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Life with a teenager turned
'My Own Man'
is quite interesting.
My oldest son is about turn 18.
So hard to believe!!
How could I be old enough to have a child that is 18?
When did that happen?

So that tiny baby...
now looks like this.

Since he recently graduated high school and is choosing to pursue his music -which is his passion- instead of going off to college or trade school right away...
He is kind of twiddling his thumbs a bit around here.

I posted earlier about him moving 'out' across the lawn.
He has moved out of the 'house' and into the guest cottage bedroom.
His first place...

When I offer thoughts or advice or instructions on things, he proceeds to tell me...

"Ma...I am my own man now..."

He is very focused on his band and they play shows and actually do get paid... they have been playing while in High School.

But he does need something to do with himself during the day... while the rest of the heavy metal music world sleeps.
A lot of his friends have moved out of the area or are in school and his girlfriend Kim is a senior in H.S. this year- so no one is available to do stuff with.

He is doing yard stuff for work but nothing really regular yet and has started applying for local jobs.
He has been doing a great job, working for hours at trimming, shaping and cleaning up all the plants in our yard.
Cullan commented the other day that our yard is going to look like Disneyland soon~ with topiary animals, elaborate shapes & not a leaf out of place.

He seems to be pretty bored...

He and Cullan used to jam together ( Cullan is a drummer and Ryan a guitarist)
and work out together all summer
but Cullan went back to school last week (10th grade!)
and since then,

Ryan has been a bit discombobulated...

My husband and I were talking about heading to Costco the other day and he perked up immediately upon hearing the plans the night before.

"Costco? SICK! (lingo for 'awesome') So, What time are we leaving?"

My husband and I raised our eyebrows up right away... he wants to be around us?

'Probably about 8 after dropping Ansley off at school." I replied.

Now, know that usually, this musician sleeps until 10...
he was up and ready to go at 7:30!

After a day of shopping, and all those delicious samples,
we headed out on the 40 minute drive home.

On the way, he fell asleep in the backseat of the car.
His head all leaned over on his shoulder
and a little bit of a snore.
I told my husband to look at him...
It was just like when he was 2 years old and he would poop out
and sleep in his car seat.
His little curls and chubby cheeks~
Just precious!!

We laughed about it later that evening and about
how he asked what time we were going on our walk in the morning...
He actually wants to go with us!
Love it !

We know it's not because we are his favorite people to 'chill' with,
but it is different from the teenage years for sure when just sight of us was aggravating.
So about 10:30 that evening, he came into the house, made himself a sandwich and
stopped at our bedroom door and stood there for a minute...

"So, uh, guys...
What are we doing tomorrow?"

Life with a teenager turned into 'My Own Man'.


  1. I LOVE IT! That was a great post! Especially when he fell asleep in the back like when he was a toddler. What a wonderful thing that you are making it through the teenage years with your boys still wanting to be around you and that you are making the transition from parents to friends (not that you ever really stop being parents)! Its encouraging to those of us with little ones!
    Oh, and I love your sons names!

  2. Ahhhhh, a wonderful post. I also have 2 sons, my eldest just turned 29 and the youngest (still at home) is 22. It's wonderful that your son wants to pursue his music career and you're supportive of it! It's a very tough and competitive business. My eldest is also in a band as a drummer. Their 'paid gigs' don't pay the bills and all the band members have alternative careers. Good luck to your son and you (with adjusting to him living across the lawn) lol!

  3. So cute to read this story. I am sending my Colin who will turn 19 to college (second yr) to a school farther away then his freshman yr which is practically in our back yard. So now I won't see him until holidays. so it is a funny time when the boys turn into men and how their mommys handle it. i think he likes hanging out with you!!

  4. I love this story!! I LOVE that he wants to hang out with you guys. Don't let him read this, LOL!
    I LOVE the shot with him sleeping! And he is one handsome guy! I'm glad he's pursuing his dream, good for him! :)

  5. I just stopped by from FJI and I have to tell you how much I just love this post!! It is super sweet and made me want to cry. My boys are 6 and soon to be 5 in a few months. They are growing up sooo very fast and I know that they soon will be their very own man as well. I love the back seat pic!!

  6. Great post, makes me want to hug and kiss my little ones even more.

  7. LOL! I loved this post!
    How great that he is also working and not just sitting around when he's not playing with the band; shows character!
    I remember when my kids were out of the teen years and actually starting liking me again!!!

  8. Here I am thousands of miles from you on the other side of the world and smiling tears.

    Yes, they do grow up fast, however our children will ALWAYS be our babies. My children are 29, 34 and 35. Two of them of married. How I long to have a grandchild. Maybe one day.

    I read the post where your son built the table. I love the table and your son is so cool to do this.

    Right now, my 34 year old son lives with us due to...well, actually panic attacks. Girlfriends don't seem to understand when a grown man has trouble going a block from our home. I pray for him every day and hope that things will get better.

    However, right now, in our new home, he is making a little money painting, installing trim I could not afford the builder to do and other things. I am so proud of the work he has done. I of kind of pressing for him to start making a few pieces of furniture for me.

    Your post was absolutely wonderful.

  9. What a sweet post! Sounds like you dug a deep well for him in your relationship so he really likes to hang out with the two of you...even at Costco. Love how he stopped by your room to see what was up for the next day. Hope you have had a great summer!