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This table is long and rustic...
elegant and shabby at the same time..
Has 10' length planks of pine for the top
and old crusty black paint on it's legs.
It is beautiful now~ though when we started the re-do...
it didn't look quite like this.

When we started, the table top was warped beyond fixing and the finish was flaking and peeling off. this
While at my friend Sandy's shop - I saw the most gorgeous HUGE farmhouse table...
Long, distressed and so shabby beautiful...
I decided perhaps we should try to salvage part of the table and build a long table with it's frame.

My son Cullan always enjoys a good project, so I showed him
an inspiration picture and we started working.

Cullan hard at work under the framework of the table

We went to the hardware store and bought the wood for the sides-
we needed to extend the current frame from 5' to 8'- we used nice chunky 2x wood.
We also bought several pieces of clear 1 x 10's for the top.
He tinkered, cut and screwed the table frame back together and secured each table leg in place.
Then he added two supports for the middle so the tabletop wouldn't sag or bow too easily.

We placed the pine planks on the frame and tried to get them to line up evenly.
He climbed underneath the top while I held them from moving
and he secured them to the supports and to the frame with wood screws.

Pre-stain but with the new top in place

After all the boards were in place, Cullan and my oldest son Ryan stained
and then sanded the coats of dark walnut stain before applying two coats of polyurethane.

Then they handed it off to me to finish.
I painted the new frame and old legs a fresh coat of navy black and sanded a bit here and there
for some distressing to the finish.

The table looks absolutely AMAZING.
The added length really makes the space under the pergola and the dark stained top
adds a bit of character to the pine.

Cost Breakdown on this one-
Pine Planks for top- $9.00 each - total of $36.00
I had the paint- it is the paint I used for my window boxes and front door.
The 8' 2x4's for the sides were already bought and leftover from another project- so not technically free- they were $2.50 each stick.
I had the stain in the basement because we used it when we refinished our hardwood floors.

The boys did a FANTASTIC job on this and it
worked out perfectly for the dinner party I hosted a couple of weeks later.

This is how the table (and the pergola which was destroyed by the snow! ) looked last summer...
The table has since been painted and it moved into the house for the winter but now that it's warming up
and nearly's heading back outside.

I'll be sharing it's new look next week!

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  1. That is the sexiest table i've ever had the pleasure of seeing.. go Cully!

  2. That's aone gorgeous table! I'd love to have a long outdoor table like this Great job!

  3. That looks gorgeous and it appears it was a labor of love! I love the dark wood! I am visiting from Cottage Instincts


  4. Rockin' beauty. Love that dark stain. Oh how I wish I had a space big enough for such a farm table!

    So glad you could Mi4M :)

  5. Great job! I would love a table like that for my dining room or under a gazebo! Coming over from Cottage Instincts!


  6. Wow!!! I love this!!! And your sons name!! Swoon!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Great job:) You should come to my "Restyle Your World" linky party on Monday...saying goodbye to summertime with a look at our fave summery projects, decorating, art, photography, crafting, etc.


  8. That is an A.Maz.Ing table! Your boys did that?? I really need to start recruiting my boys in some of my projects!

  9. that table is gorgeous!!! The whole setting is amazing. Great jobs to your boys and you!!

  10. Hi Court {mind if I call you Court?},
    I'd like to order me ONE Cullen please. Just ship him out here on the next flight.
    I have seen your table in the past and LOVE it! It is exactly what I'm looking for. Too bad I don't even have a base to work with! Wish me luck. I hope it turns out as great as yours! -denise

  11. wow!!! that is STUNNING. i am so glad you linked this one up as i had not seen it and i am drooling!!! and also, i think a piano does count. :)

  12. I would love to have a party at that table! Perfect!

  13. I like the dark stain and dark legs on this table-- but,I've agreed not to change mine but leave it the lighter tones.
    So-- I get to use a pretty cloth sometimes!

    Your table and setting on the patio looks so inviting,
    enjoyed seeing it,Pat

  14. Oh, so very lovely! I want to come to the party too! ;-)

  15. That's just beautiful ... how great that you could do the work yourselves! The size is fantastic.

  16. Beautiful! What a wonderful piece.

  17. What a wonderful piece AND area to enjoy it. Truly inspiring.


  18. Oh wow - look at this. Saw it at FJI. This is a great way to revive an old post! Great job on the table.

  19. This is really pretty. A wonderful piece for your outside dining.