Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Bouquet of Lilacs...

I am in love with this bouquet of fresh cut lilacs...
they are absolutely charming and delightful in so many ways.

Their delicate pale violet blooms covered with dainty star shaped blossoms
 invite you to bring them inside and fill your home with their charm and intoxicating scent

Every Spring the lilacs bloom and fill the yard with their delicious scent
We have both the purple Lilacs  and the white ones in our yard
( I think they classify the white as a weed here)
and they are both absolutely lovely.

The purple blooms have stolen my heart right now and have inspired
several settings & photos with their pretty purple blossoms~so you can expect
a couple more posts about these pretties!

While I wait for fresh blooms of my loved peonies to arrive
these lilac beauties are fast becoming cottage garden favorites for a fresh bouquet in my home.

Gorgeous  by itself or mixed with the pale green of  snowball viburnum...
such a beautiful color combination.

 As I was gathering up a few more blooms for the lilac bouquet 
I walked past that old antique antique bicycle leaning against the picket fence
& was inspired to take a few photos

This bicycle is a crusty rusty antique found at a neighbors yard sale.
I loved the original black and white seat and beach cruiser look.
It's tires are completely flat and falling apart.
The leather on that charming seat is stiff and cracking
and the frame is covered in rust
it was a complete mess...

Yep. I loved it.

 I asked him how much and he said just bring me a beer and you can have it.
 a pretty good deal in my book.

I found the basket at a local store and added it to the front
dreaming about all the pretty blooms I could fill it with in the Summer...

 Filled with those gorgeous lilac blooms~
just perfect for adding a little charm to my cottage garden...

Hope everyone is having a great week 
See you tomorrow for Feathered Nest Friday!
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. What lovely pictures of your lilacs. Ours should be blooming here soon and I can't wait as I love their fragrance.

  2. I love the bike!! It was a lucky day for you! Beautiful lilacs!

  3. Very pretty, Courtney! Well it may not be in actual good shape for riding, but you could imagine riding that bike along a French country road with your lilacs in the basket. The breeze blowing the scent into your face as you pedal along. Ahhh. : )

  4. Lilacs are my favorite flowers, I love the fragrance of these Spring blooms.

  5. Sencillamente maravilloso.

  6. Beer for an old bike sounds like a pretty spectacular deal. Great photos.

  7. Oh I just adore Lilacs and I love how you have them displayed Courtney! Mine are just finishing blooming and it always makes me sad to see them go. It is my most favorite floral scent!

  8. Good morning my dear friend..I love lilacs and also have bot purple and white and have been bringing them into the house..the smell is wonderful better than any glade room refreshner I have...I hope you have the BEST Mothers day ever my dear friend..from my mountain to yours hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. Beautiful. I love lilacs but can't grow them well in South Carolina. The old rusty bike and the fence flowers,,your beautiful always gorgeous. Thanks for sharing Courtney.

  10. beer can get you a lot of good stuff!

  11. Simply BREATHTAKING!!! Now I'm going to have to go SCOUT OUT an old bicycle for my yard! Although I don't have a picket fence either, Hmmm! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE IT!
    My Tree Peonies are in full bloom BUT the variety of lilacs I have are a bit later. THEY would look GORGEOUS together! Thank you so much for all the VISUAL GORGEOUS STIMULATION!!! Oh Yes, I can smell Heaven, all my neighbors lilacs are in bloom...
    Have a wonderful week,

  12. I love the smell of lilcs. They remind me of happy times, spent with people I loved as a child.



  13. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! I love the bike and the white picket fence and the lilacs.....very inspiring.

  14. I love lilacs the flowers are so pretty and smell is fantastic. I like them on the chair but my favorite is in the basket on the bike.


  15. How beautiful!
    I just found a gorgeous old crusty bicycle this past weekend at a garage sale...with not one but THREE baskets!!!

    Can't wait to doll mine up like you've done yours.


