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Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday No. 7!

The weather here has been incredibly beautiful the past couple of days- near 80 degrees! LOVE IT!!
It has inspired me to get outside and enjoy the fall colors, do some projects
and also got me thinking about some of my plants.

I have three ornamental cabbages or kale that have been decorating one of my window boxes for the fall.

I brought those in and placed them in little Italian clay pots.

I also brought in the two lavenders that sit in crusty frenchy urns
just outside one of the french doors.

Added in some silver on the wall next to the menu chalkboard.
I am loving the soft sagey colors that mingle together.
(that one plate looks just doesn't want to hang correctly and makes it look unbalanced!)

ThenI decided maybe I needed some color in there.

I added the two green mossy topiary trees and the ruby red pomegranate topiaries

I love the red color- it adds a nice warmth to the sideboard.
The weathered look of the beautiful angel statues ties in perfectly with the
shabby faded paint on the antique dresser.

I also put up a few vintage pictures on the wall today...what I would really like are a scattering of beautiful tole trays on this you can tell
I am searching for something to display there until I find all those beauties!

What do you think?
I'll let you know which look I go with-
it could be completely different all together in another day!!

On to Feathered Nest Friday!!!

First off, I want to say
Thank you, thank you, thank you
to all of you who joined in last week!
Such fantastic talent and ideas out there!
I so enjoy visiting your blogs and seeing what you have been up to!
Here are a few that stood out for me from last week

Michelle over at Emerald Cove
shared this absolutely darling white feather tree that she made!!!
I just love topiaries and this one is beautiful!
Lisa at Fern Creek Cottage shared her little green pumpkins and gourds-
I really love the one with the sage in the urn!!
Sonya at Beyond the Screen Door shared her incredible pillow-
made from a burlap look fabric and TONS of bits of fabric. Wow!

Thank you so much to all the party-goers for sharing your fantastic inspirations!!
Can't wait to see what you bring this week!!


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Remember, it's a party!! Have fun!
Link away!!!


  1. I love the vignettes you created! Very tuscan, italiana, very pretty! Love the herbs in the pots. Thanks so much for such a nice link party, tami

  2. Oh your lavender is heavenly!! I am so jealous it grows so well for you. It doesn't grow that well here. Your arrangement is just lovely. Thanks for hosting.


  3. Hi, Courtney! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! for featuring my pillow!
    My first choice was the vintage pictures but then I went back and took another look and I think I like the silver trays best! Love this vignette! Especially the chalkboard.

  4. Hi Courtney, Gorgeous vignette!! I love the decorated cabinet and the crusty urns. Everything is perfect! Thanks for hosting.

  5. Hi Courtney! I love the lavender in those wonderful urns! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  6. I like the display with the old silver trays best. The lavender is gorgeous! The entire vignette has a real vintage Tuscan look... ahhh!

    Great selections from last weeks party! So much little time :)

    Thanks for hosting!


  7. Courtney, I love the vignette you created. Gorgeous!

  8. Courtney, I SERIOUSLY love the juxtaposition of the gorgeous ornate cabinet with the rustic tones of the pots and other accessories! My vote is for the silver trays! Where did you find those pomegranate topiaries? Did you make them? I want them! :-)

  9. Gorgeous vignette!! I love how all the outdoor elements look inside! The lavender is stunning in those fabulous urns and the silver is the crowning touch. Beautiful, Courtney!


  10. Hi Courtney! I love looking at your pots and urns on that fabulous sideboard! The signs and blackboard just bring it all together for the Euro look I love. My favorite arrangement is the one with the silver, and without the extra topiaries. I love joining your party Jacqueline!

  11. Thanks so much for having me today. I am so happy to be joining in for the first time.

    I have been "stalking" your blog for a while so am now a happy new follower too!

    Best wishes,

  12. I just love your sideboard and how you put it all together! Really stunning. Thanks for hosting once again! :)

  13. You've got such a talent for arranging things beautifully. I love what you've done here. IT looks lovely.

    Thank you for hosting.


  14. Great vignette. I like the kales in the pots. They have such great color. The whole vignette looks lovely though!

  15. Your whole decorative design is fabulous and that sideboard is to die for! Everything looks wonderful.

  16. Morning Courtney ~ First of all, I cannot believe the weather you're getting there! We've had frost a cuple of nights this week and even some snow flurries last Sunday. It amazes me the different climates we each live in! I love your vignette and I love how you've shown us how it evolved! I know you like 'playing' so it could further evolve! Congratulations on your 7th linky party ... and their success. Although I'm not great at joining the party, I do ALWAYS visit the participants! Have a wonderful weekend. xox

  17. P.S. ~ Please excuse my typo above (cuple should read couple)! Yikes! I have tried since yesterday to leave you a comment and blogger has not been cooperating! I rushed my 7th comment attempt and yeah, it went but I didn't check my spelling!

