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Here's a little update on the fabulous chunky gesso frame I bought the other day.
I decided to go with my first thought...
A chalkboard.
One of my sons and I made this frame and actually several other frames, into chalkboards.
I love this frames large size and presence- it has tons of character in the gesso details and is so elegant above the french commode in the dining area.

Here's the chalkboard at Christmas.
I love the gold and haven't painted it white~
I love the tarnished vintage glam old gold frames have.

Here's another one we have in the kitchen...

and love this dainty one for tabletop.

Do you have any old frames you are thinking of making into a chalkboard?


  1. I love love love it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How's it going, I love the frame, so beautiful, i have several large frames i will have to do that for my own home..
    Just Loving YOur style.
    Ok so is that you with the Eifel TOwer or a photoshop shot.. TOo Cute...

  3. Hey all-
    Thanks for the comments! It is me with the Eiffel Tower...In my DREAMS!!!! It's actually courtesy of my mac- you can take a picture with a background behind you while you take it- I am actually sitting in my backyard! So I guess it is like photo shop! Love my mac!

  4. That is gorgeous! It looks classy with the gold, and I love the way it looks with the black chalkboard against your white walls.

  5. Hi Courtney...

    So very happy to have you join in with the Sunday Favorites party, my friend! What a great post to revisit...your chalkboard turned out fabulous! I just love the old gesso frames...they are always so detailed and ornate! We recently recieved several of these old frames filled with family photos...some dated back to 1880...what a treasure! Anyway, I love how your chalkboard turned out...what a great idea!!! Thank you again for sharing your sweet project with us...I loved it!

    Warmest Christmas wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design happy to have you as a follower to my blog!

  6. Just fabulous! My favorite is the quote from It's a wonderful favorite Christmas movie. Thanks for linking to the chalkboard party!


  7. Love it! I have a thing for these big framed chalkboards! ;)

  8. Your chalkboard is gorgeous!! I love that fancy frame!