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Okay, here's what I found around the corner at the flea market...
THE Queen
of All things Shabby and Chic
Rachel Ashwell!

Sooooo excited!!!

She was shopping in a booth, purchasing a chair from a vendor-
a sweet little wooden chair with a thick fish net seat- see bottom pic.

She was there at the flea market do a book signing so I had brought along my book for her to sign- so glad I did because they didn't have any available when we got there!
When we found out that she would be attending a flea market when we were going to be in the Central Coast area we were just so excited!

I have to tell you.
She is just everything you would think she would be.
She is gracious and kind and so, so sweet!
She offered a warm friendly smile immediately and chatted with me
(love her accent!) while signing my book.

She stood with me for a few pictures and you can see,
I am clearly BEYOND excited in these photos!
I know, there have been many out there who have met her before
but to me...
to meet one of my design and personal idols is so amazing!
She is a huge inspiration to me!

Though my decorating style definitely includes
bold reds and rich wood patina- maybe more traditional,
I always have chippy painted shabby pieces in my house,
beautiful shabby inspired linens
and meaningful 'bits'.

Shabby Chic has influenced so many things.
I remember when we purchased our 'cottage'...
I knew the wood plank walls would be beautiful painted white...
the old cupboards had character....
the house had all the elements of being a warm shabby cottage home
even if it was tattered and worn.

I have perused her books for inspiration over & over and have always found it.
As well as her style, I have admired Rachel Ashwell as a person
and all that she has accomplished and become.

She is truly the Queen of shabby chic and it was such an honor to meet her!


  1. You lucky gal! I have all of her books-they're tattered and worn from reading them so much but I have been so inspired by them for years. I wish I could snap my fingers and my home would instantly look like one of her pages!

  2. That is so very cool! Not at all what I was expecting. You are GLOWING in the photos. What an exciting day!
    ~ Lisa ~

  3. How fun!! I love her books and her inspirations! You can definitely tell how excited you are!! I love it!

  4. That is so cool! Glad you got to meet her. She is the QUEEN! LOL
    I am a new follower!

  5. What an awesome moment for you Courtney! She's one of my all time fave designer too, and she looks really sweet. And you my dear are gorgeous!

  6. Courtney I am sooo jealous of you getting to meet shabby queen Rachel! WOW how cool is that? She seems like she would be super sweet...who else could conjure up a style that is so romantic and welcoming except a sweetheart like Rachel? You look over the moon! Very cool...I have a book of hers too and still love looking at her images.

  7. Priceless!! Someday, someone's going to have shaky hands and heart palpitations at the thought of getting your autograph!!! Love you!

  8. How fun Courtney! What a neat experience! Thanks for sharing it with us...we can live vicariously through you! :-)

  9. BE STILL MY HEART!!! I LOVE HER............A LOT! lol

  10. I have a little suggestion Courtney: I think you should add one of those pics of you and Rachel on your sidebar. YOu look so pretty! The first pic I see is of your son...there are none of you, so I think you should move him down a scooch and put yourself with or without Rachel right up top.

  11. How exciting, I would probably freeze and not know what to say, lol, but I am glad to hear she is so sweet, since we all love her so
    much (;

  12. What luck! So happy for you. So kind of her to pose for pics.

  13. How fantastic! I am so glad you had your camera and she was nice enough to pose with you. Courtney, You are just gorgeous!

  14. Congrats! That is just awesome! It is so nice to hear that she is sweet in person! She does have a great style and an inspiration to so many!!

  15. How lucky girl! So great that you got a picture with her :)

  16. How lucky are you!! OH!YES! LOVE her style with all of my heart!
    have a pretty day!

  17. ~~*That is so awesome Courtney!!! Im so happy for you~*~* Hugs, Rachel Ps.I tagged you in my post im posting in about an hour!!! ;)~**~*

  18. That is sooo super cool Courtney!!

  19. How fun to meet her! I am in love with her and her designs too!!

    Great post!