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I have had a lot of questions about the details
and sources in my bathroom
Here's the post if you missed it
So here they are.

My French armoire was a craigslist find from several years ago.
It is circa 1900, the pale gray wash finish is original and it stands around 9' tall.
My husband was attending a conference out of the
area & looked at it afterwards .
He was supposed to call me and tell me if it was as fabulous
as I thought it was and ask if I wanted it-
but he just brought it home.
He said just one look and he knew I would love it.
When he brought the crown piece in the house- I just about fell over!
It was *LOVE*!

The shelves were missing so I bought smooth finish 3/4" plywood and cut new ones for it.
I used primer with a little bit of black paint mixed in it to get a color that is close to the original.

It has the original key and beautiful deep beveled glass doors.

Here it is with it's doors on

with the doors removed to use as an open cupboard.

~Inside the armoire~
Rolled white towels, several baskets to hold essentials,
folded bath mats on the bottom shelf & the hamper next to them.

The chunky gold framed mirror is a recent addition to the bathroom as well
and was a thrift store find.
It was at the Salvation Army and I was immediately drawn to it's large size,
old gold paint and delightful detailed frame.
The gesso on this beauty is incredible.

I was also super excited to find out it was also 25% off that day!
Love it when you find a treasure at a thrift store that is on sale!

The empty frames I already had and the candle lantern was a Ross find.

The red toile wallpaper was at Lowes (pretty sure) or Home Depot years ago
I found almost enough rolls in their clearance bin
and lucked out finding one more double roll on Ebay
which I used down to the very last bit.

The tumbled marble look tile, gray shower marble ~Lowes.
The vintage inspired vanity mirrors~ Home Depot
Wall sconces-~Lowes
Chandelier~ thrift store find
Ruffled shower curtain ~ Drape panel from Target

See you tonight for Feathered Nest Friday!!

French Cottage Bathroom

For those of you who may be new to my blog-
I shared this bathroom last year-
where it began -
and just how far it has come since
when we first found our house.

I just recently changed a few things around,
brought in a new piece
and took out some of the others...
so sharing the bathroom story again...
as well as it's new look.

The Good.
The Bad
and the (REALLY) Ugly.
(Picture heavy post coming your way!)

Our house was never lived in full time-
it was just a little vacation cottage in the country.

It was dilapidated, vandalized and neglected for over 50 years.
It was beyond really bad.
It would have been easier to tear down and rebuild

But there was something about it.

I fell in love with the original details that were there.
The knotty pine walls. The large fireplace.
The old kitchen with original cupboards and hardwood floors.
The gorgeous property that it sat in the middle of.
I am an old house romantic.

(Before photos taken part way during the destruction -
that was fun- NOT!
and from original post found HERE )

Where there was a a neglected rotting house with broken windows...
I was seeing potential- it just needed to be uncovered and polished up a bit.

Okay, well maybe A LOT.
Let's just say,
I don't know that I would take this house on again
if finding it for the first time now.
(A wee bit older and wiser now!)

The original bathroom was only about 5' wide x 8' wide
and had 6 different tiles in it.
Red, orange, brown, gold and brown spotted, white spotted with brown and plain white.
'Eclectic style' maybe?

We ripped every last bit of the 2500 (lol) types of tile,
old fixtures, knotty pine boards, flooring and sheetrock
out of this bathroom.
We were left with a floor open to the basement,
a ceiling open to the roofline and basically a big. fat. mess.
and a clean slate.

I had a vision for this crusty little space.
I knew what I wanted it to look like.
I wanted a vintage bathroom-
but in a good way.

A charming space with a raised up beamed ceiling
Bead board wainscoting and wallpaper
A crystal chandelier above a new bathtub
Two pedestal sinks and a huge window looking into
the backyard for lots of natural light.

a lot of sweat,
a few tears
and a bit of blood later...

Here's how it came out.

We took out the old dropped down ceiling
(which was in the original bathroom)
and created a faux beamed angled ceiling in it's place
with bead board and 2x4 beams.

We added 2 pedestal sinks
(one in the original sink spot and the other where the cupboard was)
three vintage inspired sconces to light the area and
placed a dainty commode from Ross in between the sinks for storage.
We did all the work ourselves with my dad -
who is a contractor/builder and who helped immensely with the new plumbing
and overseeing to make sure everything was up to code.

The shower got a makeover with a beautiful pale grey marble tile
and we went with a taupe and cream tumbled marble
checkerboard pattern for the floor.
The ruffled shower curtain is a drape panel from Target.

The room was doubled in size by taking space from the laundry room
We used a large beam where the wall/doorway used to be between the original bathroom
and the water heater area-
the tub faucet is now where the water heater is in this photo.
The large beam runs across the door opening.

I love the mix of the rustic shabby beam ceiling with the elegant wallpaper
and French armoire.

I am big time bath girl...

Love love love to take long, hot baths
so a bathtub was top on my list of wants (and needs!)
Opening up the space and adding another 6' in length to the
size of the bathroom allowed for my Jacuzzi tub.

The crystal chandelier brings a bit of romance and drama
and was a thrift find for $15.

The French armoire is wonderful for storing everything.
It's original pale grey finish is a favorite of mine.
I took the doors off to use it as an open cupboard.

Loving it.

My little old iron flea find chair
holds a wooden candle lantern for a little ambiance
next to the tub.

