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Little galvanized buckets
with darling little tags

I love galvanized anything as accents
especially when it has that lovely muted chalky finish
that comes with weather or age
These were recent Home Goods finds for $2.99.
I was originally thinking of them in the bathroom
in the French armoire to hold toothbrushes, hair stuff, etc.

They came with darling little metal butterfly tags
but I had a different idea for them that involved a little chalkboard paint
So I flipped them over and used Duck Egg blue chalk paint
for a little change from the usual black

I love how they came out.
The blue is soft & works perfectly with the silver.
Wrap a little twine around them to finish them.
I love them together~
perfect for a little 'This and That'

or maybe an 'Etc'

a Merry Christmas wish with a little bottlebrush tree.

This is a super quick & easy project
that would be perfect for gift giving this Season.
Fill one with cookie makings, teacher supplies,
sachets or even some flower bulbs or a favorite bloom

Loving it.

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What happens in Vegas...

You know the saying...
What happens in Vegas... stays in Vegas...

call me a bit of a rebel
but I'm going to share just what happened in Vegas
and it's nothing like you are thinking I'm sure ;)

(view from my (amazing) room)
(Indoor mall- wow!)

Remember the Kmart Outdoor Living Makeover I did back in the Spring?
(For those of you who are new to my blog,
I was 1 of 5 bloggers who participated in an Outdoor living makeover with Kmart-
Just click on the photos below to see the posts)

Well, it turns out that the campaign was a big success
for Kmart and the social media company I work with
and they were nominated
for an award for the best campaign of the year.
I know~

So a CMO of Kmart & Collective Bias were going to be speaking
about brand turnaround at a marketing conference
and asked if I could come and speak with them at the
WOMMA Summit in Las Vegas
about my role as a blogger in the campaign.

I type, I decorate,
paint furniture and move things around
A LOT...
but Speaking?

I have been working on pushing myself to get out of
my comfort zone and try new things recently...
Do you know 'Bob' in the movie 'What About Bob' ?
(Seriously one of my all time favorite movies!!)
I can relate to Bob.
I am a baby stepper for sure and I have been working on growing
and taking bigger steps.

I have never spoken in public-ever
- let alone at a conference ...

But after a pep talk
Promises of Dramamine
knowing that they would pick me up off the floor should I faint...
I said yes and I was SUPER EXCITED!

As part of the presentation
Brent and I were going to set up some examples of patio furniture from Kmart
We were thinking there would be a few boxes maybe..
a couple big ones-
a couple little ones...

Turns out- there were 2 pallets and some of the pieces
(a beautiful travertine table top) were enclosed in wooden crates

Oh my.
As well, the fork lift must have punctured the box and broke
the packaging with the screws in it...
they were all over.
With no power tools or tools of any kind, just 2 of us working
it was a little crazy but lots of fun

It took several hours but we conquered the furniture
and the finished pieces were beautiful.
They got lots of attention
and were being used by Summit goers' right away.

When it came time to speak... I nervously waited while the crowd
seemed to keep trickling and trickling and trickling lol in

During the Kmart Presentation- just listening to Brent and Jennifer talk about
thoughts, ideas, brainstorms of marketing campaigns and the behind the scenes of how
Kmart Outdoor Living campaign came together was amazing.
I learned so much about all the work and thought process that goes into a campaign
and how they were able to help make a difference in Kmart's revenues.
I was even more proud to be that very small blogger in a room filled
with marketing and social media professionals.

I was a small part of the presentation and
 basically talked a little bit about being a blogger who participated~
how the campaign affected my blog, what my readers thoughts were,
what my thoughts were about Kmart and the campaign in general.
It was neat to see my designs on the overhead projector...and it also made it much easier
to see some of what I could talk about if (when!) I got nervous.

A few questions from people attending and that was it.
  The presentation went great
I didn't need any dramamine
I didn't faint!
(Haha! PHEW!!)

As well, Kmart graciously donated ALL of the brand new patio furniture
to Habitat for Humanity after the conference was done.

I came home exhilarated,
and  hugely grateful for the opportunity to sail~
it was just amazing!
Thank you so much Brent & Jennifer!!


While decking the halls and trimming the trees this weekend
I thought I would share my Christmas bedroom mantel from last year
again before revealing this years look.
(Apologies for the dark iphone photos from last year :-/ )

A mix of old and new...
shiny and chippy.

