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Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday no.6!!

I spent several hours last night lost in a world from long ago ..
A tale of two whom deeply loved the other.
A poet, a dashing soldier & a beautiful woman.
The poet dressed in a large feathered hat so as to hide the glaring ugliness he saw on his face...
which he felt made him unlovable to any woman, but especially the one who captured his heart.

Cyrano de Bergerac

The story was touching, the music was beautiful,
& the performance was amazing !
The best part-
Cyrano was played by none other than
Placido Domingo!!
One of the renowned 3 Tenors!
It was absolutely incredible to experience seeing a true legend in Opera
singing and performing right before us!
Such a wonderful evening at the San Francisco Opera!

I know Opera is not for everyone...
They say that opera is something you either love or you hate...
you are passionate in how you feel either way...
I just Love it!

I wore this dress- #1 for those of you who were voting!

(But have to admit, I brought along another one in case I changed my mind!)
I changed about 5 minutes later but Honey was halfway to the car by then...
What?! Put a suit on and be done?

We are taking my daughter & sister with us to Madama Butterfly in a couple of weeks- one of my absolute favorites!
I'll let you know if they enjoy it
gasp!... hate it!

I know this post has nothing to do with decorating or feathering my nest today!!!


OKAY!!Let's get back to decorating and on to the party!!!

I want to say thank you to everyone who joined in last week and shared their amazing projects, decorating and rooms!!! Such incredible posts and I so appreciate all of you taking the time to link up and say hello!

Here are just a few I took some inspiration from-

Becca at Adventures in Decorating has a gorgeous dining space that she redecorated-
I love the shelves and new colors!

Tricia over at A Rosy Note always shares the most gorgeous vignettes! This wreath is sooo beautiful!

Amy at Maison Decor shared her completely gorgeous rug and room~ just drool worthy!!

Time for you to share your decorating projects, inspirations, flea finds, remodels, etc. etc. etc.!!

Anything related to feathering your nest that you would like!

Can be a NEW post or an OLD post - doesn't matter- just what you would like to share this week.
Linky opens Thursday around 5:00 pm and is open until Sunday around 5:00 pm.

Not too many rules...

~I would just love it if you would become a French Country Cottage follower if you aren't already!!!

~Remember to link up your post that you are sharing- not your blogs main page. Just click on the title of your post and then copy that page link to share- and make sure your post is already published when you link up.

~ Please, make sure to link back to my blog - add it to your post- so others can find all the links and the fun &
grab one of my new buttons if you would like!

~Go visit the other participants and gather up more inspiration

Remember, it's a party!! Have fun!
Let's get the party started!!!


  1. Sounds like a fun evening out and you looked beautiful.

  2. Oh I have never been but I know I would LOVE it! I have always wanted to see The Phantom of the Opera. One day....:)

    You looked gorgeous! Thank you for hosting a great linky party Courtney. ~Melissa

  3. Hi Courtney! Ooooh...I LOVE Cyrano! So romantic! But...the longest death scene in theater history! lol I haven't seen it as an opera. I'll bet it was wonderful! You look pretty! Happy weekend...hugs...Debbie

  4. I have never been to the opera but would love to go someday. You looked really beautiful! I'm glad you had a great night!

  5. Looks like you had an amazing night. I have about 4 of those little black dresses. You can never have too many black dresses or shoes, right?! :) You looked beautiful! I've never been to the Opera... I'll have to go!

    Great choices from last weeks linky party! Checking those out...

    This is my first time sharing on your site. Thanks for hosting and have a great evening.


  6. What a wonderful evening and you looked beautiful! I have never been to an Opera but would love to go. I love Broadway and I think that Operas would be just a amazing!

  7. Wow, you look gorgeous! What a great looking couple out on the town. This is my first time to join in. Thanks for hosting. I'll join in again. I've added myself as a new follower. ~ Sarah

  8. Hi Courtney, Sounds like you had a great time and you look lovely. Thanks for hosting.
    xo, Sherry

  9. Sounds like a fantastic evening was had!!
    Linking up this week!

    bee blessed

  10. OH My You made me smile, I was just telling my hubby, i Hvnt blogged or visited around lately, ive been so busy- and i so so Miss my blogging friends. ANd then when I was doing that sofa, i was thinking of your sofa you redid in (i think red check) ANd then here you were visiting my blog..

    Made my day..

  11. Well, I love opera, and I have always LOVED Placido Domingo!! I think he is conducting Madama Butterfly in Washington this spring. I loved opera from the time I was a child despite growing up in Bluegrass country! We took the girls to their first one, "Romeo et Juliet" when they were 6 and 8. And Madama Butterfly is probably my favorite opera. So I am with you all the way there! And you looked fabulous!!

  12. Courtney! You look BEAUTIFUL in either dress!! So glad you had fun! My dad used to take us to opera and broadway shows...miss that! How fun! Thanks for hosting and I enjoyed the feature blogs, as well!! Christie at Three Pixie lane

  13. Hi Courtney! You look gorgeous in your dress! It sounds like you had so much fun. I've never been to the opera...maybe someday! Thank you so much for highlighting my rosy wreath up above...that makes my feel so special. ♥

  14. It sounds like a fabulous night and you look beautiful...truly!!


  15. Courtney, you looked gorgeous!!! What a fabulous evening you guys had! Thanks so much for hosting another great party and for linking up to mine. I can't wait to hop around visiting everyone! :-)

  16. I love both dresses and you looked fabulous!!! It sounds like so much fun, even though I have never had the opportunity to go to the opera. To hear Placido Domingo in person, though, magnificent! Thanks for hosting "Feathered Nest Friday" - how have I been missing this?!?!?!

    Have a great weekend!

  17. Thank you fro hosting Courtney.

    I hope just putting a Lace Flower Tutorial on here is OK.
    I thought maybe some would like to make them to decorate with or add to things.


    barbara jean

  18. Hello, Courtney -- I just became a Follower and I linked up to your Friday party! Thank you!
    Best regards,
    P.S. You looked lovely going to the Opera! What a wonderful night out you must have had.

  19. Courtney, as a former French teacher, I used to show and teach the movie Cyrano and my kids always loved it. The end was so tragic and tedious, but so very French! Linda

  20. Hi, Courtney. You guys look great! You are just gorgeous. I love your opera story and last weeks favs. Have a great day and thanks for hosting.

    Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

  21. Hi Courtney ~ Wow ... you guys were dressed to kill and it sounds as though your evening was simply superb! I, like many others, have never been to the opera but suspect it would be right up my alley! I have another busy random weekend planned but I'm hoping to be able to get something together to link up to your party! Otherwise, you have yourself a terrific Halloween Weekend!

  22. oh you look gorgeous and the hubby's not to shabby either!!! I love the theater, so I am jealous! :)

  23. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comments. I jumped over to check out your blog and joined your party and became a follower!! Love your blog.

  24. Greetings to my 100th follower and another big THANK YOU! I just love your blog.
    Sounds like you had such a wonderful time at the opera. I've never been, maybe one of these days. Yeah, the guys don't ever worry about what suit to wear and they never seem to go out of style. You look great and hope your daughter and sister enjoy the experience.

  25. You look beautiful! I've always wanted to go to the opera ... I'm envious. And, THANK YOU so much for featuring my dining room re-do! I'm truly flattered and appreciative of such a kind gesture! Have a great day, *Becca*

  26. I just became your 250th follower!!!
    Always love your posts

  27. I have that book and really enjoy looking at the pages over and over.

    Thanks for the Friday Feathered Nest Friday posting I really enjoy these