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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gallery Wall of Frames & Mirrors

So tell me...
how do you feel about gallery walls?

Do you think they are too much? 
Too many frames, paintings, mirrors or photos all over one area?
Does it make you a little crazy to look at them?

Yeah... me too.

Until it doesn't.
Until I see something that speaks my lingo.

Like these.
Credit: Homes.com

Ornate mixed with simple. Not overwhelming.
I love it.

I have a weakness for old mirrors and vintage brassy old gold. 
I never realized how much I loved that vintage tone until I started noticing how much it was
 popping up here and there ~  but that's a different post.

We have a long interior hallway in our house
where I have had various things here.
It seems like it is one of those places that always ends up being changed often.
Difficult to photograph this one I tell you.
 I don't think the widest lens out there would capture it as I see it.

While sorting through a stack of old prints and artwork that I am not currently using
 I started noticing all the gold frames that I had
 I love old gold frames all by themselves and have them displayed here and there
Though they aren't filled with beautiful artwork I think their simplicity
 of their details covered in brassy gold speaks volumes

I also pulled out a couple of smaller vintage mottled mirrors like these 
A few coats of paint for some of the non conformers later
and I had a date with a hammer and nails.

I placed, adjusted and shopped the house a bit more to fill in some of the spaces that
 were bare or that I didn't have the right size frame to fit.

If the wall stays this way
I would probably shop the thrifts for some frames that are better fits as well.

I started with the mirrors for that much needed light reflection
and then placed the open frames and it came together in all it's mix and match imperfection.

How long it will stay... not so sure.
 I might wake up tomorrow and think it is outrageously too busy for me...
especially since I have been leaning towards simple and quiet lately
But for today~ I am enjoying it's little bit different look

More on that new favorite old mirror and it's vintage finish coming up.

Happy Weekend everyone!!

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  1. I love gallery walls and your is really pretty. Love the color of the chair, too.

  2. Hmmm.. I have mixed feeling on gallery walls. If tastefully done and not too busy I like them. But when they are a hodgepodge of plates, pictures and other things... that just screams too much to me. If the things relate to each other, like yours, I luv it.
    Does that make any sense?? Hahahahaaa..
    Hugs, Gee

  3. I love gallery walls, Courtney! I am just putting the finishing touches on my second one in our entry/foyer now. I'm trying to do it different from the first one I did in our living, which was family pictures in black and white. I think they can really make a difference on a wall that needs "something".

  4. Your mirror frame wall is lovely. I don't think it's busy at all but instead fresh and peaceful. I have been on the hunt for some vintage etched mirrors, as I seem to find myself drawn to them lately. Looking forward to your post about the new favorite old mirror.
    Have a Lovely Day,
    Pieced Pastimes

  5. I like it. (But I love Gallery walls and have several in my home). Don't change a thing. I think it gives texture and personality to your wall.

  6. Love it! I'm so envious of the mirror with the urn applique above! Very trumeau like!


  7. I love gallery walls & am inclined towards the picture shelves because you can change your mind often ...

  8. I love gallery walls, although I don't have one currently. I like the open frame idea. It seems to calm down the busyness a bit and allows your eyes to relax. Great choice!

  9. Beautiful, Courtney! I love all the mirrors.

  10. I love gallery walls...yours looks FABULOUS!! Love all the mirrors and old frames!
    Have a super weekend!

  11. "Miroir, joli miroir, dis-moi qui est la plus belle ?"...
    Très jolie publication...

    Gros bisous et bonne fin de semaine.

  12. I am a lover of gallery walls and yours turned out wonderful. Quite similar to one I did a few months ago. I have since added more frames and mirrors but you can see the original arrangement here: http://mt-tails.blogspot.com/2012/11/adding-some-gold.html

    1. It's lovely!! I adore your mirrors!! Thanks for sharing it!! :)

  13. Courtney,
    I like what I see...so I say...keep it as is. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend...it's cloudy here at the beach, but hey...that's okay.


