Sunday, September 30, 2012


Dainty blooms in the palest of pink fading into white
Such sweet little petals and the softest fragrance...
I just adore these flowers.

I picked a bunch of these up the other day 
and as I was putting together a vignette
I noticed how simply sweet they looked just sitting in the jars...
and got a little sidetracked snapping a few photos trying to capture their beauty 

Sometimes I get so excited about how the camera takes the photos 
That focus against all that blur... love.
I think if you are skilled as a photographer you would call that 'Bokeh'
but it's not skill over here...
 I just occasionally get lucky with the settings and am wowed.

After having fun taking a few focal photos...
these pretties are finding their way into a little Autumn vignette
 that I am working on finishing up

I have to admit that am feeling so quiet in my decor this year.
It's whites & natural colors
with pinks & soft non traditional hues mixed in
and a lot of elements gathered from the yard that
have the most interesting textures

I do have a couple orange pumpkins...
 I am having a hard time embracing their boldness inside the house
but I found a spot that they fit just perfectly
and I will be wrapping up that vignette too.

 I am a little behind on decorating for Fall. That bug we had zapped us last week
and zapped decorating the house right along with it.
But hey..
it is September yet ...well at least for today
so I have a few more days to get it all done right?
Though, I am heading to Lowes & HomeGoods this week for a couple things for projects
can hardly wait to see what inspires me!

 Hope your weekend is going great!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Feathered Nest Friday

Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday!

French Country Cottage

This week I started getting my Fall on and shared

my Natural Autumn mantel with hydrangeas and a statue from HomeGoods

 this beautiful Antique orchard ladder 

We celebrated my oldest son's 20th birthday last week too...
I cannot believe that Ryan is old enough to be 20 or that I am
old enough to have a 20 year old!! lol!
Amazing how quickly those little tiny babies grow up!

There were so many beautiful Fall posts linked up last week!!
Loving all the Fall inspirations and judging by the highlights-
I was on a table setting inspiration roll too it seems

Love Bell Jar Vintage's little pumpkins- so cute!!

Sophia's shared her charming centerpiece

Remodelando la Casa shared her pumpkin transformation and table setting.

Pink Postcard shared her charming table ~ I love the dough bowl!! Gorgeous!!

Our Prairie Home shared her beautiful $15.00 tablescape for Fall. 

If you were featured~ 
 please feel free to grab a button if you would like! 

French Country Cottage

Welcome to new partygoers, welcome back and thank you to
 all my party animal friends for taking the time to come over 
and share your wonderful links each week!

flea finds,
table settings,
related to feathering your nest is welcome!!

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Thanks so much!
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Simple Autumn Vignette

I had a little fun playing
and taking a few photos the other day.
Nothing fancy or exciting.... just a bucket of hydrangeas

a found birds nest and a couple little pumpkins.

I took a few of the photos a little bit overexposed
Sometimes it washes the color out too much but sometimes it's perfect.

This old drop leaf table was a flea find and it is so shabby with it's worn paint, broken hinges and splitting wood. I love that when the leaves are down, the table is only about 8" deep and can be
tucked against a wall easily.

I added a couple more colorful striped pumpkins for a few photos too -we don't have
big white pumpkins here yet- just these small ones.
This mirror is one I have shared before~ it's a favorite that I dragged out of the
basement of an abandoned antique store a few years back.
It was covered in huge amounts of dust which helped with keeping the price low ;)
It didn't look like it was worth much  and so the seller said


Just a quick post today~ the kids shared a head cold so
we have been laying low and I have been catching up more on blog
reading rather than blogging

See you this afternoon for Feathered Nest Friday!!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vintage Orchard Ladder Love

You know you might be a little crazy
 when you realize that you get excited about something that most people would toss away.

Something like an old ladder that you can't really use anymore because it
has been sitting outdoors for years and years and it has weathered too much to be usable.

I love pieces that were once used in everyday life without much of a thought
and are now appreciated for their beauty.

One of my favorite treasures is an old orchard ladder.
This ladder was leaning up against an abandoned barn not far from where we live
and every time I drove by and saw it... I fell more in love with it.

