Friday, November 30, 2012

Feathered Nest Friday

Happy Friday!! 
It's a chilly stormy day over here today and it's just perfect for
Christmas music, a fire in the fireplace and finishing up the decor on one of the trees.
Playing catch up over here...last week was hectic with Thanksgiving and traveling
 but here's what I shared this week.

A recap of our crazy Thanksgiving this year~
 which included the SF opera- a break in in my car and a LOT of karaoke. ;)

My .50 thrift store finds... delightful!

A little bit more about Moi as I was featured ' In the Bloglight' over at 

Okay~let's get onto the review and get the party started!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

In the Bloglight at Hometalk

I am so honored to be 'In the Bloglight' over at Hometalk this week! 
If you aren’t familiar with Hometalk~head on over- you will love it there!
 It is an awesome place where you can share and connect 
with other bloggers, homeowners, pros and in general house and home enthusiasts

Hometalk sent over a few questions for me to answer about 
French Country Cottage and the girl behind the blog~ so here’s a little bit about Moi.

I am married and a mom of 3 ~ 2 boys and a girl
A 20 year old, 17 year old and 14 year old
(yes, I am feeling old as I type that!)
I met my husband just after graduating high school and our family lives in
a vintage cottage that we have been fixing up bit by bit in a rural area of California.

Q: How did you first get into blogging?

I first started blogging about 2 and a half years ago when I was sort of in between places.
  My children were getting older & they were in school and I wasn't needed as much and at the same time I was caring for my grandmother who had dementia. 
Those two shifts kind of put me in a bit of an emotional place where I was looking
 for something to really delve into that was quiet and pretty. 
Something that was a creative outlet for me where I could decorate, inspire and be inspired.  
My sister and I were talking about blogging one day and as we talked... it clicked. 
It was a place where I could write, share the renovations of our house, fuel my passion for design and where someone might actually notice and appreciate that chair that had moved in the room.  ;) 
It was also a place where I could connect with others who have similar interests- 
which can be harder to do when you live in the country.  It seemed like a perfect fit. 

Q: How did you decide on the name of your blog?

Actually, I had the name French Country Cottage written down for several years already. 
It was something I always thought of to describe my style and my favorite decorating and design styles.
I hadn't thought about it for a name for a blog- I actually didn't even read blogs before I started mine.
But when I did start blogging- French Country Cottage was the name for sure.

Q: Is blogging something you do on the side, or is it a full time job for you? 
What did/do you do for a living?

Blogging for me started out as a hobby- just sharing the renovations of our home, flea finds, etc. 
That somehow led to my first job in social media, which led to another and so on.
So after a couple of years it is now more of a job than just a hobby
and I absolutely love working as a blogger.
 I have been fortunate to be able to be at home with my kids since my first son was born.
Since I got married and started my family pretty young,  I didn't have a career to go back into as the kids got older which left me kind of wondering what I would be when they (and I) grew up :)
Becoming a blogger has been an incredible blessing and outlet for me.
Aside from designing for my blog and being fortunate to be working with some incredible companies,
 I am also starting to freelance with magazines as a stylist,  doing design consults
and working on a couple of side projects that I will share more about soon. 

Q: What do your friends and family think about your blog?

Most of my friends and family don’t read my blog actually.
 My sister Taylor- who is the one who convinced me to start my blog-
  read (and commented on) every post in the beginning and she was my
 one and only follower for awhile. She truly is an awesome sister and one of my biggest supporters.
(I keep trying to get her to start a blog about college life or daily advice... I'm working on it!)

But some of my family have never read even one of my posts or navigated over to my blog
 and then a couple others stay connected a bit more on FB rather than my blog-
so they do know what I am up to.
 Just the other day at Thanksgiving one of my brothers asked me what exactly a blog is
and what I do on mine.

Bedroom at Christmas

Q: How has blogging changed you?

In so many ways, really. It has given me a place to share- to create- to find my voice a bit with my style. It has helped feed a part of me that kind of got lost in the day to day household stuff and that was struggling with the changes that were going on. Blogging has also helped me to push myself a bit more to get out there and grow  and it has given me an awesome way to do something I love
and make a living doing it. 

Q: Do you keep a strict posting schedule?

Not really- I am more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl ;)
  I generally post 4-5 times a week- but it's sometimes less sometimes more- it just depends.
I tend to go with the thought of quality over quantity so I am not really one to post something
 just to post something. 

