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Lately, I have been dreaming of sunny days and warm evenings
dining out on the patio, relaxing on the chaise lounge
and digging my toes in the warm sandy beach area.

I know, I know...
it's January.

I am just not a winter girl...
I'm an August baby &
the golden sunshine days of summer really do call to me.

I love the window boxes on the house to be filled with
bunches of red geraniums,
overflowing white bacopa and creeping thyme

I crave the warm mornings with bright sunshine awakening the world,
while sipping hot coffee and greeting the day
out on the backyard patio.

Listening to the sounds of the birds chirping as they flit about in the trees,
rows of lavender & rosemary in bloom
& the intoxicating smell of blossoming roses as they creep
along the lattice walls of the patio...


Every year at this time~
I seem to find myself with the winter blah's...
and dreaming about warm sunny days.

We are lucky to have been enjoying beautiful spring like weather.
It is a welcome & much appreciated break in the snow and cold of winter.

So, even though it's not spring yet
I was inspired to create a little garden breakfast table for two
up on the pea gravel patio.

A little breakfast menu on a vintage framed chalkboard

Petite belgian waffles with a strawberry on creamy vintage monogramed plates
set over vintage reticulated silver

The antique patio set I shared the other day makes for a perfect garden dining spot.
Here's a before picture of the chairs~

Originally, they were covered in this chinoiserie print
and stained and dirty when I found them.
I went back and forth between an english cottage floral or
dainty french ticking stripes.

I decided on the ticking fabric mainly because I felt that
the florals that I had on hand didn't work as well.

I reversed the fabric for a more faded look &
am planning to attempt (oh boy!)
to make some flirty little linen slipcovers.

I think they came out cute- though not 100% sure it is the ideal fabric yet...
good thing they are an easy re-do!

The surrounding landscape is is bare and dormant in January
so mossy balls in a galvanized bucket, cut flowers & a beautiful lavender
warm the table.
Just yesterday, we woke up to a little blanket of snow
& 2 days ago it was in the mid 60's
Talk about crazy weather!

All of you who have been in the midst of so much winter weather and snow~
I do hope that better weather is coming soon!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. Oh, your photos are just beautiful and you have some really pretty vignettes set up.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Oh how I love...sweet, sweet summer!!! I read this post and day dreamed of myself on the beach with a drink in hand!!! Ahh

  3. The moss balls in the galvanized bucket look so chic. That green color on your table is wonderful! Did you paint it like that? If so, what color is it? Happy Spring thoughts, we are currently buried under 2 ft of snow!

  4. What beautiful photos and lovely breakfast!

  5. Today is my just gave me an idea! Thanks!

  6. I so enjoyed your description of summer mornings! You may be a summer person, but you created a charming winter scene as well.

  7. I yearn for summer, too! I would love to eat breakfast or lunch outside, but it is pouring rain. Although it was 78 degrees and sunny this weekend :D

    I think your pea gravel patio is the coolest outdoor room, Courtney.

  8. Beautiful visions of a Spring garden! I needed to see that!~Hugs, Patti

  9. Crazy or not, I envy your weather. It would be wonderful to enjoy breakfast outdoors again. This is such a pretty tablescape and I love your table and chairs! Thanks for warming up my day!


  10. I so love this post.....hope to see you link it up to Cottage Flora Thursday's this week! I love the the "vision" you have, i too can't wait to set up some breakfast outdoors again! xoox

  11. beautiful table! looks much better than what an outside table would look like here in all the snow! brrr

  12. Hi Courtney!

    Oh yes, crazy weather. We had a high of 60 yesterday and today we had a cold front blow in and a snowstorm. Ugh! Loved looking at your photos of warmer days to come. Your table and chairs are just perfectly "French Country Cottage." I could sit there with you and take in the sun :)

    Take care!
    ~Michelle :)

  13. I'm so exactly the same. I love winter up until about the end of January....and then I'm itching for Spring to show its pretty little head!!


  14. Courtney- I SOOOO love summer too...and although I hate winter I do re-charge a bit and get inside things sorting through stuff...but OH MY...Your scene just calls my come and sit a spell, to drink a cuppa coffee, to share a laugh..and to eat YOUR share of breakfast too when you aren't looking...yeah...I am just that kinda friend.

    My post tonight is about the beach..uh-huh...Hugs-Diana

  15. You're killing me here Courtney! :-) I am so desperate to feel warm again and seeing these photos just added to my longing for summer! I adore that place setting and really just think the entire set up is so dreamy and inspiring...I'm going to have to tuck some of these ideas away and pull them back out again when Mr. Sunshine decides to visit us again!
    Thanks for putting the new blog up on your sidebar my friend!

