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Down a sandy, bumpy road,
an old weathered cottage with silver shingles & shabby blue painted shutters
sits and waits for the weary travelers to visit.

There is lots of sand, surf and fun to be had
and every cottage has a view of the ocean.

On the porch,
is a shabby old willow basket filled with faded hydrangeas
that were cut from the garden...

a fisherman's old chippy wire basket
filled with creamy white seashells collected on lazy day walks
& a few little starfish & white pumpkins too...

A twig wreath covered in berries and weathered vines
welcomes you in and invites you
to stay awhile & make yourself at home.

Welcome to the Seaside Resort!
Between all the running around we did this weekend and all the rain,
I didn't get too much done...
but decided it was time to get working on some of those projects that I have been neglecting.

Remember these?

These are the old piano side pieces I found at a flea market and they have been
patiently waiting to be painted and shabbied up...
I loved their curves and details and envisioned them on the sides of a mirror or as shutters or who knows... I just knew I liked them!
I also knew when I bought them that I would paint them-
the finish was bubbled and uneven and they were talking shabby to me from the start.

Once the rain took a break for a bit,
I got out my paintbrush and painted them a mis-tint gray
thinking weathered, worn, bleached...
The color I painted them is gray...
and they did look gray-
But when it started raining again,
I brought them in the house,
and they looked blue.

I will probably be layering a white paint on them as well but for now
I was kind of inspired by the blue...
It made me think of a charming little beach cottage,
blue sunny skies
the sounds of the ocean...
warm sand in between my toes & the salty sea breeze in my hair...

So I gathered up some of my beachy inspired bits
& put together a quick vignette atop one of the fireplaces.

I think I am ready for a warm beach cottage weekend !

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  1. I love it Courtney... completely imaginative of you! Gorgeous!

  2. What an unusual and beautiful find! I love what you did with them!

  3. Courtney, I love what you did, I adore sea shells, and coastal vibes. The Piano sides are genious!

  4. GORGEOUS! Courtney, those look so amazing and it was so fun to remember when you first discovered them! I thought maybe you really had gone away to some beachy vacation spot when I first started reading this post. :-)
    Fabulous job my friend,

  5. Oh my goodness those are gorgeous!!!! What amazing finds and what an amazing transformation!!
    I love, love, love it with your beachy items!!

  6. Vanessa said it, Gorgeous! I love the change, this is all so beautiful!

  7. Courtney, I love how you are using these pieces and the color you painted them. They are absolutely gorgeous! The wreath, sign and all your beachy stuff is fabulous. I Love it all.
    Hugs, Sherry

  8. I thought you had taken us to a resort, too! You did a fantastic job with the pieces, I love them and the color is really pretty! The shade will probably be different in all different light.

    Wonderfully done!


  9. What an unusual find and what you did with them, even better! This looks like it was torn out of a magazine. Beautiful! I wouldn't change the color at t'all.

  10. What a lovely post and blog....I am so glad I found you!!! All the best,Chrissy

  11. I would wet my pants if anything this cool ever turned up in my town! LOVE what you have done with those!

  12. Beautiful! I love the mix of beach & pumpkins!

  13. Lovely lovely lovely! Love the wreaths and flowers, too!

  14. Those doors are beautiful! Love the blue and it looks great with your decor!

  15. I thought you were going to tell us about some wonderful little trip you tricky girl ;) Your piano sides turned out great!

  16. I love it all! Have a lovely week...

    Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

  17. Sigh...

    I think that is the most gorgeous treasure I have seen in, well, forever!!

    You did an amazing job, just love it!!

  18. So very creative and imaginative you are! Who would have thought to do that with piano pieces?? wowsers! I love how it looks...They would have made nice saloon doors too!

  19. Your "piano sides" are just exquisite! I love your decor surrounding it.....shells are a favorite of mine! Thank you for sharing!

  20. I love what you did! It looks so gorgeous.I love the blue.


  21. Such talent. That transformation is amazing. Beautiful.

  22. You amaze me! This is stunning!!!
    Thanks for linking up! Hope your day is wonderful:)

  23. Courtney, I love those....what a great way to repurpose those two pieces. They are just the kind of unusual pieces that literally MAKE any room they are in. Wonderful! xo Lidy

  24. STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING!!! What more can I say??? I LOVE how this turned out and the colour is so perfect! And then you put together a gorgeous vignette ~ you are so talented Courtney! Hugs!

  25. Your vignettes are always so inspiring and beautiful!
    What happens if you make your pictures bigger?
    I'd love to see them bigger!!
    Would you like some dried hydrangeas?
    I weighed the box and got an amt.
    If you are ready, email me :)
    Hugs, sweet lady!

  26. Love it Courtney! You did a fab job on it! It is beautiful!

  27. Oh that looks so nice Courtney! You really did a nice job!

  28. Courtney, that looks wonderful. I love the color you used and the added sign and wreath makes it so cottagey! Thanks for sharing this at my party!