Q: What are your favorite kinds of posts to read/write?

Room makeovers and renovations.
But you can’t makeover a room every day so smaller projects and lifestyle inspirations are favorites too. I am constantly re-styling my home and I love creating a new look for a room, 
 setting a romantic table or playing with flea market finds.

Q: Do you have any advice for bloggers who are just starting out?

Like Nike says- Just do it. Write that first post and hit publish.
Then write the next one and do it again.  Go out and mingle
(at blog parties, visting other blogs, etc) and really get yourself out there.
You never know who you might connect with or what opportunities might come
 your way. When I started blogging, I would have never imagined the incredible opportunities and dreams that have come true for me that began with simply hitting publish on that first post.

Thanks so much for the interview Hometalk!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I wasn't going to...

It was Saturday...
it was after I dropped Cullan off at work 
and as I was driving home.

I took the long way...
 through the old section of town with all the charming houses
and the cute little yards fenced in old antique fencing.
I love this part of town...
it makes me feel all nostalgic and dreamy as I wonder what is inside those old houses.
The little narrow street runs across a bridge and up a hill and by a little old grocery store
and then right past a favorite thrift store.

I wasn't going to stop.

I had no plans to do it. 

I wasn't looking for anything... but as it I saw it coming up... I wondered what might be inside.
There just might be some vintage Shiny Brites, 
or an old tinsel tree or something...  and so...

I did it.

I stopped.

I wandered around - 
and yes, there were Shiny Brites but they were outrageously priced so I kept wandering
and then I rounded the corner by the dishes 
and there they were.

A stack of delightful, delicate, dainty creamy dreamy white plates and bowls~
over a dozen pieces in all.

Covered in details and scalloped edging...
I was loving them even before picking them up.

Then... when I saw the price tag on each of them... it was done.
Uhmmm... yeah...they were mine.

Of course,
 I had to play with them and set a table in the little cottage
Oh the fun!!! 
I even found an absolute favorite flower at the grocery store too!
Here's a little peek...

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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Thanksgiving was pretty eventful this year~ busy busy busy 
but I am ready to re-group and get some serious decorating done.

Here is a literally crazy re-cap. 
My husband and I started the long weekend off with a treat~
An evening in San Francisco to see my absolute favorite opera 'Tosca'.

The War Memorial Opera House is amazingly beautiful with architectural detail galore.

(Iphone pictures- sorry)

SF Opera's production of Tosca was amazing.
I had goosebumps pretty much the whole performance. 
Tosca was played by Angela Gheorghiu that night and it was so exciting to be able to see her perform.
She has such an incredible voice and was a perfect Tosca.
 If you have never been to an opera- I highly recommend anything Puccini. 
I love them all but  I will never forget the first time I saw Tosca.
I had heard the music for years and one in particular made me tear up every time I heard it -
 it was filled with so much emotion 
Then  I saw it performed and the first notes started
and I sat there crying along with everyone else.
Here it is if you are so inclined to listen

 It is absolutely amazing.

After the performance my husband and I walked to the
 'safe and secure' well lit opera parking garage where we had parked. 
Unfortunately, it was not so safe or secure the night we were there. 
Someone had smashed my rear passenger window and broken into my car. 
They grabbed the new clothes I had just picked up at the store before dinner 
 but thankfully not much else. 
Seriously, thinking of some of the things we have left in the car at previous performances 
we were incredibly lucky they didn't get much else.
We have parked there many many times-but noticed something different right when we pulled in.
Let's just say- we will be listening to instincts next time
and thinking we should just leave the windows down for the thieves too
to save ourselves the $300-400 window replacement cost


Once we got back ~ the Thanksgiving insanity started. 
I have a wild and crazy family- yes, that is my disclaimer.
 It started off with a LOT of coffee and of course, a little cooking and eating.

Then there was the karaoke. 

My brothers

Chris and Cullan singing away while Ry and Cassie look for the next song

This brother is available ladies~ 
 he is super sweet- gives the best hugs and he's a fireman 

After an evening with lots of fun singing ( I am not usually singing- I just laugh! HA!)
 a little Gangham style dance (don't ask)
and my brothers wild hair that seemed to have a life of it's own when he took his hat off~
 we jumped in the car and headed home.

Even though we are all pooped out~ Thanksgiving was so much fun
and it was wonderful to spend time together 
and give thanks for the many blessings in our lives.

