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This week, I finally started pulling some fall things out
even though the weather is more like August or July
than the chilly nights of Autumn.

I usually don't decorate too much for fall-
but this year I feel more inclined to do a bit more.

Maybe it's blogging and all the inspiration I am finding out there
or that we are planning a Halloween party-
so I feel like doing more than usual.

I was trying to find something Harvesty and Halloweeny to put
on the mantle in the living room.
It was hard for me to take down my favorite oil painting of roses,
I love it so much...
but alas, I did.
Trying to come up with somewhat french but a tad bit frightening items
to put up there wasn't easy!
But in the corner of the room
I spied something frenchy and a wee bit freaky
-according to the kids and pretty much everyone else...

This old molded mannequin.
and so I thought....
Why not?

(I found it at a thrift store wearing an old bathing suit-
I left the suit for them to sell and took the 'creepy' body.)

I added a chippy old window from a flea market,
some pumpkins and black birds and the white berry garlands.
I left those huge candelabras because they kind of remind me of the
Haunted Mansion at Disneyland
and thought they worked for the whole frenchy but frightening theme.

Not sure I am loving it...
I usually have to tweak things a bit before I am happy...
so I'll share the finished product next week!


  1. Your mantel looks great. I Love your pumpkins.and yes, the mannequin is spooky. lol Hugs, Marty

  2. It all looks so fabulous Courtney. A real combination of Autumn & Halloween. I'm going to put something together and link up with your party!
    ~ Lisa ~

  3. Happy to join in on your party tonight! Your mantle looks so pretty. Cute pumpkins!

  4. Your mantle looks fabulous...and creepy. I can't believe they sold you the mannequin, I've asked at every thrift store and none of them will sell me one. It looks very "frenchy creepy"
    Happy Fall ~

  5. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! Your blog is so beautiful and inspiring and thanks for hosting the party!!

  6. Thanks for hosting the party today. I think you have the most beautiful Halloween decor I have seen, I am not sure beautiful and Halloween go together, but you made it happen!

  7. Thanks for stopping by! I linked up and became your newest follower :) Hope you will come back again sometime! Thanks for the party!

  8. Hi Courtney! Oh your mantle looks good...nice and creepy ;)

  9. AHHH! Your button is GORGEOUS! Great job! And your fall decor is just beautiful...I felt like I was looking at photos in a magazine! Are those green pumpkins made of moss? They are so unique!
    Love it all!
    I'm trying to decide what to link up this week! I'll be back! :-)

  10. I think it is fantastic. I always break away from my home's decorating theme for the holidays and we love Halloween, although now there is plenty of purple out there for Halloween too.

    Just beautiful.

  11. Thank you for inviting me today and stopping by my blog! your kind words mean a lot! Thanks for hosting

  12. Hi Courtney - J'adore your fall decor on your mantel. Especially the mannequin and the old window!!! I love it!!! I've been looking for inspirations out there for neutral white colors coz I'm not a big fan of orange either, and voila, here you are, my inspiration. I've joined your party again this week!

  13. Your Fall decor is looking great!! :) hugs,Rachel

  14. Love your fall vignettes and thanks for the comments and invite.

  15. I love your fireplace vignette, it looks scary and very pretty at the same time.
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. Thank you for the invitation. Your items look elegantly spooky. :)

  17. Thanks for the fun party!

    Happy October!


  18. Great photos, everything looks wonderful!

  19. Thanks for hosting! I love these parties!!! Your mantle looks really good...I love the vintage window frame, and the dress form! So very chic! It's hard to change up things when you love what's already there! Well done!


  20. I think it looks pretty. I like the window with the wreath on it...I still have a bunch of windows that I got when I did the conservatory project. I want to try the mirror spray paint...did you ever do that to an old window? Hope all is well Courtney!

  21. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by the Craftberry bush.....being the new kid on the 'blog' is sometimes a little confusing...but comments like yours give me encouragement........thanks again...I'm your newest fan.....:o) much love. Lucy

  22. Decided to join the party and make new friends! Hello. I came from your other blog. Glad to be here. Off to meet your decorating.

  23. Hi Courtney, I've linked to your party. Thank you so much for the wonderful hostessing.

  24. LOVE the pumpkins. Everything is beautiful!

  25. What beautiful fall decor!!!

    I followed you over from the Paying it Forward series at It's an Average Life and am now your newest follower! Beautiful blog!!

  26. Great fall decorations! I love the black birds and grapevine and white pumpkins... lots of fun!
    Have a great week!
    ~ Jo :)

  27. Oooh! How fabulously creepy *and* stylish. Great job.