Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Opportunity to Sail...

Have you seen the movie
'What About Bob' ?
One of my favorite movies- makes me laugh the whole way through.
So I was thinking about the year in review...
and I thought of Bob Wiley.

Bob is afraid to go anywhere or do anything.
In his effort to grow he goes to a therapist-
Dr. Leo Marvin
(who Bob drives completely crazy!)
and he becomes a baby stepper.
He 'baby-steps' his way everywhere-
onto the elevator... out the door... and into Dr. Marvins life!
There are bigger things too...
He has a chance to sail on a boat
he is afraid
(it makes his lips numb to even think about it lol!)
but he is baby-stepping...and growing...
and he wants to do it..

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they strap Bob to the boat and the boat sails out across the water
and it occurs to Bob that he is doing it.
HE is SAILING and he yells out:

'I'm SAILing!!
I'm a SAILOR now!'

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I love 'What About Bob'
not just because it was a fantastic hilarious movie
but because I love the message of how even if it's a baby step
it's a step either way
and eventually all those little steps add up
and before you know it-
you are a 'sailor'.

2011 was definitely a year of taking baby steps
The year started off rocky for me
and I struggled to find my footing at times...
2011 also brought so many good things to my life
that were just incredible.
Including some amazing opportunities
and chances for me to grow &
stretch my creative wings a bit
and to sail.

(uhmm, yeah,
so happy my family was able to tie me to the boat!)

I have been blessed this year in so many ways
and as I think back on 2011-
I am so grateful...
For the experiences, opportunities and friendships that have formed...
and that includes the wonderful friends I have met through blogging~
Thank you for your support and friendship!
I appreciate it so much.

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So here's to the New Year
to new possibilities
and experiences
and opportunities to sail!!
Follow your heart & dream big!
I know I am!
Wishing health, happiness and blessings
for everyone in 2012!

Friday, December 30, 2011


It's a crazy busy time of year and the blogs are fairly quiet but
I am putting up Feathered Nest Friday early for any of you who would like to join in
and share and be inspired
The theme around blogland is
Year in Review!

So this week feel free to link up
anything and everything related to feathering your nest
& also your year in review posts if you have done them!

Sharing just a few photos of the beautiful peonies I found at Raleys.
I love their pretty ruffly pink against the weathered gray of the old bistro chairs
and the elegant curves of the little French clock.

I also shared a post of Favorite Before & Afters
HERE if you would like
to see what French Country Cottage has been up to this past year!

Link away and have a Happy and safe New Years Eve!!

At last weeks party:

Classic.Casual.Home shared a Christmas brunch

Cecilia Rosslee shared her Christmas charm

Johnny in a dress shared this darling acorn tree

Turnstyle Vogue shared a beautiful table setting

Elizabeth and Co shared these charming candles
Welcome to new partygoers and welcome back and
and thank you to all my party animal friends
for taking the time to come over and share your wonderful
links each week!

decorating, flea finds, designs, transformations
crafts, table settings, etc.
ANYTHING related to feathering your nest!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This week- there are tons of recaps and re-shares on the blogs
which is good since I am not getting ANY projects done right now! lol!

So today sharing some of your (and mine) favorite before and afters of the year
in no particular order
Just click on the title to view the post.

Here's the Before- Before:

If you followed my blog in the spring-
you will remember that our pergola collapsed into the house
(and through the french doors)
under the weight of the ridiculous heavy snowfall we had overnight.
We had nearly a dozen HUGE old trees that broke off or fell over and
caused LOTS of damage on our property
and there were similar stories all over the county.
It was a record year for snow in California.

In an effort to get that pergola up in time for the Kmart backyard posts,
my husband and sons rebuilt the pergola in just a few days

Here it is part way finished- in the BEFORE
Yes, it was freeeeeezing outside while they worked on it
and yes, it did snow again after it was built.
In May. In California.
Absolutely insane.

Luckily we were able to re-use a lot of the wood from the original
and we rebuilt the pergola in a different spot behind our bedroom.
Whoo Whoo!!
They did an amazing job!!

It was perfect for the table setting in the Kmart post.

Here's the pea gravel patio /beach area

and after:

As part of the Kmart makeover-
I picked up French style bistro chairs for the outside table.
They started out looking like this:
but bright turquoise and not the shabby french look I was going for.

They ended up looking like this after paint & a little stenciling.

Love them.

I made over this old antique chest of drawers in a copy cat challenge.
Love the Americana look. So classic & proud.

The little chalkboards were readers favorites
They were made out of frames I found at the thrift store

These were a big contrast to the
that we made for the dining room
There was the Swedish Clock
makeover using a clock from Walmart

that started out as bedskirts that I found at
which I also made into a ruffled ottoman slipcover as well.
(Laurie... I am working on it soon! REALLY!)
One of my favorites this year was the bathroom refresh.
We remodeled this bathroom several years ago but it got a little bit of a new look this year.

What started out as a few pieces of burlap from Home Depot's garden department...
turned into this

got a little refresh as well
and you loved the open
that were created by taking the doors off
and using a large platter & a jigsaw to make the arches.

(I will be sharing more photos of the refreshed kitchen soon!!)

So that's the review of some of your favorite makeovers of 2011!
Back with my favorite posts soon
and Feathered Nest Friday this Thursday!!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


A beautiful new decorating book arrived in the mail about a week ago
from Jacqueline deMontravel
the editor of Romantic Homes magazine.

It's titled "HERS'
and is all about the spaces in a home that are for Her or
for bringing a touch of femininity to the masculine spaces.
Since I love Romantic Homes magazine
I knew that a book by Jacqueline would be filled with beautiful rooms
and gorgeous decorating.
When I first picked it up at the post office,
I thumbed through it quickly on my way out and
I was in love right away.
I could hardly wait to delve further into it!

Later that evening, I read through page after page of beautiful inspiration
and I found lots of ideas and tips for decorating rooms in my own home.

I love this room and loved the grooved knotty pine walls
and loving the grays and louis chair in this photo.

The spaces in HERS include the outdoors and the
garden photos are absolutely gorgeous.

Those slipcovers and the wire cloche...

Of course love this- so elegant and French.

Gorgeous red striped chairs with cabbage roses pillows...

and this mirror...

So many gorgeous inspiring photos and details in this beautiful
HERS is available for purchase at HERE
and my friend Janet at Shabby Fufu is giving a way a copy of this book
at her blog this week
I just might be hosting a giveaway shortly as well! ;) so stay tuned!

Thank you Jacqueline deMontravel for this wonderful inspiring book!

I was not compensated for this post
the opinions are my own.

Monday, December 26, 2011


Hope you all had a wonderful blessed Christmas!!
Sharing a few pictures all together
of Christmas at our house
as well as announcing the winner of the
Annie Sloan Pillow and Apron!

Congratulations to
Email me with your contact information!

Onto the tour~


Dining room


Pink tablescape

Outside Christmas tree

Living Room mantel

Feathered Nest Friday is open through Tuesday
and don't forget to enter the
huge chalk paint giveaway!
Winner announced Monday

Happy Holidays Everyone!!
Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas!