeting all of you!
Thank you for being so welcoming & supportive
to me in this blogging community!

Looking forward to 2011!
Wishing for a healthy, happy, dream come true year~
filled with many, many wonderful moments and happiness for us all!


Feathered Nest Friday
going on through the weekend-
join in or check out all the fantastic inspiration
Just scroll on down to the next post!


Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday!!

It's almost the New Year!!
I can't believe it!!
well, I haven't gotten any decorating or undecorating done this week...
I have been spending some time with family and enjoying my sister visiting, my kids out of school and my husband home.
I am working on a few things this weekend
and will be sharing them very soon- so stay tuned!

I thought I would share a couple of pictures from our Holiday get-together.

I got my beautiful daughter this cute sock monkey hat for Christmas...

she loves it...
and looks like everyone was loving it and enjoying it-
because it seems like every time I turned around...

(my Dad)

That sock monkey hat was on someone else's head~

I guess I should have gotten one for everyone!!
Who knew?!

Aside from musical hats...
there was a little playing music and
a little singing going on...

My brother Chris,
one of my dads

and my son Ryan
played some guitar...

and there was LOT'S of karaoke going on too.
Some of the folks in my family L.O.V.E. karaoke...
once you get them started...
watch out!

(There's that monkey hat again...)

All in all,
kind of a wild & crazy day but lots of fun.
(which is kind of how our family is!!)

How about you?Any traditions or special things you do as a family?
Hope you all had an absolutely wonderful Holiday!

So, last week,
Feathered Nest Friday was on holiday...
and even though it was a few weeks ago now,
here are just a couple of the inspirations that stood out for me from the previous party.

I also wanted to note my friend Lisa recently had a problem with her blog and started a new one.
Here is the link to her new spot and to read about what happened.

shared beautiful holiday decor.

Nanniepannies shared this gorgeous wall and ceiling treatment.

Lisa at Fern Creek Cottage shared her darling card holder wreath- so cute

Thank you so much to everyone shared your beautiful projects, homes,decorating and inspirations!
I appreciate you taking the time to share here at my blog and enjoy seeing what you link up each week~
You are all so inspiring to me!

Onto the party!

Share your decorating, flea finds, designs, etc.
Bring on holiday decor recaps,
your best or favorites this week
anything related to feathering your nest!

Link up an old post or a new post, doesn't matter-
just share what you would like to share this week!

I would LOVE it if you would become a FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE follower
if you aren't already.

Please, NO links to stores or sales.

make sure you post a link or a button to link back to my blog so that all the other party participants can be seen too...
it's a fun place for sharing and everyone likes to get visits

Go visit the other party goers .
Show them some love.
Meet new friends
and get some new inspiration for
feathering your nest!!


Happy Holidays everyone!!
Hope everyone's Christmas was wonderful and blessed~ and you enjoyed a beautiful day with your families!
We had a great time with family and friends and we are enjoying my sister Taylor visiting us for a few days now while getting ready for the New Year!
I can't believe it is already going to be 2011 in just a few days!

I saw some blog parties going on out there that are all about sharing this years favorite projects and posts...
I just started my blog this year, but shared some projects from several years ago
as well as some that are recent.
I picked a couple of my favorites to highlight and share again.

Seaside Resort Inspired
This project was so much fun!
I found these old pieces of a piano and was inspired to create
some kind of a mantle piece with them- when I painted them gray and they came out blue-
they turned into a little seaside vignette.
You can read the original post

The master bathroom remodel that I blogged about
is another favorite from this year.
It took some guts to show you the was soo soo bad-
but the after came out as I envisioned it and I love this room.
If you missed it, you can read the original post

Another favorite this year is the farmhouse table that my sons and I re-did.
This started out as a crusty old table that was about 5 feet long and falling apart.
We decided to make it into an extra long farmhouse table for under the pergola
where we could gather a lot of friends and family around it.
If you want to know more about how the boys tackled it and we re-did it-
here it is:

A favorite table setting...

Our guest cottage exterior before and after

and my flea find Frenchy Chair redo.

Just a few favorites from this year-
Looking forward to catching up with everyone soon
and seeing all your recaps and what you have been up to.