A favorite shabby crusty antique mirror that I found
in the basement of an abandoned antique store...
I wasn't sure the condition really, the lighting was bad
and it was covered in years of dirt and dust.
But underneath that crust,
I found an absolutely delightful forgotten antique piece.
Gorgeous chunky frame,
old original shabby peely paint and an absolutely wonderful
old mirror showing it's age and character.
I loved it immediately.
I dragged it upstairs (literally!) to the guy holding the sale and bought it.
I think I paid $3.00 for it.
For it's Holiday look
I draped it in fresh cut cedar branches and a white berry vines across the top,
a thrift store find leafy wreath
and laid more cedar branches & a bit of bling at the bottom *wink*

This is a tall mirror- probably near 5 feet tall-
it fits perfectly above the fireplace.

The antique candelabra's I found at a flea market flank the sides

and they are so charming draped in cedar branches and red frosted berries.

A Home Goods find Santos doll graces the center of the mantel.
Perfect for the holidays ~ Santos dolls are quite meaningful.
I love their soulful expressions and their simple beauty.

She wears her metal angel wings and holds
a bronze glass ball and glittered star.

Working on the bedroom mantel this weekend and sharing it's new look soon!

Sherry No Minimalist Here
Dee Gee RN
Fabbys Living

Please send me your contact info ladies ASAP


It's Thanksgiving ~ a time to reflect
and to be Thankful & grateful
and to count your Blessings.

While we celebrate Thanksgiving
I am so very Thankful
for the many incredible blessings and people
I am so fortunate to have in my life

and am Thankful for all the wonderful friendships
that I have formed and people I have met through blogging this year as well!!
Hugs & love and Thanksgiving Blessings to you!


The party is up EARLY this week to allow for some extra time to link up
but it will stay open until Sunday evening as usual!!

Okay... I have to apologize for last weeks party.
I was traveling and I didn't get all my party post
all finished and in order ahead of time.
No worries~ I thought- I would finish the post on the plane...
unfortunately the flight home did not have wi-fi available.
A blogger without wi-fi= NOT GOOD.

So I sat in the airport and scrambled to get the post done while waiting
for my bag to arrive at baggage claim and
in all that craziness,
I forgot to adjust the date/time for the end of the party.
The party ended early ( I think on Saturday sometime) instead of it's usual Sunday evening.
My Apologies.
Well, this week everything is fixed and it's all good!

I know that many of you will be otherwise occupied for this weeks party
Thanksgiving Festivities and Celebrations.
So the party is up and running for anyone looking for some inspiration
and browsing time over the weekend
and I will be sharing some exciting new projects
and things coming your way shortly!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Block party coming your way!!
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Deck the halls!!!

The Holiday block party is coming your way!!!

Check out the line up of fantastic bloggers that are hosting this party!!
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This is going to be a Holiday Extravaganza for sure!!
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This fantastic giveaway is open just through Thursday and there are 3 winners!!
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I love beautiful paintings of old buildings.
Little snapshots of a beautiful city, cafe or street scene.

I love the charm of old architecture and details
and the old world vintage scene.

This print has such gorgeous warm mediterranean colors.
I love the pop of the blues in the awnings
and the bold red accents on the gondolas

This beautiful artwork came from Gallery Direct
You may remember the puppy art that I
ordered from them not long ago?

These are beautiful canvas prints and you can add a frame to any piece
and even upload your own photo and they will send you a fantastic custom
work of art that is all your own.

(I Love this little cutie too!)

Feathered Nest Friday is going on through tomorrow!!
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You know I love roses.
Pale pink, edged in green-
so yummy!

I found this darling little old bottle
of 'bluing' solution-
All streaked and stained
and it even has a chunk of bluing
dried up in the bottom of it.
Apparently that's what they used to whiten
clothes back in the day.

Love the partial label that is left on the jar.

Love it.

Right now, I am Las Vegas Baby!
Whoo whoo!!
So apologies on this post being short AND late!!
No wi-fi means no blogging...
I will tell you all about this amazing & exciting trip in the next couple days!

For now,
Let's get the party started!

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Welcome to new partygoers and welcome back and

and thank you to all my party animal friends
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decorating, flea finds, designs, transformations
crafts, table settings, etc.
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