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8 Red, White & Blue Favorites for the weekend

Ahh the weekend.

Warm sunshine filled days. Skies full of twinkling stars at night
and I must admit...
a lot of eyeing that hammock in the backyard.

This weekend has been filled with a little bit of relaxing
 and family time with my oldest and his girlfriend coming for a visit.

And I am gearing up for quite a bit of busy (and exciting) work things 
that are going on behind the scenes- one of them being that new blog look... 
coming your way this week sometime.

And with Memorial Day being tomorrow-
 a lot of you may be planning 
a get together with friends and family
or maybe going to an afternoon service to honor our military
or members of your own family who have served.

So today, I thought the random weekend post would be all about red, white and blue and
I would share a round up of my favorite red, white and blue posts. 
paint transformations 
and the simplest of decor. 
Though, of course,  I always think of patriotic posts for the 4th of July- 
I also think of red, white and blue for any holiday honoring our military

Here are a few  favorites:

Summertime Blues in the bedroom.
Take that red and white sofa- and sprinkle it with a little blue-
 and you have a perfect summer look.

Last year- 4th of July was all about simple red and white
with no fireworks due to California's incredibly dry earth- I kept decor simple as well.

And a few years back... a favorite transformation.
 With this old chest  of drawers- I saw something called potential...
though I may have been crazy.
Do you see an old chest of drawers? 
Or the right shape for a flag? 

I saw a flag of course.
And this is one of my earliest blog projects-
iphone photography and all.

Use a flag - in a jar, on a table or on the patio

And entertaining: 

So simple- so easy to make- and so delicious.

Or a colorful fruit pizza 
(top an angel food cake or cheesecake) 

Or if you are more of a small batch baking type- you can take that fruit pizza and make it into 

Even a somewhat patriotic looking salad  filled with spinach and fruit and feta
if that is your favorite way to entertain. And this is definitely
one of my absolute favorite salads.

No matter how you style it, paint it, bake it or make it- 
red, white and blue is a perfection combination. 

I am a little on the partial to the food side of things
because there is just so much yumminess in each of those recipes 
but what about you?

Stay tuned for an architectural tour of New Orleans 
a round up of favorite High Point Market pieces
updates on some of the renovations and refreshes going on over here
and a summer table with white dishes 
that I think you will love as much as I do.

Have a safe Memorial Day everyone.

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  1. Thank you for remembering what this holiday stands for, we will be decorating love one's' graves tomorrow, in memory of those who have valiantly served our country, home and family. May you have a special Memorial Day.

  2. Very pretty! I love the flag dresser. And those dishes!
    I am thinking about the Knights of Columbus, decked out in their uniforms and fancy feathered hats, carrying swords, who will perform a ceremony today at the cemetery where my parents were recently buried. I wish I could be there, though even more, I wish I could be with them again.

  3. Have a wonderful Memorial Day and I stand with you and the many others who remember our heroes who fought and died for this great country.