  16. Goodness, you're making me simply LONG for spring! All your photos bring to mind fragrant gardens and sunny afternoons. Beautiful!


  17. Ohhhh it all looks so lovely and I long for spring and summer ~ sigh ~ Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos ;-)

  18. Yeah I am so ready for Spring and Summer right now! I love your table, so pretty and what a beautiful place to sit and visit and have some breakfast or tea! Thank you for the sneak peak at spring! :)

  19. Oh, this is just stunning and so inviting. I love your wonderful buckets with the moss and plants. Such a fabulous setting and the tablescape is gorgeous. Of course I saw the cloche also, exquisite. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  20. That looks so pretty!! I can't wait for the warm weather to get here.We will be having snow, and lots of ice tomorrow.Your photos are really beautiful.


  21. Your pots are SO pretty! I'm very tired of January too and can't wait for summer. :)

    Have a great day.


  22. Lovely'll be awhile before we see any warm weather...snowing as I write...

  23. Beautiful photos. I'm getting tired of the cool weather myself.

  24. Courtney, this is so gorgeous!!! I love this and long for warmer weather. Your style inspires me so much and I wish that I were capable of pulling your stylings off....Oh how I wish. I could try but it just wouldn't do you justice, so instead, I will gush over your doings!

  25. For someone who is looking for any hope of spring your table looks beautiful and has brightened my day. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Your vignette has me pining for summer! Lovely table! And lovely breakfast!

  27. Oh I want warm weather too! Love your menu chalkboard and the moss balls too! Jennifer

  28. Thanks for sharing...everything looks sooo inviting!

  29. I love all your pictures, I'm sure ready for spring!!!

  30. From what I'm reading on everyone's blog....spring can NOT come to soon for any of us!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  31. Very lovely! I'm a new follower. Looking foward to reading your blog.
    Hugs & Blessings ~*~ Wendy ~*~

  32. So excited you stopped by my blog and found out we live close. Just love your blog...looking forward to getting to know you better. The patio set is sooo inviting.
    We have been blessed with some amazing January weather. I'm with you...not a winter girl. I'm a May baby...sunshine and flowers for me.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  33. Your patio looks so warm and inviting. The waffles look so good and are making me hungry even though I just ate breakfast. Great job on the chairs.

  34. Your vintage garden table setting is lovely.
    Donna xx

  35. Courtney, your al fresco vignette has me wishing for warmer days and lunches out on the terrace. Your images are gorgeous! ~ Sarah

  36. I'm not an al fresco kind of girl, but you certainly make it sound inviting. xx

  37. So pretty, it just makes me long for summer.

  38. What a beautiful place to enjoy a sunny breakfast! That's my favorite time of day...morning and especially a bright and sunny one. I'm afraid we won't be enjoying any meals outside for a couple more months so instead I'll have fun looking at blogs like yours. I hope you have a wonderful Friday.
    Maura :)

  39. I love it that you shared your post at Cottage Flora Thursdays! Everything about this post makes me want to crawl inside your little hideaway & excape the cold we are having here! Really appreciate you sharing the garden party on your post too so others can link up! Hoping every week to see more & more gardens! xoox

  40. I'm so with you...can't wait to see some green grass and flowers blooming! I was born in the WINTER, but I'm not a WINTER GAL!!!


  41. Beautiful...can't wait for summer!

  42. After a blizzard last Tuesday...then lovely weather toward the end of the week...we are headed for another blizzard tomorrow night...but hey! It's winter. Your gardenscape is gorgeous and a welcome sight. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  43. What a sweet little English Garden breakfast you have set up. So nice! Your photos are gorgeous and your writing is lovely.
    Hugs, Cindy

  44. Thanks so much for linking up, Courtney. Your images are just as gorgeous coming to see them second time around.

    Big hug,


  45. What a nice little breakfast makes your meal seem so special when you take the time to make everything so pretty! Great post...thanks for sharing!!

  46. I love these pictures you have taken and your sweet outdoor arrangement! I especially love the little chalkboard with the menu on it, and the moss balls in the galvanized tub completely remind me of spring! :)

    I hope you have a good night! :)


  47. Hi Courtney,

    Beautiful outdoors! I am so ready for pretty weather. I am waiting for sunshine and will then begin fluffing up my outdoors.