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A Diamond In The Rough

Is this a Diamond in the Rough?

To some it shows great potential.
To others...
 it should go to the dump.
I have what some might call an interesting definition of 'potential'
I see potential to a fault.
Pieces that really should be tossed find their way home with me to
be repurposed, re used, re discovered.

I found this French Sofa and it's matching chair on craigslist and absolutely fell in love
There was just something about it.
Something so feminine and timeless... that I managed to overlook quite a bit.

Stained, way beyond salvageable red velvet fabric,
chips in the frame and springs coming through underneath.
From a usable standpoint- a disaster.

Ever the 'potential' visionary,
 I was somehow able to see beyond all the work
the smells, the grunge...
I saw a gorgeous carved frame, curvy arms and the perfect petite size
Within 1/2 hour of first looking at it,
I had reupholstered it in my mind
in a bold red and white buffalo check fabric.

It was a perfect French country piece.

After convincing my husband,
 I carted it home and ordered yards of fabric.
Then began the task of taking off the old.
Wearing thick gloves and a mask
I pulled the pieces off carefully to be able to keep them for patterns for the new pieces.
There was old cotton batting lining each section and TONS of horsehair stuffing.
I re-used the horsehair (after a couple SUPER DUPER SIZE cans of Lysol and bottle of Febreze)
but replaced the cotton batting.

Next were the old spring filled cushions.
They were much better quality than what you find today in plain foam
so I decided to keep them.
I pulled off the old batting, rewrapped them in new
and made new covers edged in red cording.

It is just as gorgeous as I imagined it would be in the red check.
As much as I can tire of patterns and colors and want a change- 
this has stayed a favorite in it's sassy bold look.

(This was originally published back in May of 2010 when I was first blogging
 and was one of my first posts.
 I added a couple of larger better photos at the end of the post- 
Can you believe the others were taken with my Iphone and that was the camera I used  for all my photos on my blog until  last Spring? 


  1. OH MY GOODNESS, that is similar to the one i just bought.. Nothing is Garbage, You did a fantastic job, Im sad you dont live closer so we could squeal in delight over these afters- and finds. But then man I dont want the competition.Your good..That is Beautiful...

  2. Wow, that is pretty! You do have vision!

  3. Love this!!! Yes, great vision!

  4. It is wonderful! You had me at "French Country." My very favorite style.

  5. One word - FABULOUS!!!!! I want one too!!!!!

  6. It is absolutely lovely. Very, very nice job!

  7. Beautiful! Wish I had the talent to recover a piece like that...very impressive! Love buffalo check fabric and it looks great on this piece! Awesome metamorphosis!

  8. This transformation is gorgeous! I have the same buffalo check fabric to make a cushion for my french style bench. It looks amazing on your piece.

  9. Beautiful job! You were so right to see "potential" in your find! Love it!

  10. Wow. Very cool. That is a big job and yet you make it sound so simple. It looks terrific in your room. I never would have pictured that red for the couch. You have a great eye for decorating. Thanks for sharing.

  11. GORGEOUS! I love your sofa refurbishing and I am loving your blog! Just became a follower and can't wait to read through your previous posts!

  12. Gorgeous! The only word I can think of to describe this. Love that you put it at the end of your bed.

  13. Wow...this is beautiful! You are a genius! Love love love!


  14. Absolutely beautiful! I don't think I would have been that brave. Very nice job. Thanks for sharing.

  15. What a fabulous transformation! I've now read your blog from start to finish and can't wait to see more! We love so many of the same things. Vanna

  16. Love it! It turned out just perfect!

  17. That is beautiful! You did such a great job. It works so well in your home!

  18. That is gorgeous!! Absolutely beautiful!! What a fabulous job you did!

  19. Fantastic! How I wish I could do something like that. Some see a ripped apart old sofa..and see a ripped apart old sofa! You see a ripped apart old sofa and see a beautiful RED sofa that is absolutely to be envied!

  20. Adore this couch! It looks great no matter where you put it. You did good girl!

  21. thanks for the link, it turned out gorgeous. i love furniture like this, i could have one in every room. the fabric is perfect too. but i love red.

    thanks t

  22. love, love, love the sofa... love the giant gingham checks, it is fabulous! you are amazing... you should see the things i have dragged out of the dump... i think we should be BFF's


  23. Oh I love this style of couch, you did a great job with it:) I like you choice of fabric also.
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. That is a beautiful makeover. I am drooling over it! I want one too!

  25. Courtney, I love that and love the fabric of course! How perfect is that. Thanks for sharing this again.

  26. What a beautiful sofa and it looks so nice in the bedroom, the transformation is perfect.

  27. This is definitely a great find! I've had a great time browsing your blog. Following you :)

  28. Hi! I'm a fairly new follower and I am just going through your old posts, and I have to say I love this transformation! I was wondering if you possibly had a tutorial for how you did this? My hubby and I just bought a fixer, and buying new furniture on a budget is challenging, so I'd love to learn how to do this! You have such a beautiful blog!!! ;)


  29. Recycle,reuse,redecorate,rebuild. Kudos to you on all accounts!