Even from a distance I could tell it was crusty and rusty and covered in charm
Not to mention that it is super tall and I had just the wall that needed some ladder love
 where this forgotten treasure in all it's worn & weathered glory would be perfect.

My husband on the other hand thought I was a little crazy.

"It's a junky old ladder. Why would you want to put a ladder indoors?
I think it just sounds weird." 

(Can you imagine the raised eyebrows and look he got? Mmhmm. You know the 'look' 
I might add... he get's that 'look' quite frequently ;)! )

So... while the husband was at work
I decided to just stop and ask the owner about that old ladder.
I offered to buy it and was so thrilled when I was told to go ahead and take it.

After a spray down with the hose to get rid of years of cobwebs and spiders
 I dragged that crusty, weathered to perfection ladder inside
and set it against that lonely looking wall that was just waiting for it.

It was love at first sight.

 I think I might have even done a little happy dance.
It's definite ladder love.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Natural Autumn Mantel

Some might say that I am somewhat of a natural girl
I love fresh product and whole grain breads
and think a lunch date with my husband at the salad bar at
Fresh Choice or Whole Foods is pretty fantastic.

When it comes to decorating my home
I tend to like everything a bit more natural and fresh too.
Whether it's florals mixed with fruits, birds nests or simply branches from a tree
I seem to gravitate towards decorating with nature

For Fall, sometimes it's  just a basket of white pumpkins on the sideboard
 or an Autumn wreath above the mantel
or maybe a couple little pumpkins tucked into an existing vignette.

Out in the little cottage
 the  fireplace mantel is covered in dried hydrangeas
 and sprinkled with a few pretty pink roses.
It is simple and natural.

A vintage inspired statue that takes center stage was a HomeGoods find.
It took me a little bit to get this  big. solid. concrete. statue  into my cart
but I knew right away he was coming home with me.

A scattering of pinecones gathered in the Santa Cruz mountains 
 and just a few little white pumpkins bring the first touches of Autumn

I love the mix of subtle greens, blues and golden yellows
with the pink in the roses and the soft white pumpkins.

It certainly doesn't shout Fall- it's a bit more simple and quiet
but it is perfect for this room.

I have had a hard time finding white pumpkins  this year and have only found a few small ones so far.
This mantel might get a little tweaked as I find more but for now
 I am liking it.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Feathered Nest Friday

Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday!

French Country Cottage

Hope your week is going great!
Let's get the party going!

This week~ I shared:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn Fireplace Mantel ~ Inspirations

Decorating the fireplace mantels is always a treat and for Fall... 
I love lots of  leaves, branches, berries and pumpkins.

 I love to bring the natural elements inside.
and I have several fireplace mantels in my house that I decorate. 
Last year~ I did a simple white pumpkin mantel in my living room

 and a Southern Living inspired mantel in my bedroom

I know most of you are already decorated for Fall.
 I love to let Summer linger a bit longer and enjoy it  so I don't usually do too much 'Fall' until October
but... I am thinking about starting to add some quiet touches so thought I would
share some inspirations.

 I really love simple mantels with just a touch of Autumn
and a few quiet pumpkins, branches and leaves.

I also love mantels that are decked out 
 I guess I am a bit of a mix
Not quite sure which way I will go with mantel decorating yet...
I'm working on finding some inspirations for now. 

So what about you~ what's your mantel decorating style?

See you this afternoon for
 Feathered Nest Friday!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grapevine Wreaths

Yes, this post all started with grapevine wreaths from the Dollar Tree.

I was looking for something a little different for chargers for a table setting.
Something simple and natural and easy like grapevine wreaths.
 I thought I would check the Dollar Tree on the chance they might have some
 in the right size and at the right price.

Can I just say...
I know it's the $ store- but is it ever really the $ store?
 I think of it more like the $12 or $15 store honestly- I think it's a marketing gimmick.

Monday, September 17, 2012

HOMEBOUND Magazine Fall 2012

The latest issue of HOMEBOUND magazine is here!!

