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I bought this darling little settee not too long ago.
I went to look at some furniture at this really sweet lady's house and saw this incredible vintage settee sitting there, shabby and forlorn.
My heart revved up a bit as I looked at it and admired the details.
I knew it was a super find!
Aside from it's fantastic petite size and shape, it has this gorgeous carved frame with two birds and an urn in the center.
I ended up buying it as well as the other furniture- she had such AMAZING stuff!

I have had it sitting in my house for about a month waiting to be reupholstered- but haven't had a complete vision yet... and I might be dragging my feet a bit because of
ALL that BUTTON TUFTING!! oh boy...
Other than that...
I love the details on the frame- but not so much the color and finish on it- so I am thinking paint...
and I am leaning towards a more bland upholstery fabric due to the patterned
frame- I don't want the two to compete.

I have a few ideas... but nothing I am set on yet. There are so many creative ones out in blog land-
I thought I would ask if you have some inspiration or ideas!
Thoughts anyone?


  1. Hello there, the settee is a great find. It is very sweet. sandi

  2. Oh My that is a beauty... That is some crazy Tufting.
    I just got a chair and antique sofa tufted that deep as well.
    I just got the (not so deep) tufting, but that is like carved out holes..
    THat is a beauty... A true one of a kind...WHere will you put it?
    I bought 2 one is going in my home, one ill do for the shoppe...
    If your re-doing it, i would just take pictures as i go, that way you can go back and look to see how they did it. That is what i do. But i have not attemped one like that..
    Ill have to post in my sidebar my new sofa for you to see.
    We were driving down the street, and i saw these t2 sofas in the back of a truck- I litterally screamed, my husband about slammed on the breaks...I scared him, But i thought someone already bought them...
    But no... Love the mantel and the frames, love the chain...
    Great finds Your home is beautiful.
    Karryann, ive been so busy lately i havnt been able to visit my fav. blogs...

  3. You are really lucky to find this stuff. And all the lovelies in each blog you do. This is incredible. Is that the rest of the recession? Sorry to ask but when I see these beauties going for a peanut... Sorry for the people who can keep them but happy for you who can buy them!

  4. OMG-I bought a very similar settee at a yard sale. I couldn't find any info online about it. I couldn't even find a picture that resembled it! Here.s what I did with mine-
    The tufting is still under the current fabric. Next time I'll probably use a linen. I'm so excited I found your blog!!