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As I left for the hardware store this morning to pick up some paint (super sale at True Value btw- buy one get one free in paint!!) I saw a big 'YARD SALE' sign at the end of our road...
oh boy...

well, you know I had to go.

Last time these neighbors had a yard sale I found the most delightful vintage stuff! They have several barns on their property and the property has been in the family for years... you know what that means ~ lots of great antique stuff hidden away!

This sale did not disappoint this time either!

I found some darling little bits -
a vintage flower frog,
little crystal deviled egg tray (Cullan is the deviled egg KING!)
a sweet little porcelain open weave basket for the bathroom (Japan)
and a white enameled cast iron bisquit tray (Ireland)

I also found a couple of darling antique baby sweaters to put on my antique dolls & saw several really neat old metal toolboxes and wooden bins, that I am thinking about going back up to get- They are open all weekend- so may be pulling more stuff out!

But the best find of the day was this~

A GORGEOUS antique jacket!

Oh my!!
I am not one who usually is drawn towards these,
but this black little jacket is so incredibly beautiful!
The flowers and butterflies-
Gorgeous details everywhere you look-
right down to the beautiful lining!
Even the sleeves and back are covered with designs.

Reminds me of chinoiserie patterns on furniture and china

I don't know if that is writing or a stain on the inside and it appears to be hand sewn.
I also found another kimono robe that had dragons on it-
but this floral one -
oh so beautiful!

My neighbor pulled these out of the boxes in the attic.
They were her mothers and are antique-
She said they had them stored for probably about 50 years.

I seriously know nothing about jackets like this or Kimono robes & I have no idea what I will do with it... if any one has any thoughts or info please share.
For now it is on the mannequin.
So different from my normal finds... but I love it!
The total cost for all the items- $5.00.

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  1. ~*~*Such a beautiful find Courtney!~*~Really is a piece of art~*~*Have a wonderful weekend,Rachel~*~

  2. gee, does it fit you? I would totally wear this with a pair of jeans! So beautiful. Its hard to display a kimono because it can overtake a room with an asian flavor. I love the artwork of the embroidery and pinks with the black are a great combination. I know someone who has one displayed on a cathedral ceilinged room wall. It is on a rod...but it does go to the direction of asian art in design...putting it on a mannequin has got to be a good way to display it. "She" could stand in the bathroom or a hallway!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog and it is completely lovely!!! What a great great find, I had a friend bring me back a Kimono from asia on his visit there, but vintage is so much better and the detail is exquisite!

    I am your newest follower!


  4. Hi Courtney: Wow ... what a sale you attended! All those treasures for $5.00. The kimono is stunning and the colours are so vivid against the black background. I don't know much about them so can't offer any information but as French at Heart said, it certainly is a piece of art! Gorgeous find. So ... what are you painting?????
    Signed: Curious in Canada (Lisa)

  5. I can't believe you got so many things for $5.00...lucky you! And that kimono is gorgeous.

    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend :)

  6. What a beautiful find!! The yard sale sounds wonderful! Love when I hit one that is fantastic! :)
    ps- I agree with Amy, I would wear it with jeans!!

  7. Wow! I so wish I had those kind of yard sales going on here! I would totally wear that kimono if it fits and is in good condition! It would also be beautiful folded into a shadow box or in a huge frame on the wall??? Whatever you end up doing will be gorgeous!

  8. What a pretty pretty...I think I'd hang it to admire or like Vanessa said..a shadow box. I have a white smoking jacket that my brother who was in the Navy in Japan gave my late husband.

  9. If you look closely at French design and decor you'll see Asian influence everywhere. During one specific era(which one I cannot remember:/) the French began trade with the Asias. During that time when they were exposed to a whole new world of beauty. Things like Cherry Blossoms, the blue China amongst zillions of other things began to be incorporated into the Old World French Decor. So it's really not surprising you'd be drawn to a pattern on a kimono- you've always liked those elements used in French but probably like myself had never realized that weren't truly French. That's not to say you'll go crazy with the modern influence of decor styles that are heavily influenced by the Orient. lol... I don't really see you having a platform bed. Me neither for that matter. lol

    Your kimono is could wear it, display it, or just treasure it. They can be quite valueable as far as antiquities go.


  10. Beautiful! The detail and the colors are stunning. When Maddie and Tony traveled from S. Korea thier foster parents sent along Han Bok's for them and use. The detail is beautiful. I have thought about framing one and hanging it on the wall as art. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  11. I don't think it is actually a kimono, because it is Chinese rather than Japanese. As far as I know, kimono don't use the frog closures like yours has. But it is lovely, nevertheless and a great find.

  12. Wowsers! I think Lisa might be right! I looked up Chinese silk jackets on google and they had that type of closure! Kimonos are more like the other one that I bought with this one (the one with the dragons) where they seem to just kind of fold. How neat! I knew there would be someone out there who knew about these types of things! A little bit of info from a fellow blogger~ Thanks Lisa! :)

  13. Oh how pretty!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Wow, Those are beauties and for $5.00, the fabric is worth more than that. They will look great on a mannequin, or you could really have some unusual projects going with the fabric alone! Great find! Great deal!

  15. Oh, my! How lucky you must feel! These finds are magnificent... the kimono is a work of art.
    :) mercedes

  16. Absolutely gorgeous! There is a woman somewhere out here...that she collects these jackets. Let me just say you Scored on the price...oh and it is so pretty. Thanks for joining me, Enjoy the weekend. Debbie

  17. Wow! You did great! That jacket is just stunning -- I'm feeling a little envious.