Feathered Nest Friday linky will be up on Thursday evening!
Hope to see you there!

Joining these fantastic parties
cottage instincts


It's Christmas Eve...

We have shopped, wrapped,
run around like crazy to finish everything
and make it just perfect.
Baked, prettied, tied bows and garnished
Christmas is here!

On this Christmas Eve,
I am baking delicious Pumpkin Cheesecakes with Cullan,
preparing food & home for a get together that will happen the day after Christmas
and spending time enjoying the wonderous Christmas Season.

I set the table with a regal lion and little lamb-
surrounded by cedar branches, artichokes, oranges and flowers...
& a bucket filled with flowers on the sideboard.
A table fit for a Celebration such as Christmas - for celebrating the Reason for the Season.

Wishing all of you
A Very Merry Christmas
and all the blessings of the season!


Feathered Nest Friday Holiday
is taking a Holiday this week- but will be back next Thursday!
Just in time to ring the New Year in with lots of Christmas decorating wrap-ups,
New Years party decor and fabulous finds from the holidays!!
Hope you will join me then!

Here's just a little bit of the kitchen tree this year.
It is just a small evergreen tree on the island... nothing fancy, nothing designed...
it is dotted with treasures from friends and little meaningful ornaments.
I have received several sweet gifts for the tree this year...
a bell with my name on it and a sweet little mouse with a candy cane tail from
my friend Lydia's 7 year old daughter- Miss Eva...
so darn sweet!
There are also doll skates and shoes, vintage Santa mugs and candy cane
garland mixed with some feather garland.
There are quite a few treasures in there as well, and
some of the treasures came from some very sweet blog friends.

About a week ago...
I was so touched to open my mailbox and find this sweet little surprise waiting for me.
I didn't know who it was from or what it could be-
but, wow!- so thoughtful and it looks absolutely darling on the kitchen tree- I love that it says 'Friends' on it...
It was from one of my blog friends in Canada- she and I met several months ago out here in blogland
and have become friends...
this is so sweet, Lisa.
Thank you so much!

Affectionately named ' Chicken Wire Queen' -
Miss Erin makes the most delightful chicken wire treasures-
and she sent one of them to me- it's darling- with Lion's on it - just perfect for a Leo- :)
and yes, Erin, I think you should make these and sell them! They are darling!
Thank you much!

This darling box came from Marie at Maries Maison-
I won one of her giveaway treats- so excited!- it is just darling-
I love the sweet Frenchy napkins inside too!
Thank you Marie!

I wanted to say thank you so much for these special thoughts and for the gifts of the Season.
I am so thankful to have met so many wonderful friends this year-
so many of you I have connected with on a personal level and am feeling very kindred with you this year...
means so much to me.

This is just a short but special post today -
Getting ready to head out to see the Nutcracker ballet with my favorite girl and the husband!
Happy Holidays!


Elegant french chairs wearing a chippy finish
and beautiful floral needlepoint ...
with a tiny white feather tree, nestled into a bucket
sitting quietly atop a stack of faded and worn vintage suitcases...

Simple & Charming.
Mixed with elegant and pretty.

Have you heard the song
'Shades of White'
played on the piano by Jim Brickman?

His music is soo beautiful.
Lovely & perfect for quiet moments.

Sunday morning
I awoke to the sound of pouring rain battering the rooftop
and the outside world.
It was dark yet,
with just a bit of light coming in through
the french doors in my bedroom.

I put on my slippers and warm comfy robe
& turned on each of the Christmas trees
waking a few rooms in the house.

Then I poured myself a cup of coffee
and turned on some Holiday music
before cozying into my favorite fireside chair.

As I sipped my coffee,
the world was so quiet...
so calm, so peaceful and serene...

Just the sounds of the rain tapping on the roof
& the glow of the lights from the tree
and a little Brickman playing softly in the background.

It was almost magical...

Simple & Charming
mixed with elegant & pretty.

What a delightful way to start the day.

Happy Monday Everyone!

*Technical issues this morning! - I apologize for having to delete and repost.
I appreciate the comments from those of you who have already stopped by - even though they are not appearing any more

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