Culls napping at my moms with Mickey

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and very blessed!!
Happy Sunday!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Feathered Nest Friday

French Country Cottage

Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday!!

It will stay up through the weekend as usual~
 we are just getting a head start!
 I know most of you will be busy over the next couple of days
Wishing you and yours a blessed, Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's what I shared this week~
A sweet treat gift idea for under $4.00

A peek at my antique orchard ladder dressed for Christmas

and our  outdoor fireplace getting it's Holiday on with beautiful fresh garland and wreath from Lowes.

They will be on a Black Friday special if you are so inclined to venture out~ 
more in my post!

Last week~
Rosemary and Thyme shared her table for two ~ so pretty!

DDzine shared her fantastic subway art

Loving the tree house that Cedar Hill Ranch has- so charming!!

City Farmhouse shared this darling wreath~ I love it!
The Farmhouse Porch shared her beautiful hutch and loving that white ironstone!!

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flea finds,
table settings,
related to feathering your nest is welcome!!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Outdoor Rock Fireplace Dressed for Christmas

I love decking the halls for Christmas
and my favorite things to use for decorating are natural elements.

Fresh greens garland and wreaths
cranberries and pinecones
even a few pieces of fruit and vegetables tucked in.

For the outdoor fireplace 
I knew I wanted to go with a rustic cottage type theme.
The rock construction and it's location outside just seemed to lend itself to
traditional, cozy and comfortable.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Orchard Ladder Love

 I have been having some fun out in the
 little cottage the past couple of days.

Playing with pinecones, fresh wreaths, beautiful reds, greens and natural touches.
 I am loving the old fashioned Christmas feeling that is starting to appear.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sweet Treat Gift Idea

I love to give a little gift to neighbors, mail carriers and favorite teachers at Christmas.
Something thoughtful and sweet but not too expensive.

The usual homemade cookies are always a fun idea 
but this year, I was thinking something a little different.

 While shopping the Dollar Tree the other day picking up pretty white candles
I bumped into a couple things that inspired this years sweet treat gift.

A fun glass container filled with 
a favorite cocoa mix and peppermint sticks.

Here's what you need:

 $1.00 glass lidded jar (Dollar Tree)
.69 cent chunky peppermint stick (Dollar Tree)
 Cocoa either in a mix -$2.00 for 2 boxes- grocery store
(or you can mix your own if you would like using cocoa)
pretty Christmas ribbon and a tag

After cleaning the jar
Simply fill it with a favorite dark chocolate cocoa mix
I also placed a candy cane inside for a peppermint stirring stick

These candy canes are huge and chunky and about 8" long. 
Totally love them.
I decided to break them into pieces to give with the mix 
 but you can tie them up with a ribbon and leave them full size too.
(Before I could get a picture of an unbroken one 
a little sneaky candy cane thief made off with it)

Using favorite ribbon or candy cane yarn
simply tie a greeting or gift tag to the jar and it's done/

So simple and easy to put together in about 5 minutes 
and for just $3.69
but such a sweet treat that is perfect for gift giving.

or to just to have on hand to enjoy with a friend while 
chatting and making cranberry garland too.

Hope your weekend is going great!

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Feathered Nest Friday

Happy Thursday everyone!!
How has your week been?
French Country Cottage
 I can't believe it is already time for Feathered Nest Friday! The week has just been flying by. 
Here's what I shared~
A shabby table setting

my latest flower crush...

and a re-cap of Autumn decor over here before the decking the halls posts begin.

Since it's the 15th of November~
I think I can finally start sharing a bit of Christmas, right? ;) 

Yep... I am playing with greens and reds over here and I do have a tree up already
though it's not all decked out just yet.

Let's take a look at what was shared at last weeks party ~ and get this weeks party started!!
Rebecca over at Cre8tive Compass shared her PB chalkboard knockoff~
I love it.

Thanksgiving Blessings Chalk Board in place #Gluenglitter

Shabby Art Boutique shared this darling burlap bunting~ you know I love burlap!!

Shabby Art Boutique burlap bunting 2

Cul de Sac Home shared her antiqued kitchen backsplash~ so charming.

Pressing On shared the artwork she made for her sons bedroom.
I love them~ such a great idea.

Love this super cute Advent calendar idea from Desire Empire- simple, easy and sweet.

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