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I found this darling pair of chairs at Goodwill awhile back-
they were pretty crusty and had stiff old fabric on them-
but they had great lines and exposed wood frames.
I loved the rolled back and the size- nice and dainty and there were a pair!
I LOVE symmetry!
The best thing was the price- they were only $5.00 each.
I started originally taking them apart and was thinking of red toile so I stapled a few pieces on- but didn't love it- I was uninspired for how I wanted to finish them and so left the project for a bit and then got busy with other stuff.
Well, into the shed they went.
Where they sat... and sat... and sat...
Then I found a charming cottage brown floral upholstery fabric at my favorite upholstery fabric store and so
I pulled them out of the shed and started up the re-do.
I left the wood frames in their original finish.
At first I was thinking they are a bit too granny-ish in the fabric choice- but found an inspiration photo in a favorite design book.
The chairs were very similar in lines and style and the fabric was a brown based floral.
Easy for fitting into several different schemes because the background is somewhat neutral.
So I decided to go for it and that the fabric would be perfect...
for now!
I am already thinking of changing it again... aye...

The back is button tufted and the braided gimp trim adds a nice finish along the edges of the wood.
So far I have only gotten one of the chairs done, but will be tackling the second soon.
I am thinking they would look great in the little sitting area in the hall/study area on the way to the master bedroom with a table in between stacked with design books and magazines!

(joining the fun over at Funky Junk Interiors for the SNS!)


  1. ooooh, that chair is fantastique! you are so talented! thanks for visiting my blog, cottage romance and for leaving a comment on my old wicker chair!

  2. good job! nice save on a couple of old chairs!

  3. Girl I love your fun and I also love Victorian antiques...I just became a follower..Hope you have a GREAT weekend my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  4. Oh! What a pretty little thing! LOVE the fabric choice too! This one would have me running up to it for a nice sit! Really lovely.


  5. The chair is fabulous and I really love your fabric choice. I am partial to florals. You did such a great job!


  6. Hello...

    Ohhhh...what beautiful chairs! You sure did get a great deal on them and I love the lines of these pretty chairs! I'm a huge fan of toile but after seeing that gorgeous brown floral fabric, I think you made the right choice! They turned out beautifully!!! Thank you for sharing them with us!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  7. This turned out gorgeous and I love that fabric! I'm having fun visiting your posts. I found you from a comment I saw you left on Kristin's recent blog post.

  8. love the floral. i think id probably do a bit brighter. but... i still like the toile. thanks for sharing. great steal on those babes huh!!!!