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3 Easy Christmas table ideas

Are you ready for Christmas yet?
Done decking the halls, wrapped up all your shopping
and baked everything needing to be baked?
Not moi.

I am running around like a maniac for a bit longer
and bringing out the gorgeous AND easy decorations.
That require just a few elements to put together
but to knock your guests socks off at the same time.

Like a simple but beautiful Christmas table 
with fresh greens marching down the center
and a sprinkling of Christmas cheer.

Start with a fresh or faux garland.
I used a fresh fraser fir garland down the center of the table
and added to it to make it a bit more fancy.

Eucalyptus pods and pepper berries-and just a few clippings of greens from the yard
brought in a subtle blue, faded green and pop of red 
and was all it needed.
Want even more simple?
Just use the garland as is. Voila.

Up next- to add a sprinkling of Christmas
I dotted the garland with ornaments.

I used those pretty sugar sprinkled clear ornaments 
but you can use whatever extras you have on hand.

And for more color?
Use pomegranates or red ornaments to bring a burst of Christmas cheer.

Then it is all about the place settings.
Think simple elegance with
A favorite dish or something sentimental like Grandmothers china.

That is it. 
So simple and easy-and elegant at the same time.
 And it doesn't require another trip to the store
which is a huge bonus in my book.

Keep your table setting simple and charming and easy to do
and take some of that 'it has to be perfect!' stress 
right off the table.

See you tomorrow for a Christmas Eve post!


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  1. I love your post the ramble scape is so simple but beautiful. Sorry I was doing my baking last night .I still have to wrap
    Presents. And finish baking those special request you know. 😊, smiling sounds like we're both a little busy.
    I so enjoy you and your blog. I feel like I know you a close and dear friend. So if I don't get back tonight to read just know I will read it .
    Many warm wishes and Blessings to you and your Family
    Much love and Big Hugs
    Merry Christmas

    1. Thank you so much Pamela!! You are so sweet- I always, always appreciate your kind and thoughtful comments! And I definitely feel like many of my readers are good friends as well! :) I hope you had a very Merry Christmas with your family as well!

  2. So beautiful, Courtney. We are trying to have a White Christmas here in the foothills. Hope it makes it..Merry Christmas..Judy