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Evening In Provence Inspired Dinner

Last night I had several friends over for an Evening in Provence inspired dinner party.

I had several inspired ideas for the party but chose a simple yet elegant theme
I thought of fragrant lavender blooming, good wine, crusty bread and lots of laughter.

On a chalkboard I placed in an
antique frame, I wrote the dinner menu in French
& then downloaded a fantastic album of 100 french songs- it was perfect for the background music (and a great deal for only $11.99!)

I found five little petite lavender plants
and two even tinier little rosemary that were blooming with little blue flowers and draping over the edge of their pots.
The dainty plants in their little clay pots were perfect for a welcoming and warm french countryside feel.

I put a wooden crate out and filled it with wine bottles~
a basket with glasses for the cutlery~
and some of my cake plates and tiered stands for elegance in presentation

In the center of the lavender, a metal Eiffel Tower garden statue stood tall

In the yard, the patio torches were lit and I
placed little candles in glass containers amongst the flowers in the flower beds for a little bit of mood lighting
The chandelier lit the entire pergola area beautifully as well!

All in all, the party was great fun and for dessert we had traditional french pastries-
a gateau with berries and cream and drizzled in chocolate!

Good food, good wine and fun friends
made for a wonderful
Evening in Provence inspired dinner
Can't wait for the next one!


  1. Ooh I love the ginormous eiffel tower and the little plants!!!

  2. How Fun, that must of been, looks like you created exactly that. I lOVe Love the soap- does she sell them? I really like them.. That is whay i love about blogs, so so many creative gals out there- it never ends..
    Ill go check out your market as well.
    a New Follower-Ill check back with ya.