  29. Oooo, how pretty! Who would have thought about using the piano sides like you did! They look wonderful and I like the color!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  30. Hi Courtney! I'm your newest follower and am just loving your blog! Your style is just scrumptious and I adore it! You are my newest addiction, girl! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  31. The finished project is perfect. I love that it looks kind of blue, being that blue is my favorite color. I enjoyed your post.

  32. Wow.. they look great! Great find. Love the shape--they look nice end to end too!

  33. Gorgeous inspiration here!!

  34. Don't you hate it when colours change when you move the item into a different room? I think it's the sign of a good colour though.

    They look pretty gorgeous from here. It's a very gentle kind of blue. In fact, the more I look at it the more I love it!


  35. Good Morning My Dear friend...Girl those panels are to die 4 awesome...WOW!! I would have fought you for those girl ha ha!! Looks just beautiful my friend as everything you do...I hope all is well on your piece of Ca. been wet here and cold on my side of the mountain...Many things I'm getting done since taking a blog break..Just got a faux fireplace for my bedroom sitting area...Oh girl I'm so loving it ha ha!! Took a ton of pictures already ha ha!! It took Len and I over 2 hours to put the dang thing together and him fogging up the air the whole time ha ha!! Oh the things I go through around this house...Hugs and smiles from your biggest fan Gl♥ria

  36. Love your story dialogue! I happen to think the blue does look a bit gray, but adds interest to the space. You're right: the blue of the sky... Always inviting and pleasurable to look at. The sky on a cloudy, stormy day. In a little cottage by the sea. Love it!

  37. What an amazing thing you have done with those! As always your pictures are gorgeous!

    Take care,

  38. What a wonderful treasure..end they came to the perfect place, didn't they?

  39. Love those piano pieces! The color is wonderful! I have never seen anything like that for sale. What a great find!
    ~ Julie

  40. Wow, what you did with theose piano things is inspirational. Really beautiful.

  41. Hello My Inspiring Friend, Love those pictures... Love how you post them as well. Such Style you have..

  42. Oh, I love all your pictures!
    They are just wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing!

  43. Oh my goodness, those are beautiful. I thought this was a place you stayed on your trip down the coast, then I thought those wonderful piano sides were doors....but created a masterpiece here. Fabulous job!!
    Hugs, Betsy

  44. Courtney - I love what you did with these! It looks so good. Great job!!!

  45. Wow, now that's creative!!! What a beautiful job you've done ; ) Stacey

  46. This is just brilliant! I would never have thought to use those pieces that way. They look so pretty, and your vignettes on and around this creation are wonderful. I love it! laurie

  47. This turned out beautifully...and your photos are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  48. How beautiful! I just love beach cottages. You definitely got me all excited for spring, when we take our annual vacation to the beach. :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far.

  49. those are so neat! love the blue on them- so pretty and yes, beachy!

  50. Just found your site and I am absolutely dazzled. Love your style!

  51. wow, beautiful. Have a wonderful Holiday.

  52. what a wonderful blog you have here, it all looks absolutely fantastic and very inspirational.

  53. Beautiful photos! I love what you did with the old piano sides...just gorgeous. So nice to find your lovely blog!

  54. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for linking up to our blog hop!

  55. Happy Thanksgiving! Beautiful photographs. Thanks for linking in to the Mortal Muse blog hop!

  56. I love what you did with those pieces! Those curves are just wonderful and the color is fantastic. Glad you figured out the blog hop :)

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  58. I've never seen anything like this! Seriously stunning! Those piano pieces are totally amazing and what you've done to them even more. :)

    Featured you on SNS #58's sidebar this weekend. :)


  59. Gosh I love this. This would make a great headboard too. Very pretty. I love the color.

  60. mmmmm love that grey color! I have that SAME seaside resort sign (even though I live nowhere near the sea (unless a REALLY big lake counts?) - I can dream of being by the sea though! What a wonderful display put together just right.

  61. I LOVE it! I can't ever find cool big wood pieces! Lucky girl.

  62. Gorgeous! Love the use of the piano sides. Very unique and beautiful.

  63. Wow, beautiful. So classy and antique-y! Love it!

  64. Love how these turned out. Great idea putting them together. You are correct the shape is wonderful.

    Elizabeth Ann

  65. Love your style! The piano pieces are beautiful even if they are blue.

  66. I love your shabby piano piece redo! And I love anything beachy of course, you have a really great knack for decorating and I love your blog. Thank you joining Masterpiece Monday. Mary :O)

  67. Hi Courtney, I love your decorating style and your piano pieces, they're precious! I just wanted to let you know that I featured them this week on my "Top 10 Fav Picks" at Boogieboard Cottage. Have a great weekend! Mary :O)

  68. that is an amazing piece- I's fall in love and scoop it up too! thanks for linking this and coming to my party! :)

  69. Courtney you are the clever one. I loved this project then, and I love it even more now. Those shutters are awesome.