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What's been inspiring me this week?
The weather!!
Glorious, beautiful spring like weather right in the midst of January
I am loving it!!

I have a bunch of projects twirling around in my head that want to get done...
but I have been playing this week and enjoying the warm sunshine.
But I did put together a little vignette on the mantle in my bedroom to share today.

That chippy, shabby old mirror I shared before is a
perfect for the backdrop of pieces of old silver.
It's worn and tattered & the old wavy silvered mirror is aged to perfection.

I love vintage, tarnished and shabby silver pieces ~
there's just something about the old look that darkened silver has that brings so much warmth.
Though, sometimes I love it all dark and sometimes I love
it all polished and pretty too!

I grouped a few of my silver pieces together on the mantle with a
flea find silver champagne bucket filled with a few of those delightful hydrangea blooms...
and added a couple of dainty berry topiaries in clay urns on the sides.

I just love the look of old vintage silver & collect pieces as I find them.

Mixed & matched & grouped all together
they are just beautiful!


Last week there were so many beautiful projects, rooms and creations that were shared at
Feathered Nest Friday!
Here are a few that stood out for me.

Beautiful Nest shared this galvanized vintage window ~
I love this look and the window is perfect!
Can't Stop Making Things shared these absolutely adorable little vignette boxes
made from old drawers. Darling.

All Things Home shared a rustic door headboard for her bed-
love that she kept the knob on there too!
Elle at Switcheroom created a fantastic light out of a shell screen and fan~
So creative and beautiful!!
Reloved Rubbish stenciled this galvanized bucket and look how charming it is!
I love this simple idea and how this came out!
If you were featured- feel free to grab a feature button off my sidebar

Thank you so much to all of you who joined in and shared last week!
There are so many creative, talented and inspiring people out here~
I enjoy visiting you and seeing what you are up to!


Share your decorating, flea finds, designs, etc.

Anything related to feathering your nest!

Link up an old post or a new post, doesn't matter-
just share what you would like to share this week!

I would LOVE it if you would become
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Go out and mingle!
Visit the other party goers
Show them some love.
Meet new friends and get some new inspiration for
Feathering your Nest!!

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  1. Beautiful silver. Wish I had more of that. Lovely features. The sewing machine drawers are too cute.

  2. I love to leave the silver tarnished too. You have some beautiful pieces!

  3. Wonderful silver collection. We will have spring type weather here this weekend. Yay!

  4. Thank You for sharing your collection of vintage silver. It is beautiful to look at. And Thank You for hosting this evening...........Julian

  5. I love the silver too, Courtney! Tarnished, dinged, dented, I'll take it! Love your collection. Thank you for hosting us again this week! Such great inspiration.
    Cheers, Andrea

  6. What a silver collection -- thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting!!!

  7. Such pretty silver pieces! I am so weird because I like polishing silver *giggles* But I have a few pieces that are tarnished still and I like that look for winter. I wish I could find some affordable silver champagne buckets. I have always wanted one!

    A verra lovely post, lass :D

    Ricki Jill

  8. I like that stenciled bucket/tub! What a wonderful idea and I bet a very inexpensive project. Thank you for hosting. I also really like unpolished is so pretty especially the way you have displayed it! Have a wonderful weekend!


  9. Thank you for hosting Courtney! Love your party. :)

  10. Hi Courtney! I love the old silver! It looks so pretty in front of your wonderful shabby mirror! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  11. I'm usually in the "polished silver" camp, but I'm truly loving this vignette. I find this tarnished look perfect with these hydrangeas and that time worn mirror. Beautiful vignette! ~ Sarah

  12. Hi Courtney, I am envious of your weather. We had snow again yesterday! All of your silver is wonderful and it looks perfect grouped together.

  13. Hi have a beautiful collection of silver! Thanks for hosting your lovely partay!

  14. Old mirrors are the best! So much character! Beautiful vignette of tarnished silver and hydrangeas! Jealous of your warm weather. Blow some my way :)

    Great features from last week! I love Jenni's galvanized window and the old door headboard!

    Thanks for hosting tonight!
    ~Michelle :)

  15. That's just what I've got to do. Be on the hunt for some pretty silver. Because somehow I don't have any!

  16. The tarnished silver paired with the mirror is gorgeous. I loved catching a reflection of the room in the mirror. You have some beautiful big pieces.

  17. Love, love old silver!

  18. I love the old silver too...and have several heirloom pieces handed down through the previous generations on my hubby's side. I do keep those pieces polished but I love the aged look too.

    You found some great blogger projects to feature. I have seen most of them but will visit the rest. Hugs-Diana

  19. It's nice to have silver both ways! Your hydrangeas are so beautiful! Thanks Courtney

  20. Hi Courtney! I am going to be on the lookout now for a champagne bucket! Preferably one with character like yours. :-) My girl and I were outside today and saw some tiny buds starting to peek out and it made me feel more alive just looking at them! Definitely inspiring!

  21. Gorgeous stuff Courtney, I love the bucket and the bed, also the mantle, well everything looks amazing! Thank you for hosting, xoxo tami

  22. I wish I had your weather sounds wonderful. Your mantle looks beautiful, especially that champagne bucket. You have such a great sense of style. Have a great weekend :) Tricia

  23. Your silver collection is amazing! So much character! We're enjoying some amazing weather as well but only for a few more days. But I'm enjoying it while I can! Thanks for hosting!

