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This door..

full of charm,
painted cottage blue black
trimmed in fluted moulding & with a bold dentil moulding to top it off
Framed by tall green juniper topiaries
and adorned with a red berry grapevine wreath.

This door leads into my French Cottage inspired home.

When we bought our house,
the door that was here was carved with knights, coat of arms -
yes, think medieval-
was splintered and peeling and had long splits in the wood
that allowed rays of sunshine to come through.
It was... interesting... but not so welcoming!

As well, our front door is in a corner
and right next to it on the other wall was a second door that was locked with a padlock.
That is the one you can see in the photo above.
It was a heavy door that was rotting away and had a latch like you would close on a kennel
or storage unit instead of a door handle and lock.

It sat directly next to the door on the other wall.

So you got to the top of the steps
and it was like Alice in Wonderland-

Which door do you open?
My realtor opened the lockbox and found a key to the padlock
and so we unlocked the padlock and hesitantly entered...

Did I mention you needed to use a lot of vision with this house?
more to come...

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  1. Wow, I can't believe the house actually looked like that at one point...and you didn't go running away when you saw it. You've definately turned a crusty house into a beautiful home!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS, i so love your front door- i just painted our Cheap-thin (new) front door black this past winter, and i love it (not as much as yours) but love the black- we dont have an even space on either side of door- but i love LOVE the trees on both sides- that would be my ideal..GREAT picture- cant wait to see more.

  3. Your front door is beautiful! Reading your post is reminding me of the home we just bought! I warn everyone when I show them the photo's that you need to see its potential! Your stories are great and having fun reading throught them this morning :)

  4. I love the black door. So sophisticated.

  5. I'd like my door to be black but it bakes in the sun all I don't think it would be a wise choice. But black doors are my favorite!

  6. Gorgeous!!! Love the topiaries!


  7. I love your black door and the topiaries next to it really make it stand out! So pretty! Thanks for linking up!

  8. Love your black door! Our first home had both a black entry door and garage doors- it was stunning. No one did that way back when, so it was quite unusual. Our current home has a red door and I love it, but seeing yours makes me want to paint!
    ~ Sue

  9. just beautiful!! Loving your topiaries! :)

  10. Courtney, great looking door and entryway. You didn't have to add another link, but I will delete the other one since you asked me to. Thanks so much for joining the party!

  11. Hard to believe now how it looked before! Amazing what hard work and love can do to transform a space or house!! Love the entry now!

  12. Now that is a major transformation. I love it, very classy!

  13. Love that door! You always put the best touches!