  16. I love your bike. I had one with double baskets in the back and lined them w/moss & planted with flowers. It got moved around in my garden wherever I wanted color. Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

  17. Courtney - this is breathtaking. I truly miss the gorgeous blossoms with their heavenly fragrance. We had a bush when we lived in Ohio - I am searching for varieties that don't require a long cold period and I believe I have found a few...hopefully I'll find a nursery that sells them! LOVE your photos - I can tell you had fun!
    I hope you have a blessed day,

  18. Courtney,
    Those flowers are gorgeous.That bike looks so pretty with the basket and flowers.Looks like France.

  19. I am so loving your post. I love how the flowers are color and everything else black and white. I am so going to copy you:) Do you know how many people you inspire to take pictures of flowers on chairs? None of us do it as well as you do!

  20. Luv luv luv, Courtney! I can smell them from here! :) Sadly, ours are all done for the season...BUT my tree peonies are blooming like crazy and the regular ones are just about to pop! I can hardly wait! :)

    xoxo laurie

  21. can smell their heavenly aroma right through the screen, courtney!

    so fleeting, so beautiful!

    smiles to you.


  22. Love the bike. So very cute. I just put one in my booth this past week.. The tires were flat also. It was green and mossy... I got two and kept one for myself... Enjoy your week.

  23. I love lilacs and so did my mom. They always make me think of her and my grandmother. I am so sad that they don't grow in this part of Texas. I also love, love the bicycle. We would ride those old ones when we went to visit my grandparents. Thanks for invoking memories today! Gorgeous photos.

  24. really charming, courtney! love the bike:)

  25. So beautiful! I long to have lilacs here, but they don't do well in North Carolina. The old crusty bike with the basket of lilacs is just beyond wonderful...


  26. Will you take 6-pack for the bike?
    Just Lovely!! One of the flowers that I don't grow here in N.E Georgia.

  27. Love, Love, Love, how you edited your pics the black/white with the pop of lilac is gorgeous...
    Can't wait till our blooms come out , not for another month or so...
    Blessings Lori

  28. Gorgeous images of the ever so beautiful lilacs!...Just love the black and white with just the pop of purple/lilac...magnificent...such a photograph so worthy of a gorgeous piece of art!

  29. Your photography is amazing! Love picket fences, old bicycles and lilacs!

  30. The flowers are beautiful. One of my favorites :)


  31. Wow, Courtney! Your photos are stunning...there are few flowers that are as lovely as lilacs, nest-ce pas?

  32. so pretty! i hope you share this beautiful post over at Fishtail Cottage's garden party!?! xoox

  33. I love lilacs too, and you display them so well.

  34. I can almost smell the lilacs now, Courtney! I just love the shots of your bike, now I want to get one for myself:)

  35. SIGH! Girl you never post a post I don't LOVE!! I love lilacs and will plant some when we have a permanent address. Wanna hear something awesome? We are looking at a house on Wild Lilac Road. Perfect, huh? :) Fingers and toes crossed!

  36. gorgeous photos! love lilacs as well -have white ones but love your purple ones...


  37. I am seriously considering nixing all my plans for the day to go out and buy a big bunch of Lilacs! Ha.

    Sorry I haven't been by in awhile... I just turned my cookbook into my editor so I'll have more time to spend her in this beautiful space of yours. Woot woot!

  38. oh ~ i am thrilled you shared this gorgous post over at the Cottage Garden party here at Fishtail Cottage....i can absolutely say this will be a featured post! love everything about it! xoxo, tracie

  39. I'm a lilac fan too! I love your bike. I have to find one and use it in the garden. It is so beautiful next to the fence. I also adore your photo of the lilacs on the chair in black and white. Lovely!

  40. Hi Courtney,

    Love lilacs myself! I wish they would last all Spring and Summer long! Is that a Blessed Mother statue among the lilacs in one of your pictures? Beautiful Mary and beautiful flowers... just perfect!

  41. I love what you've done with that bike. Love, love, love!, your photos are gorgeous. They need to be framed. They'd look divine in my purple bedroom. Beautiful!

  42. Positively LOVE lilacs and love your vintage bike for displaying them even more. ADORE!

    Had to share on FJI Facebook and Pinterest for SNS 133. :)


  43. I Love Love your bicycle! How charming!! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!