Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Working on...

I have a ton of projects that are in the works or on the schedule right now
and I am super excited to get them all done...
all at the same time!

Do you ever feel like that to- do list just becomes bigger the more projects you dream up or start tackling?
One project leads to another... and to another and before you know it~
1 becomes  3 or 5 projects all at the same time
and then spin your wheels trying to notch them all off?

So I am starting on this this morning...

That would be a very bare and lonely looking open cupboard in my kitchen.
as well, working on a tutorial for those double ruffled slipcovers,
 and a little something in the guest cottage
and a redesign in my daughters room
Okay... I better get off here and back to work!

On a side note~ 
some new things coming in the Interior Styling and Advertisement areas~
please refer to my Styling and Advertise pages if you are interested!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Creamy Roses & Ruffles

Sharing a little something
that's creamy white
with flirty ruffly rows all around

So perfectly...

delightfully ...

shabby french.

These darling Frenchy chairs are reproductions and are upholstered 
in not so fabulous (or fitting) ikat fabric
After staring at them  for awhile & dreaming up my vision of their new upholstery
getting all excited about recovering the seats
and then a bit cranky realizing my staple gun was jammed... 

I decided on a little flirty double ruffle slip for now.
(yes, I am impatient... so I set the staple gun aside and pulled out the sewing machine)

I traced the seat. Cut my fabric pieces
 and then sewed them together 
oh. me. oh. my. 
such delicious ruffly goodness!

Two ruffles are twice as nice 
twice as shabby romantic.

I made drop cloth ruffled slips for my dining chairs not long ago
but these are a bit different with two layers of ruffles
and they are not made out of drop cloths this time.

I'm loving how this little slipcover turned out
 and am working on several more for my other chairs & a couple other creations
and also enjoying photographing these gorgeous blooms too...
The palest of pink with lacy green edging and soft creamy coloring...
it was instant love when I found them at the grocery store.

A little frenchy chair and pale pretties...

I'm loving them.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Feathered Nest Friday

It's Feathered Nest Friday time!!!
Here's what I shared this week:
Feathered Nest Friday

I organized one of my armoires with galvanized bins and buckets 
 click HERE to view the post

I  also shared just how simple it is to make the easy little chalkboard luggage tags
that I used for the buckets 
 click HERE if you missed it and want to take a peek

I also announced a fantastic
$100 Lowes gift card giveaway.
Did you enter yet?
Go HERE to go to the post to enter to win!

Such an amazing amount of beautiful links at last weeks party!!
Here are just a few that stood out for me:

Salvaged Whimsy shared these gorgeous wreaths-
 I LOVE the pink one!

Recaptured Charm
shared how she wallpapered this armoire to create a different look.

wallpapered armoire 024a

Picked and Painted shared this beautiful dresser- love the color.

Knick of Time shared this charming ladies room

I Gotta Create shared this amazing tinfoil rose

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French Country Cottage

Onto this weeks edition of Feathered Nest Friday!! 

Welcome to new partygoers and welcome back
and thank you to all my party animal friends
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links each week!
decorating, flea finds, designs, transformations
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chalkboard Tags

Several of you asked about where I found the little chalkboard tags on the galvanized buckets
I shared in my armoire organization post
They are so simple and easy to make.

It started with a package of large luggage tags I found at Staples awhile back
I love big old chunky luggage tags- they are great for so many things.
tagging vintage items for sale, personalized gift tags or simple banners.

I used them for this 'Believe' banner recently.

I wanted something that I could change easily and the chunky tags were perfect.
It would be simple to make these out of a piece of tin or wood or even use chipboard tags
but I had these on hand already and thought I would put them to use

I took out my trusty Purdy paintbrush & coated several tags with chalkboard paint

One even coat was all it took to cover them.
As the paint dries dry, they will start to curl a bit but
you should be able to just pick them up and curl them right back to flat easily.

Then I simply wrote what I wanted on the labels and tied them to the buckets 
I love the idea of using them at a vintage shop and writing the price on them
and reusing them easily when it sells.

