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I was out and about yesterday in search of some vintagey Halloween decor.
We have several pretty good thrift stores in our area- so I decided to stop in at a couple of them and see what was out there. Unfortunately, I didn't find hardly any Halloween decor at all, and the costume selection was not much better!

But...the junking day was not a waste...
when I walked in to another thrift store
I found this lovely chair sitting forlorn in the corner
staring at me.

I knew instantly it was a find- but had to checkout the frame and wiggle it to make sure it was good... and check the price they were asking!
They were surprisingly asking only $35
Okay, so I was definitely interested at that price.
Already, I imagined different upholstery and ran through my mind
with a couple of fabrics that I knew I had in the armoire at home.
The frame was sturdy & I loved the deep carved details.

The flowers are gorgeous and though it has really dainty lines,
this is a nice sized chair.
Might not be vintage - I don't know- but I love it anyway!!
The seat needs a bit of new batting or something,
so I figured why not ask if they would go less.
To my surprise,
they dropped it to $20.

It is marked Italy on the frame underneath.
So, here's the dilemma...
the finish is in good condition...
good news, bad news...
originally I was thinking I wanted a frenchy chair to paint and shabby up,
but this one almost has too good a finish to paint.
So not sure what to do yet...

I also found this fabulous little old cardboard suitcase sitting on the floor.

Gorgeous vintage yellow color and red stripe details!!!
It is shabby~ shabby, shows wear, has had the handle fixed, and believe it or not-
has no bottom -there is just the inside lining!
it just is so darn cute!

So a couple of new inspiration pieces to add to the loooong list of projects I have!
Any thoughts on the finish on the chair?

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  1. I'm with you, I'm not sure I'd paint this one.

    I mean, it would be beautiful all shabbied out too...but is nice as is too. And would look beautiful in your home either way. Tough call!

    LOL...I guess I was no help was I! ;)

  2. I have a rule, if it has a nice finish, wood color is medium, and is classic in style.....I don't touch it. Finding a piece of furniture to paint is easy, but, finding a piece of furniture at that price in good condition is a rare find. Cover it and call it good...I mean call it beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Decgal

  3. Hi Courtney - love your vintage finds! I was just working on a wooden headboard for my son's room. I was going to paint it but hubby said the natural wood was beautiful. I thought about it and agreed and simply freshened up the stain. It turned out beautifully. My point being that sometimes things are better left alone. The chair is gorgeous as is ... I would just change out the fabric! LOVE the vintage suitcase, especially with those fab. red stripes!

  4. It is a beautiful chair! Maybe just leave it for now and recover it with a shabby fabric, then, if you don't truly love it, paint it!

    Love the suitcase too!! Great finds!

  5. I love the chair, and the suitcase. You had a really good day....Kathy

  6. I love it too!!~ Both items are very neat. I do not think I would paint that chair...try new fabric first, that can make all the difference alone.

  7. What great finds! Maybe you should think about where you want to place the chair and what the surrounding furniture is like, that might make you lean in one direction or another. But, covering it in a different fabric might give it a completely different look too. I love the little suitcase :)

  8. I think since the chair came home with you for a song of $20 it is completely fair game to do anything you want with it. If you had a vision of the chair in a shabby style then I bet you a dollar that if you don't do anything to it, it won't take long for you to reconsider going with your gut instinct and grab the paint brush and glaze.

  9. Love the chair, and what a steal of a price. I definitley wouldn't paint this one. Just some new upholstery and love it. The suitcase is great too. Great finds. Hugs, Marty

  10. Hi Courtney! Oh, I don't know...I feel torn about the chair! I probably wouldn't paint it because I would not know how to transform it like you can! It is so gorgeous as it is and with new fabric it will be even better. Maybe living with it for awhile will help you decide! Let me know what you end up doing with that suitcase because I have a couple I need to give some new life!
    P.S. Looking forward to the party! :-)

  11. I redid a chair like this a couple of weeks ago and love the way it turned out... Go check it out on my blog. May help you decide....

  12. Funny how shopping takes a twist sometimes. I love the chair. I say you sleep on it. The details and the carving are so pretty. I like it stained dark. Maybe just new fabric? Love the suitcase and understand why you could not leave (or live) without it. lol Can't wait to see where it ends up.

  13. Hi Courtney! Thanks for coming by Blueskies.
    Yep. You sure got a deal on the chair-and the suitcase!!!
    Your decision is a tough one. Is most of the furniture in your house painted? Would you like a "new" look with this original finish? You could make it stand out the way it is with some beautiful fabric...yikes!! Good luck.

  14. Thanks so much for joining me:) I loved seeing it all again.

  15. Great finds! I think the chair looks great, looking forward to seeing any changes you make!

  16. Wow. That chair for $20.00 is the find of the year! I've bought things with the sole purpose of painting them in mind and after I get them home and live with them I change my mind and don't want to lose the wood look. I think with that chair you can go either way and not make a mistake.

  17. I just found your blog and WOW! I'm speechless (well, almost)! You obviously don't need anyone's advice, but since you asked, I wouldn't paint the chair. How about different coordinating fabrics on the seat and back?