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When Bella heard there was a pet party going on...
she decided she had to join in!

She was even thinking of throwing a little 'Kibble Party' and invite the rascals...
but the rascals just wanted to go for their walk,
They were not so sure about sitting all prim and proper for a 'Kibble Tea"
Since Bella was pooped out anyway,
she decided to just share a few pictures with you today.

You have met Miss Bella before...
she hosted a tea party in the forest during the summer last year-
entertaining is one of those things she loves to do...

when she's not sunbathing at the beach or napping...
(even on my handbag in the car -lol! the girl's got style!!)

Miss Aubrey, the weimeraner & Mr. Otey the weimaraner/...?
... uhh...yeah...

Well, let's just say his dad 'stopped' by one day for a little visit with Aubrey
and we haven't seen him since.

(Here's a favorite pic of Aubrey when she was a puppy sleeping with my daughter.)

The big dogs love to go on walks-
it's one of their favorite things to do and they are wild and crazy big dogs!

Bella is not too crazy, she just loves to bark ,
chase the kitty and she loves to visit with her cousin Mickey Moo.

Cousin Mickey comes to visit and stay with us when his family goes out of town every year.
They have so much fun playing and swiping chewies from each other!

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!
Spot of tea anyone?


  1. Look at your little bunch of cuties! So many people are posting about their animals today...I love seeing all the pictures :)

  2. Hi have some gorgeous pets there...and quite a diversity too. Miss Bella has the cutest expression on her face, It really does look like she has an announcement to make. Thanks so much for sharing your loves with the party.

  3. Bellsy looks so adorable in all of these..(and so do Aubs and Otey). I read that email you sent me about the "bean" and that was so cute too! I hope you're having a fabby day, i'll call and be more chatty tomorrow!! Love you!

  4. oh your dogs are wonderful! Bella is beautiful, Mickey looks like my Krumpet.

    lovely post...


  5. SOOOOO excited ... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I've just sent you an email!

  6. What a cute all those "babies". Congrats to Lisa too~ xxoo Diana

  7. Bella is precious! My daughter has two Chi's and one is named Bella. So sweet!!

  8. What a great bunch you have! I really love that shot with your daughter. How sweet with Aubrey. I love when they cuddle up with the kids.

  9. I'm loving all the family pet posts, today! You have a sweet furry family. They steal your heart! Cute pic of Miss Aubrey and your daughter!

    Congrats to Lisa!

    Hope you had a good weekend, Courtney!


  10. Puppies! I love dogs. My Westie, Bonnie, is spoiled rotten, and she deserved it! :D Your pets are adorable, Courtney :D I love it that Miss Bella likes to ride shotgun while you run errands. Too, too cute!

  11. Congratulations Lisa!
    I LOVE Bella, what an adorable furbaby and the rest are cuties too!~;-)

  12. Too cute my Dear friend... I just love me some fur babies..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria
    ps I post my sitting room if you want to see it..

  13. Your fur babies are sooooo cute! Miss Bella is really good at posing -she should model more!

  14. Your crew is too cute, and it is obvious Miss Bella is in charge! Love the pics Courtney!

  15. Your pics are so sweet!

    The link to your lates post "Weathered and Worn" is not working. There is an error message.

  16. They are just adorable Courtney! I love Bella sunbathing! How fun!