I love to relax in a hot bath with the fountain trickling outside the window,
the chandelier dimmed
and a little Puccini on my ipod.

It's Pure Enjoyment.


I haven't gotten much done this week at all
I ended up with my daughters bug-
(guess that explains how tired I was on Saturday at the antique faire)
So just sharing some inspirations this week.

I am planning a little party in a couple weeks
and so pulled out one of my favorite entertaining books
to thumb through.

This is an older book that I have had for awhile
but they always have great ideas for entertaining.

Such a gorgeous mantel-
makes me think of
Confessions of a Plate Addict

and I LOVE this wreath!!

So gorgeous!!

Also, I will be having a giveaway coming up!!
It's super exciting- so stay tuned!!
Onto last weeks party review!

We had over 300 link ups last week!!
Talk about a party!!
I am so inspired and amazed by all the talent out here in the blogs!
Here are just a few of the beautiful links last week:

Beautiful Nest shared this ruffled linen garland

Designed to the Nines shared this bathroom redo

Too Much Time on My Hands shared this pallet dresser

Ruffled Feathers shared this darling repurposed card catalog

Mary's Meanderings shared these darling flower pumpkins.

Grab a Featured button if you would like!
I wanted to say welcome new party goers
as well as say thank you to all my party animal friends :)
for taking the time to come over and share your wonderful
links each week!

decorating, flea finds, designs, transformations
crafts, table settings, etc.
ANYTHING related to feathering your nest!

Make sure you post a button or a link back to the party on your post.

if you aren't already.
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Sharing with these lovely girls

Meet Emma.

Meet Emma.

Isn't she beautiful?

Emma is 16 years old.
She loves her puppies and is a sophomore in high school.
She is the second daughter of Sam (Samantha)
who was also my step sister for 10 years when we were growing up.

Such is the way of the world today with divorces and remarriages...
When each of our parents went their separate ways,
she and I lost contact for nearly 20 years.

Recently we reconnected and that was when I learned more
about what Sam and her family have been dealing with
for the past 8 years.

I was so touched by some of the words that Sam said to me
about Emma and about dealing with this disease.
They are both incredibly strong women.

As a mother and as a friend,
I felt compelled to share Emma's story with you.

Emma was born a healthy baby and she grew normally for the first years of her life.
When she was about 8 years old,
Sam started noticing subtle signs that something was wrong.
They were things that could have been overlooked and dismissed at first
but when they continued,
the doctors started running tests.

It was then that Sam found out that her daughter had a rare genetic disease
called MLD.

From their website:

Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD) is a rare, genetic, degenerative,
neurometabolic disorder that affects approximately one in 40,000 people (primarily children) worldwide.
It is an inherited disease, but parents are typically not affected.
At present, it is a disease for which there is no cure.

Here is a link from the MLD Foundation if you would like to learn more

On 2/19/2004 when she was 8 years old,
Emma received an umbilical cord blood transplant at Duke University
in an effort to help stop the effects of MLD.

Her mom says she has been doing well in the past 8 years
and is considered stable though at this time,
there is no known cure for this disease.

This Saturday there is a walk to raise awareness and
to raise money for research to help find a cure

Your support in any way is appreciated by so many families
who are dealing with this.

From Sam:
'On World Leukodystrophies Day (Last Saturday in September), people ALL OVER THE WORLD
will be wearing identical t-shirts, walking for Leukodystrophies Awareness.
Some may walk 10 miles, some may walk five, some may walk one, and some may not walk at all.
But we will be united in heart and spirit,
raising awareness of Leukodystrophies!

You don't have to walk in a specific group or even walk at all to support
On Saturday,
I will think of Emma and of her family when I go for my walk.

Donations of any size are appreciated to help fund research and find a cure.
You can DONATE (click on 'Donate') any amount through Paypal

Emma and her family and so many other families
affected by this disease would greatly appreciate your support,
good thoughts and prayers.


Oh. My. Gosh.
What a fun day Saturday was!!

A day of shopping beautiful booths filled to the brim
with treasures and inspiration.

A day of laughing and smiling

of reconnecting with friends
& meeting some new friends too.

'Mes Amis' was absolutely fantastic!

I got up early Saturday morning
tanked up on coffee,
had my toast with peanut butter and honey
for some power shopping stamina
headed to Roseville!

I arrived to the antique faire already in full swing!

Shoppers everywhere you looked
and treasure upon treasure too!

There was even live music.

I know I got at least a dozen fantastic ideas from these creative folks selling
and found a couple treasures to bring home myself.

Sandy had her adorable trailer parked at center stage

& she had the most darling little
'Blogger' and 'Vendor' buttons that she made for everyone.
I will treasure mine Sandy!

I chatted away with Michelle of 'Summer Cottage Antiques'
Soo much fun to see her again!
(We didn't get a picture Michelle!!)

I also found Jacque of 'Old Soul Studios'
and Betsy and her mom from

My friend Heather was selling with Lisa who just started blogging as well
Lisa writes 'Treasure Broker'

All in all- the day was just amazing.
Sandy did a fantastic job!
She is already planning the Spring show-
so mark your calendars now-
you won't want to miss it!
Great people. Great finds and great fun!

I'll share a couple trinkets I picked up soon~
I think I might have also picked up my daughters bug
that she brought home from school last week
So it begins!

Happy Monday Everyone!