  24. Hi Courtney, great mix of "silvers". love tarnished and mirrors that are "losing their silver". Beautiful hydrangeas in that champagne bucket! Thanks for hosting and for linking up with VIF!

  25. Hi. Love your tarnished silver and happy to be joining your party this week. Thanks so much!
    ~ Julie

  26. Thank you for featuring my sewing machine drawers. I loved making them and am honored that you liked them as well.

  27. loving that shell fixture! I definitely need to go say hi, because I've been trying to figure out how to make one for our office! :)
    We've been enjoying some sunshine here as well (mixed in with fog...) spring and summer can't come fast enough!!

  28. I too LOVE vintage and antique silver. I don't care HOW tarnished it is. LOVE the word PATINA to add Character to the pieces if we don't feel like polishing!
    Hugs to you,

  29. Beautiful photos Courtney!! Hugs, Rachel :)

    French Farmhouse 425

  30. Gorgeous mix of silver, what a pretty mantle you've created.
    Joining you for the first time today, thanks so much for hosting this great party!

  31. Hi Courtney,
    Your mirror is great I too love that distressed reflection! The champagne bucket is fabulous, I am gonna have to add that to may long list of wants:-))
    Thanks again for being our hostess:-)

  32. Hi lovely,

    You have such a knack of finding beautiful things that really suit your style.

    Somehoe, tarnished things look more loved. As though they don't need to be magpie-shiny to be pretty.


  33. I love your silver pieces, all is simply beautiful:-)
    Thanks for hosting, hugs Biljana

  34. Your silver is lovely, thanks for sharing it with us. Also thank you so much for hosting every week.

  35. Hey Sweet Girlfriend! Im trying to get caught up on all my visits....and let me just say, YOU are KILLIN ME OVA' HERE! All your amazing silver, and that weathered bin, all FILLED with my FAVORITE FLOWERS-Hydrangeas!!! Wwwaaaaaaa!
    I WANT!!!!! Just BEAUTIFUL!!! Im linked up with my 3 day project from this week {UGH!} My powder bath faux paint....The REASON I have been MIA! Thanks for hostessing pretty girl!


  36. Your silver is gorgeous. I love your grouping it all together for maximum effect. Beautiful. I love it tarnished and polished. Lovely. Hugs, Marty

  37. Love, love, love all the tarnished silver. What a beautiful collection.

  38. I must pull out my silver bucket. Now it's official. Mantel is fabulous as usual!!
    Happy Friday Courtney. (your Friday's remind me that the weekend is near and I've made thru the work week! yahoo!!
    xo Jeanne.

  39. I love your champagne bucket!! I wish I could have found one at a flea market, but no luck! Beautiful collection!

  40. Beautiful tarnished silver and vignette! So glad that there is sunshine there!
    Wonderful features!! So many ideas out there!
    Have a great weekend!!

  41. Love your silver vignette, specially the old mirror, fab
    Thanks for sharing.

  42. I just posted #102 - a wooden chair re-do. I think your blog is great! Thanks for the party.

  43. Beautiful silver pieces, Courtney! They look great displayed in front of that fab mirror!
    Happy weekend to you! :)

  44. I bought Shabby Chic bedding the other day and thought of you!!!! = )

  45. Love the silver Courtney!!! These should be in a magazine!!! Love the features too!

  46. I love old silver too -- it makes anything placed on it look so rich! Your arrangement is lovely. I have to tell you, I found an old silver plated candelabra today at a liquidation sale for $10!

  47. Wow! Thanks so very much for sharing my old door/headboard. I so appreciate the shout out!

  48. Hi Courtney! Oh, I love your pretty silver and nothing like poking in some hydrangea too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  49. What a wonderful post my Dear friend..Oh girl I love silver BUT don't even like to polish it rather go to the dentist instead..It's a pain in the A@& to do..Hey maybe this Summer when it warms up we can meet at Second Sunday and the keyword here is (Warm) this old gal don't do the flea markets in winter ha ha!!There not one thing that screams my name when it cold outside ha ha!!And the only blogger I have met there is Dawn from " a Cottage stage of mind" She;s from Modesto...I did go to Sutter Creek yesterday and found some great things..Been looking for a victorian table to sit the TV on in my LR as I just hate the sofa table I have it on now..God I hate trying to decorate around a Big TV ha ha!!I hope you have a GREAT Sunday my Dear friend..Hugs and smiles to ya, Gloria

  50. Beautiful vignette. You have such a wonderous collection of silver. Whenever I display my silver, I usually have it all polished up, but lately I've been playing a bit with the shabby chic and the patina of tarnish as well. I'm enjoying the participants in your blog party.

    - The Tablescaper

  51. Hi Courtney~

    How you have decorated your mantel with the silver and the mirror as a background is so beautiful! :) And spring like weather sounds wonderful! Maybe it will come our way! :)

    I also wanted to say thank you for featuring the galvanized metal window; that was so sweet of you! I am sorry I am just now thanking you for this.

    I hope you are having a great weekend so far! :)


  52. I'm a polisher and am fortunate to have a daughter who is willing to help out when it becomes a big job. By the way, thank you for calling it tarnish. I get really upset when I see tarnish referred to as patina. It isn't. Patina is the green stuff on the Statue of Liberty. *smiles*