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Shabby French Fabulous!

I stopped off to check out some spaces to rent for my sales I am looking to start up the other day. Lucky for me, there happened to be 2 out of the way antique stores sitting right there BEGGING me to come in!
I oohed and ahhhed over several things, but restrained myself from going crazy with the old furniture and what not. ( I LOVE furniture!!!!!)
But I did buy a little something that I just had to have.
An old antique frame sitting there just talking to me when I walked by.
Measures a HUGE 30x50 and has a thick old gesso frame with lots of appeal!

Chalkboard? Humongo cork board? Fabric or burlap dream or memo board?



  1. You totally need to do a chalk board or put something fabulous in the center. I love it.

  2. Fabulous frame! I would say a chalkboard or an inspiration board.