  14. Hi! Gallery walls w/picture in are way!too!busy! for me but your mirror gallery/empty frames speaks & this could grow on me! Esther

  15. I like it! I also love mirrors, get overwhelmed sometimes when things are too busy, but have lots of antique mirrors that would be good to hang in a gallery.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Laura from sundayview.blogspot.com

  16. I love how your wall turned out. I have something similar that I did on my stairway wall a few years ago. There are days that i think it's too busy and others that I love it! So it stays...for now:-)

    Enjy your weekend!


  17. Courtney,
    This is stunning. I am a white and chippy girl and I just love this so you really did a great job on this wall. I hope you keep it for at least a little while. I really think sometimes it is fun to do something a little different and this came out really nice.

  18. Love your mirrors and frames. I'm pinning!

  19. I love it all, Courtney!
    I posted my own wall of mirrors today!


  20. I love a gallery wall of mirrors, sometimes pictures are too much. I think your mirrors are wonderful and deserve their own wall. They will also reflect light and movement, my other favorite thing about mirrors. Rules don't apply!

  21. Like the ones you've got here..it works really well.

  22. Oh I love a gallery wall! Yours is very nicely done Courtney.

  23. I absolutely love the gallery wall! I think the mirrors are perfection :)

  24. Beautiful frames! You must have collected these for awhile!I love mirror gallery's or just plain frames too! I have a weakness for old frames period! LOVE this look!


  25. I like the look of a gallery wall..but I'm funny about it being things meant for that area...I recently seen plates used in a bedroom and I wasn't too crazy over them in there...loved them together but would rather they be in the kitchen or dining rm..I'm a...think outside of the box girl...but not plates in the bedrm outside...I also love the use a picture rail to rest them..easy for swapping out...love the summitry of yours too...Always a pleasure seeing what your up to......Thanks

  26. This looks fabulous, Courtney...the wall has all the right elements to keep it interesting but not overstated, just perfect. I have a wall in my living room that I am fretting over. It's not a big room but it's the only wall without windows and it's a bear to figure out. I'd love any ideas you might have.


  27. I've got a long hallway with 6 doors and very little light... there is 1 long wall that really needs something on it and I have been thinking of some kind of gallery, but anything I could think of seemed too busy! A wall of mirrors would be lovely and might help with some light in this long hallway!

  28. Lovely! Do you have any suggestions for what kind of gold paint to use on frames? I looked into actual gold leaf and it was expensive and beyond my skills to use it. Is there a good paint/brand? Love checking out all your projects- so inspiring!

    1. I will be sharing more about how to get the 'vintage gold' look in another post. It's easy and inexpensive. :)

    2. Can't wait! We have some antique frames from Italy that are some kind of metal leaves entwined and covered with gold leaf. The gold is missing on spots and you see black metal. Maybe it's something we can try. Look forward to it!

  29. oh Courtney, I think it's wonderful!

  30. It looks gorgeous....simply gorgeous!

  31. The wall gallery is beautiful! It is well put together. The golds are almost a soft tone and they balance each other well.

  32. Lovely! Each piece is so special and they look so perfect all together!

  33. I love the walls and mirrors, especially because the reflection is simple. I think it would be hip to do a photo essay of self portraits of your family and friends, as reflections in the mirrors. Then when you change the gallery you will still have the photos. Leave a camera and a note near by and see what happens.

  34. I have a weakness for mirrors, always have. I rather like what you have on here, when in the past I didn't like the gallery wall look. This is pretty.

  35. I've just always loved gallery walls and I'm not ashamed to admit it!!! They have always looked stunning to me. Especially when they are full of mismatched frames. Soooo charming... I'm getting chills just thinking about them :)

  36. I'm in love with that velvet chair, wow!

  37. I agree with the others. Your gallery wall of mirrors and frames are so tastefully done and definitely cohesive....not a hodgepodge at all!

  38. It looks beautiful and elegant. Not too much. Just right :)

  39. I love the slightly muted gold tones & frames of the wall of mirrors - just enough to be elegant!