  18. Courtney great sideboard vignette! So perfect, but I know what you mean that it could be different in one day. I have the same disease as you do! lol

  19. Courtney, came over to say Hi and what do you know, you're having a party - so had to link up and get in on the fun. :=) Love what you've done with your cabbages and rosemary. It is gorgeous! I love the very first one and then you keep adding and they keep getting better and better! Thanks for the ideas!

  20. Wow, where have you been? I just discovered you from Confessions of a Plate Addict! You have such a lovely blog, and I'm your newest follower. I think I might join your party too.
    I love your table top vignette, your moss and pomegranate topiaries are wonderful. ~Delores

  21. I love the lavendar, the cabbages and the topiaries. I have not seen pomegranate topiaries before...the red is a great addition. This just looks gorgeous now. It is perfection!

  22. I love your arrangement, it is beautiful! The red is perfect and really makes things pop! Thank you so much for featuring my tree!!! It is snowing here now so I am even more in the mood for Christmas now! :)

  23. Love every vignette you've put together! The lavender one is my favorite tho.
    Just beautiful!

  24. Thank you for hosting Courtney! You are so sweet and your party is wonderful.

    Happy weekend! ~Melissa :)

  25. This is the first time for me joining your party. I love your decor, and don't prefer one way or another, I love it all:) Thanks for having me!

  26. Love the potted herbs on the sideboard; beautiful! Does lavender overwinter for you indoors? I managed to overwinter rosemary last year, but then it died when I returned it outside in May!

    So pretty .. thanks for sharing, and hosting.
    Best wishes, Cass

  27. Thanks for hosting....Your pictures are inspirational as always... :)

  28. Thanks for your comment. I linked up to your party today. I will take it as a compliment that you think my daughter's wall is wallpapered. I stenciled it two weeks ago. Here is the link to the post where I explained how I did it.

  29. Hi Courtney! So happy to be linking up today. I love your sideboard vignettes...they are both sooo pretty. Since I love lavender, I would probably go with that one. Have a nice weekend :)

  30. Hi Courtney, I love the one with the paintings. :0) actually I love them all!

  31. Oh, my.... what a gorgeous vignette. Your chest is to DIE for, too! Glad to have found your blog. By the way, thanks for visiting mine and thanks for hosting the party.

  32. Thanks for stopping by for a visit today! I like you entry for the Feathered Nest Friday! Have a great weekend!

  33. Thank you so much for featuring me!! So sweet of you!! I wish I had a project to link up tonight, but unfortunatly all I've been doing is cleaning out closets this week. Maybe next week. :)

  34. Love those pomegranate topiaries and your weathered angels. It all looks very beautiful! Just found your blog today and have linked to your party. Thanks for hosting.

  35. Hi, Courtney,
    Thank you for stopping by my place enjoying recycled holiday gifting.

    NOW...I have to tell you I love the vintage trays and pottery plate look with the cement topiary urn look! I was instantly drawn to that look, not other chioce compares or measures up to the design wall.

    It shows history, authentic and speaks volumes.
    It will wow your guest and holiday entertaining, unique with all attention to your focal space.

    I can't wait to see what you decide on or changes you may make to it.

    Well Courtney, you know my choice :)

    Have a creative weekend.

  36. I like the vignettes you have created! I joined in on the party and also put us as one of your new followers. Thank's for hosting this weekend....Julian

  37. What a beautiful vignette, Courtney... so very European! I love that sign above your chalkboard, but it's all so fabulous!
    Have a great day!
    Jo :)

  38. Courtney, I have to say that you have an outstanding party:)

  39. Oh...just read your comment that your Dad had a vintage stove he wants you to come look at. I was just thinking...if my Dad were alive...he'd probably say..."Lets go look at that stove". I know there are a lot of places that refurbish those old stoves and make them work as good as new or better...I don't know that there is any place around here that does it. And I certainly don't know about converting to propane. I'd make a few calls around town to see if it's possible and then decide if you need the stove. I can tell you...I'm almost tempted to get out my exiting built in, put the stove in place whether it works or not.

    I use like one burner on my existing stove and use the oven about twice a year. So really...I could survive with a big beautiful non working stove and just cook in the microwave if I absolutely had to.

    But that is just too I'm just going to try to not think about that stove any more.

  40. Oh...I'm disappointed that I missed last weeks party somehow....hope to hit the next one.