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Flea Finds

Today my good friend Lydia and I
went to one of our
favorite little flea markets!

It comes twice a year and we always look forward to going even though
we usually don't find too much great stuff or fabulous finds.

We more go to wander around and shop and chat.
We bring along our girls and peruse the rows- searching for something fabulous to cart home with us.
(or at least a barbie hot -tub for Lydia's daughter Eva or some treasures for the older girls!)

Last time when we went in June
I found these beautiful candelabras laying in a huge bin at an antique dealers space.
I have bought from him previously~ and he has shopped my yard sales. He has one of the spaces I always look forward to peeking in.

These candelabras are substantial!! They are sooo heavy
and one had a couple of broken arms though the pieces were there.
The guy said he broke them while transporting that morning.

It bothered me, but I guess not enough to not bargain with the guy and bring them home!

They are really tall- measuring probably over 2' tall
and there are two ladies on each of them and green marble or stone at the base.

They sit on four dainty feet and have just loads of details on them.
I had considered purchasing some big candelabras at Home Goods one time a couple years ago- though, I didn't want to pay $80 each for brand new ones.
So I kept my eye out, finding smaller ones here and there but nothing so interesting or the right price to get me to jump on it.

The candelabras have very similar lines to a fire screen I have
( I was told was art nouveau)
so thinking maybe they are art nouveau?

They really are a gorgeous pair for the mantle or the table!

(I did fix them with jb weld and they are holding candles just fine in case anybody has metal products that have broken)

So, yesterday at the flea market- we didn't really find much

I picked up some architectural salvage pieces that were off an old piano or organ.
There are two and they are each a side - with carved details and pieces.
Kind of hard to explain.
I just kept thinking about possibilities for them.

I have seen so many great pieces of one thing that was ruined or thrown away
become something new -
that sometimes I just get inspired.

I was thinking above a mantle or sideboard with a mirror or something in between or even as detailed shutters or something.
They are about 4' tall and maybe 2- 2 1/2' wide each.
I'll add a pic in here soon to show you - maybe you have some inspired ideas as well.

Possibly, they might be one of those...

"What was I thinking?"

I'll let you know when I get a chance to look at them more closely!


  1. Your candelabras are really quite beautiful! I adore all the details -they're very intricate. I can't believe they stand 4 feet tall. Those are substantial pieces. They must 'command' attention. Very nice!

  2. I think they will make a beautiful statement! xo

  3. Those are gorgeous and I can't wait to see what you end up doing with all of those projects you described! I'm always blown away by your talent!

  4. HI,


  5. Hi Courtney, The candelabras are gorgeous! You will have to show us where you placed them.
    xo, Sherry