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So today I decorated a bit for Halloween in the little
sitting room.
I have the old antique iron fireplace set
set up in there and it was perfect for adding a bit of spookiness to.

We are having a 'SPOOKY HALLOWEEN' party this year...
so before you think I am nuts and have lost my marbles...
I am going for scary for a few areas.
Not my usual Halloween decor.
Apologize in advance for the DARK photos!

I saw this really spooky idea in a magazine to fill a baby buggy
with ghoulish things...
I just so happened to have an antique black doll buggy
displayed on top of my closet in my bedroom

So I took it down and creeped it up.
I added placed burlap in the buggy and filled it with creepy bits from the dollar store,
one of my antique dolls
(not creepy to me but she fit and she is one of the 'scarier' ones I have)
glittery skulls and a bit of spider web.

A cement head planter from outside came in from outside
and found a spot on the mantel
next to the black/green feather tree.

A stack of old books holds an antique clock &
berry garland covers the mantels edge.

The little cloche is filled with little skeleton heads
Two little white pumpkins
and a cement dog statue stands watch.

A couple of blackbirds on the doll buggy...

and two delightful warty pumpkins at the base of the stool.

Just a bit of creepy Halloween decorating.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Sorry if I scared you!


  1. Now this is downright scary creepy!! The doll in the buggy...ugh! I like how you don't have fake spiders and plastic gimmicks...this is straight out of a horror film! Thanks! ;-D


  2. Looks good and creepy. Sorry Courtney, but that doll does a lot for the spookiness.

  3. That head just is so spooky! I felt like he was looking right at me in each photo! Great decorations and the dolls in the baby stroller are creepy. You did good :)

  4. It's just the right blend of spooky and creepy! Fantastic job....very original and a great use of items that you already had. Gotta love that!

  5. Courtney ... everything looks spooky and creepy ~ really scary. And I have to agree with Tricia, your doll is very ghoulish and will be floating around your house tonight (lol)! My husband is so afraid of antique dolls! Great job ... I'm now going to share your pictures with him! He probably won't sleep tonight (lol). Take care ~ hugs.

  6. Ha!! Too funny! I guess I have to put a disclaimer in there!!
    "Might frighten husbands!!"
    I am trying to spook it up this year for the party- but I admit, kinda creeps me out... I don't know if it will even stay up until Halloween! LOL!

  7. I love it! Very eerie and mysterious. Why is it dolls freak people? I love them.

  8. definitely creepy!!! are you going to be able to look at the baby buggy and doll the same way again??! LOL!
    Loving your new banner and button! :)

  9. I love, love, LOVE it. Very spooky and really well done!!

  10. Another cool Halloween vignette Courtney. BTW, I finally had a chance to answer your tag questions and featured you on my post today. Also, I'm having a gift raffle for my upcoming blogger-versary. Hope you can join.

  11. Courtney! When I saw your thumbnail photo come up on my blog roll I thought...YIKES! That black and white photo looks like something out of an old movie! :-) My husband would totally FREAK OUT seeing that doll in the carriage! We have some antique dolls in my daughter's closet and I don't think we will ever be able to display them...he says the eyes follow him around the room! :-) This will all be perfect for your party!