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Shabby. Faded. French.

I love this wardrobe armoire.
I love it's worn finish
Creamy, soft colors & it's elegant french lines.

Old paint in a gorgeous shabby creamy white
and pale french blue.

Carved, curvy legs chipped so much that the bare wood shows through quite a bit
and the old patina... rubbed and distressed from real use & wear through the years
not from sandpaper and sweat.

I found this armoire several years ago in an antique store while looking for
something to hide the television in.

Meandering around the store, there were so many armoires.
Each one was beautiful- and perfectly restored or finished.

Which meant that nothing was talking to me~
I wanted painted, shabby & loved.

I went to the back of the store where they unload and tinker with pieces and found
a large (nearly 9' long!) wardrobe armoire with no doors on it.

Stately & elegant & painted & shabby.

and Perfect.

I caught my breath as I reached out to touch all it's details...
Carved shells, dainty scrolls , french drops in each corner, a gorgeous apron
and thick carved moulding on top.

The doors were at the store owners home
where she was in process of custom painting a design that she had drawn on them-
mimicking a high end armoire in a magazine.
Fortunately, she had not gotten too far yet and she brought them over for me.

Though the doors were covered with drawings,
I loved the very simple but elegant look they had and knew
a fresh coat of paint would fix it.

While repainting to cover the drawings,
the paint I was painting over started streaking away with the brush,
so I grabbed a cloth and rubbed the paint off and then stepped back
and looked at the original enamel finish that was coming through
in all it's faded blue and white gilded glory.


The more I rubbed the later paint off, the more of the original finish was uncovered,
the more in love I was!


The gilded details coming out have required some chipping of the paint to reveal them, not done with that,
but the doors are the back to the original finish.
This armoire now sits to one side in our bedroom
holding lots of finds, fabrics, quilts
and books.

I am leaning towards a faded, soft, shabby Frenchy feel in the bedroom at the moment...
More natural, less color, more serene...

Several baskets and bins of faded
pink & cream hydrangeas,
bleached rustic wood crates, shabby urns and an antique birdcage
sit atop the armoire.

I love the juxtaposition of the elegant and the more rustic in this room~
the dark wood finishes mixed with the chipped paints.

Perfect Faded French Elegance.

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  1. Courtney! Your armoire is stunning...and so is your bedroom. I love the ceilings. Wow. Can you give us a tour of your bedroom?

    You truly did an amazing job painting it :D

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous Courtney! I cannot get over the size of it and all of the wonderful details. What a great treasure and so perfect to be owned by someone who lovingly restored and appreciates it. I'm thinking you may need to give us a tour of your home this year room by room so we can all droll over the loveliness! :-)

  3. Courtney it's beautiful. It really makes a statement too, so French, and I love the vintage feel. You did a great job on the paint job. And lots of storage too;)

  4. Courtney, that is beautiful and perfect!!! I love it too and am slightly jealous, but more so happy that you have it!!!

  5. Amaaaaazing piece of furniture, Courtney. Seriously amazing! Very chic - very French - and very beautiful! :)

    xoxo laurie

  6. Its gorgeous... a treasure that will bring you joy fro years to come:)

  7. Gorgeous... comes to mind! It's so perfect in your space. Love the calm colors and all the detail! Can't wait to see the changes you're making! xx

  8. What a beauty! so happy for you! I love how you've dressed the top!

  9. Oh that gorgeous. I love how it is so huge. Do you have it in your bedroom? I remember that ceiling from another post. Love that too :)

  10. Yes that is a treasure. I love it too Courtney! Wish I could rip our my closets and have this beauty instead.

  11. That is such a stunning statement piece! It's breathtaking and I'm sure your heart goes pitter-patter every time you walk in the room.

  12. What a beautiful piece Courtney! I need to take you shopping with me since you always find such wonderful goodies!

  13. This is a gorgeous piece, Courtney. You did good.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. It's so pretty, so you!
    The color is perfect what a perfect spot for a tv!

  15. love it! i gave you an award!

  16. Gorgeous, I love how soft the colors are. Beautiful.

  17. Absolutely tres magnifique! What a stunning addition to your bedroom, you lucky girl :)
    Thanks for your inspiration.

  18. Hi Courtney,
    I just love, love your pretty it is. I get the feeling we have a lot in common. I have a degree in Interior Design and getting ready to open a little boutique of my own. Your blog is wonderful, I'm so happy I found it tonight. If you get the time please stop by my blog and visit, I am planning a big give away in just a few days.. I will be by often to visit.

  19. hello, beautiful! i wish i had a bedroom that could fit a piece like that- it is gorgeous!!! instead i think my bedroom can fit in there. :)

  20. What a find indeed! How wonderful that she had the doors! Just gorgeous.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight!

  21. Wow! I have never seen anything like that before. It is stunning! You did a great job retoring it, looks amazing!

  22. Lucky you, finding something that suits your style so PERFECTLY! You must have felt like floating all the way home after finding it!!


  23. Thanks, Courtney for linking this up this week!

  24. What a wonderful surprise, finding the original finish! That shade of delicate blue is so very French and perfect.

  25. Really beautiful. I love the soft blue on the doors and the overall effect. It is so feminine and romantic.

  26. Gorgeous! My bedroom armoire is on my to do list! Thanks for the inspiration, Courtney!

  27. What a treasure! I so love the dainty scrolls on such a large armoire. And the color is perfect!

  28. Hey lady! Just coming back by to say thanks for linking this up to the Party this week!

  29. Wow, this is fabulous!! Love the colors and that shabby French feel! Thanks so much for linking up!

  30. That is one GORGEOUS armoire! You did a fabulous job with the finish. Its so perfect in its space.

  31. What an awesome find Courtney! I love the simplicity of the color with all that scrolling detail. Your bedroom must be huge to be able to fit that in! Love the ceilings too.

  32. scrumptious! What a wonderful find and the faded blue is just perfect. I found you today via Frenchy's page! -diane

  33. This is a jewel of a piece! I have been looking for the right thing to hide the TV in that will work in my very French living room. This would be perfect, so I will keep my eye out for something similar around!
    I found you through Frenchy...I'm your newest follower!
    --Lee Ann

  34. Thank you so much for linking up ! This is gorgeous !