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When we bought our house- there were two doors right kitty corner to each other. One was padlocked, one was a regular lock.

The padlocked door opened into the kitchen.

The room was dark, grooved knotty pine walls, dull flooring, little natural light.
but I instantly loved the tall original cabinets that stretched to the ceiling and could envision a french cottage kitchen.

Worn, crusty linoleum covered the floor- in marbled brown with green trim details.
A stove, with an upper oven and around a strange jut out
corner, was a small fridge next to the hallway that led to the bedrooms.

There was a hole in the wall next to the stove where an old pipe used to run out and up through the attic and a weird couple of wires dangled from the middle of the wall.
There were red lucite hexagon knobs on the cupboards which were really charming.

The ceiling was unfinished... again...!
All the ceilings in this house were unfinished or missing as it seems the owners were replacing them.
In process, the crown moulding was removed, leaving the wall boards stopping near the ceiling and about an inch short of it.

Then there was this incredibly lovely fan.
I am not a 'fan' of fans in general but definitely am not liking them in the kitchen-
especially when they look like this!
Hanging from the pull string on the fan was a not so charming plastic beer bottle.

(Now...had it been a wine bottle, it might have been acceptable! :-) jk!)

But... I could see past all the yuck.
I saw the original painted cabinets and charming details including
a shelf above the sink that curved graciously and matched the sides of the cabinets.
I saw a large space, room for an island and plenty of cupboards for storing everything.
Tall ceilings and great old wood walls that would be gorgeous covered in a creamy paint.


So the work began.
The linoleum floor became hardwood once again and is now finished in a rich java color.

The 70's tile counters were out and my husband put new granite countertops in their place-

Both windows were replaced, enlarged width wise as well as height wise and bumped out to make them into garden windows with extra deep sills for placing potted plants and what not on.
Right now, I have lavender and rosemary by the sink.

The knotty pine walls were coated in shabby paint and I made a wainscot for the bottom third out of door skims and trim.

The fridge moved, the hall was closed and a wine rack and set of cupboards went in it's place.

The stove moved to where the old hallway was and my husband built an arched hood out of plywood for me. I stuccoed it and then we put a 'mantle' shelf on it.

Four large drawers on one side of the sink were taken out and made into shelves with baskets.
I store garlic, onions, potatoes and squash in them.
They were trimmed in fluted trims and rosettes.
Four drawers on the other side of the sink were removed for a dishwasher to go in.

We put beaded board panels up on the ceilings- most everywhere in the house.
The first round of ceilings we held the panels up with our heads (OUCH!) while pounding the nails by hand...
then my dad brought up a nail gun when he came to visit ...
Wow!! What a difference that makes!! We haven't been without one since!
We discovered we gained another inch by pressing the ceiling up to secure it to the frame and added crown moulding to the room as well as the top of the cabinets.

The ooh so lovely fan was replaced with a beautiful chandelier found at a consignment store
and the second matching chandelier was put in recently!

We found the second chandelier at a different thrift store probably 2 years after finding the first. They are both the same vintage 1960's chandelier-one was missing some of the crystals, though.

I am loving the two chandeliers up together!
They light up the space beautifully and the dimmer is fantastic!
The kids love that we can make it look like the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland just by moving the switch.

An upper cabinet on each end of the original cupboards got a new look by removing their doors, exposing the shelving and adding arched detailing at the tops.


They work perfectly for displaying my red and white transfer ware.
I added in some flea market find silver- and pieces of the Gainsborough china collection.
The creamy color of the Gainsborough really works well with the red and the new shades of white paint in the kitchen.

Where the old hallway was that led to the bedrooms and another bathroom, there are cupboards and stove area.

The sign reads
'Set another place at the table'.
My Husband is Italian- so gotta have some Italy love in the house!

The old original banks of cupboards- tall, stately and simply detailed.

The ends have little curves, there is a built in shelf above the sink

The base cupboards are old original as well.
The drawers drive me crazy- no slides and no room to add them in
the counters are not standard depth to fit todays appliances.

I found a few stair balusters that we are going to cut in half to frame around the stove to help it to 'fit' better.
Such are old cupboards in a modern world.

Originally the hall was a laundry/what not area on the way to that oh so lovely bathroom
I showed in a previous post.
You can see it here if you missed it.

There were doors leading to the laundry area as well as the living room.
The doors were removed and the doorways became openings.

The boys helped drop one of the newer added cupboards down so that it matched the height of the originals more and create a little display area at the top.
They built the box for the top, cut the arch, and then added the new faux side to hide the two sections.

(Ryan hard at work)

It came out beautifully!

It's not near finished yet...we have a few things that are on the list...
remove the light fixture above the sink, fix the old vent in front of the sink, etc.
The kitchen transformation has been coming and going for awhile-
every now and then I get another idea, or another thought
that should come into play and drive my husband crazy.

Hey, nothing is ever really 'done' in a decorators house, right?


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  1. What a transformation!! I love everything you did Courtney! The white is so stylish and chic and I love all the detail. Nicely done!


  2. Courtney - your kitchen reno is quite spectacular. And again, your son(s) are right in there like dirty shirts. What great guys they are. Okay, the beer bottle hanging from your ceiling fan is too funny! It must have been a bachelor pad at one time. What's amazing is the ability you possessed to see the potential in this home. Not everybody has that gift and sometimes can't even see past a bad paint job. But this transformation is way beyond a bad paint job. It's taking an ugly duckling and turning it into a beautiful swan. When I look at various posts on your blog and see what you've done, it seriously makes me want to run out and purchase a fixer-upper. You wouldn't believe the homes I now look at. You must look around and be so proud of what you've accomplished with this home. LOVE IT!

  3. Ummmmm....can I move in? Oh my goodness your kitchen is so gorgeous! That is too funny about the beer bottle hanging from the fan! You guys have done such an amazing job and I think you need to submit that to a magazine or something! Better Homes and Gardens does that Before and After page. It is a true showstopper! I can't believe you found the matching chandy and it looks so perfect. Seriously great job!

  4. I just love your kitchen redo! It is so gorgeous. I love the hutch filled with beautiful dishes. and all the signs are fantastic.The chandeliers are beautiful.....Kathy

  5. Holy cow that was a lot of work. What a fabulous transformation! I especially love the bead board on the ceiling. It all looks so fresh and clean and lovely all painted out. The cabinets are so great with their curvy ends. I love the open cabinets too. Well done!

  6. Tres bonne! (that's a little of the French I remember from high school!) ;)
    love the red. Very elegant and homey at the same time!♥
    by the way, I thought I'd signed up to follow you a couple weeks ago, but I guess it didn't go through, or something! Following now :)

  7. This is Fantastic! I love love love that country french style...everything is done is such great taste. Thanks so much for joining me, it was great to see this transformation, and so very inspiring.

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  15. Fantastic transformation! Your kitchen is gorgeous!

  16. Courtney, I am lovin the two chandys, lovin the beadboard, the floral curtains...its a french kitchen to be proud of! YOu are soooooooooo right when you say as a decorator one is never done! We can change a paint color LATER, and enjooy the new changes until we get that urge.

  17. Your kitchen is just WONDERFUL! I love every single detail that you added! I absolutely LOVE your pops of red and think they are just the right punch of color in your gorgeous french kitchen!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! I have been dying to see it! :)

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  27. Wow-you've done a lot of work-but it paid off!

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