A quick random post~  it's a busy week over here
so several larger projects have been on the back burner for a bit.
but am hoping to get a little chalk painted treasure post up soon :)

Happy Wednesday!
See you tomorrow for Feathered Nest Friday!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Buckets & Bins & a Giveaway

Lots of rain and wind here this weekend and a crazy outage where the main fiber optic cable
that serves the area was damaged and cut in half during one of the storms.
No cellphones.
No internet.
  Very few landlines that worked.
It was kind of insane but with no internet and blogging for a bit
I had some extra time to delve into some magazines and books for inspirations
 for upcoming projects as well as work on getting some organizing done.
(apologies for the dark rainy day photos!)

I have been in organizing and de-clutter mode lately
Sorting through closets & making separate piles for
donations, for selling and for keeping.

One of the areas that needed some organization is the office.
 I store a lot of project stuff & treasures in that room
 Bolts of fabric, sewing supplies, paints, hardware for around the house, various treasures,etc.
One of my favorite places for storage is inside antique armoires.
I love the muted original old chalky color, details, and size of this one.

Since this armoire was originally intended for clothing~ 
we put several shelves inside the large 2 door area to be able to use it for storage
and went to my favorite hardware store :) Lowes to find the perfect storage containers
to put all the random bits and pieces in.

There are so many fantastic closet and organizing ideas at Lowes in their closet section-
Shelving units, baskets, drawers on rollers, etc.
I wanted something fun, something vintage inspired-ish, something that would
be easy to get into and find what I was looking for...

Yes...it's true...
 I have a thing for galvanized bins and buckets.
They are charming and practical at the same time especially for hardware and crafts
 so I was super excited to find a section of galvanized buckets and bins in various sizes.

I picked up several of these 12 quart sized buckets first- they are fantastic and just $6.57 each.
I loved that they had nice sized handles on them  
which makes it easy to pick them up and take them
(and all the stuff you need for your project)
 with you to wherever you are working.

 I added a couple of chalk painted tags for labeling them -
 super easy to find just what I need now

I also picked up 2 of these oval 5.5 gallon sized bins ($13.58 each)
I love the longer length for storing some of those bigger items.
and they fit perfectly on the shelves.

Then I found my favorite bin...
 & I knew what it would be used for...
or so I thought ;)

 I have several bolts and large folded pieces of fabric that I like to keep out for 
inspiration or for easy access for a quick project.
This huge tub is perfect for stacking and storing the fabric in
 and makes it easy to find what I am looking for.

 it's also a perfect size to use for laundry and sorting clothes- 
which I am loving the idea of using it for.
Add a name tag for each person and voila-  a heavy duty laundry basket!

It would also be great for storing wood for the fire  or to use as a party tub for cold drinks on occasion.
I loved the price at Lowes too- $18.98
I've seen this same brand and size bin at other hardware stores for twice that.

The other thing I did to organize my armoire involved a little cork board.
Remember those cork squares that  I used with my Thanksgiving table?

 Using that same style cork, I lined the inside of one of the armoire doors
It's perfect for storing inspirations & magazine clippings 
and keeping it clutter free when the door is closed.

Giveaway Closed
I was compensated for this post as a member of the
 Lowes Creative Ideas Network of Creators and Influencers but the designs and opinions are my own.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Feathered Nest Friday

Feathered Nest Friday
Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday!!
It's been a busy week at French Country Cottage~
I am working on organizing and a re-do in my 'office' space
Here's what I shared this week:

Mr. French Country Cottage and I fixed up my little vintage table
that had it's top broken last winter and it's now my new desk

Here's the link to the table post HERE
and the tabletop tutorial post HERE
in case you missed them.

I have some exciting stuff to share with you that is coming up
a giveaway so stay tuned!

I am making some changes at my blog-
moving things around and trying to organize some posts to make more sense
Please bear with me if things go missing for a bit
or are in a different spot!

So much yucky weather going on out there this week
I hope you are all staying safe and warm!

Last weeks party was amazing as usual!
So many fantastic links -it's hard to pick just a few highlights each week.

My Champagne Taste shared a dramatic metallic dresser makeover

Simply Simplisticated shared a mirror makeover

Desire Empire shared a beautiful white coastal table setting

Creative Home Expressions shared this darling Valentines pillow
I love it- might have to make one :)

Beyond the Screen Door shared this darling awning

Welcome to new partygoers and welcome back and

and thank you to all my party animal friends
for taking the time to come over and share your wonderful
links each week!

decorating, flea finds, designs, transformations
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