I always love when the email letting me know that HOMEBOUND 
is ready to read shows up in my inbox!
Heather over at Post Road Vintage does an absolutely beautiful job putting together
this gorgeous ezine. Even more exciting is that you can now order
a printed version of this gorgeous magazine!
The printed version will come to you with all the same beautiful features 
that the free one does- but it will have a few extras.

Here's what is included in this issue~

Decorating with Bright OR White Fall Colors
Setting a Simple Fall Tablescape
Tips on Maximizing your Fall Garden Harvest
 A Handmade + Vintage Baby Nursery
Throwing a Fuss Free Party in the Garden
How to Make Stone Coasters
How to Make Reproduction French Grain Sack Napkins
Green Tomato Relish Recipe

Don't worry ~
the free version of the magazine is available by
clicking HERE if you prefer 

Or you can download the FULL version with the extra content included for just a couple of dollars
as well HERE

To order the printed version~ click HERE

I am honored to be a contributor to this beautiful publication
and am excited to share that

is  giving away a printed copy of
to a French Country Cottage reader in celebration!

Just leave a comment on this post 
to be entered

For a second chance- share this on FB, Twitter or your blog
 and leave a second comment

That's it!
Good Luck!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Simple Burlap Drapes

It's no secret that I love burlap.
(or pretty blooming flowers! ;)

I have made tablecloths

Friday, September 14, 2012

Feathered Nest Friday Party Time!

Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday!!

French Country Cottage

Last week was kind of a crazy party- not sure what happened with my blog or if it was the linky-
I tinkered with the settings a bit and hopefully this week we won't have a repeat of the issues
and it will run more smoothly

Here's what I shared this week:

A little peek at some of the other projects that we have been working on...

The layers of toile in my bathroom

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Building a Vintage Inspired Farmhouse Kitchen

 The guest cottage has been getting a fresh look lately as most of you already know
and one of the things we did while putting in the new kitchen
was to create custom open shelves with farmhouse legs
as part of the base cupboards.

I know that open shelf cupboards are not for everyone- but I do love them.
 This kitchen is in a vintage cottage- built in the 1940's
and comes with concrete flooring and all the uneven character that is part of an older home.
We worked around those things but I decided to embrace the vintage character
and add a bit more back in when designing the new kitchen.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

French Cottage Toile

I guess it's no secret that I love French Country rooms
filled with gorgeousness.
All those colors, the patterns, wood and painted furniture mixed together...
 they enchant me every time.

Though I most definitely do love romantic shabby
flirty ruffles,
and those dreamy pale cottage colors...
I seem to always come back to the warmth and charm
of French Country.
Some of my favorite French Country rooms have layer upon layer of gorgeous pattern
I know that some people find the pattern all together to be just too much
and I must admit that I have recently been leaning towards a more quiet feeling in my rooms too.

Well in most rooms anyway~ my bathroom is a little different.
I wallpapered my bathroom in romantic red floral toile wallpaper probably 5 years ago
and have never tired of it. I think if you surround yourself with what you love- it makes you happy.
 I adore the color and pattern and love it  mixed with the peaked bead board & beamed ceiling,
 crisp white wainscoting and checkerboard floor.

This bathroom has one large window looking out over the backyard
 I had a couple of white layered panels up for Spring and Summer which were so simple and pretty
but the other day, I started thinking about a certain bolt of fabric that I had stored away in an armoire.
A bolt with about 10 yards of gorgeous upholstery weight fabric that
I found for around $4  per yard at a favorite source for remnants.

A dreamy soft red floral toile 

I had been saving it thinking I would upholster a pair of chairs
but instead... I got a wild hair ;) and that fabric became something else.

 Simple drapery panels.

Though the fabric doesn't match the toile wallpaper exactly~
 its floral pattern and coloring is actually very close
I am loving the warmer look it brings for Fall and Winter and kind of liking the layering in here.
(Well, for now at least~ you never know when one of those wild hair moments might pop up again)

  You can see the crazy pretty scary look this bathroom started out with
 and more about our remodel of it

See you Thursday afternoon for Feathered Nest Friday
right here at 
French Country Cottage!

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