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(Charles Faudree)

I have been gathering up some inspirations for my bedroom recently-
I am changing things just a bit.

(Carolyn Westbrook)

Frenchy, crisp and clean...
Whites and neutrals and soft, worn finishes~
blended together for a serene and calming look.

(Charles Faudree)
A room wrapped in patterns.
The warm patina of french country furniture
mixed with bursts of color, prints and textures.

(Florence De Dampierre)

I have been working a bit on a little re-do in my bedroom-
I have a few ideas and a couple things going on already...
but not quite ready to share just yet.

(sorry, I don't have the source.)
This is a favorite inspiration for my room.
Vintage. Warm. Welcoming. Sunny and beautiful.
I LOVE it!

What is your preference for a bedroom?
Serene whites & neutrals or warm colors?
I am a mix... I love whites... but love color too!

A sweet Valentine brought a little color into my room this week.

Love bouquets of red roses!
Thanks Honey!

Okay, onto

French Country Cottage

Last weeks Feathered Nest party was interrupted by the updates over at Mr. Linky
and the party wasn't even showing up most of Sunday -
Hopefully this week it will be running smoothly!
(I am trying a little different sized thumbnail this time-
it will just depend on loading speed etc. if I keep it.)

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their delightful finds,
fabulous projects and lot's of inspiration this week!
Here are a few that stood out a bit for me~

shared this fantastic dress form- love how this came out!!
shared this awesome old cupboard that she gave new life to.
shared Molly's hot pink, black and white bedroom makeover
shared a new look for her garden room- so many pretty quilts!
shared her radio cabinet re-do
Feel free to grab my featured button on my sidebar!

Let's get this weeks party started!

Share your decorating, flea finds, designs, etc.
Anything related to feathering your nest!

Link up an old post or a new post, doesn't matter-
just share what you would like to share this week!

I would LOVE for you to become
if you aren't already~
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Please, NO links to stores

& make sure you post a button or a link back to the party.

Go out and mingle!

I try to get by and visit each of the participants,
but would love help in spreading the love!
So please visit the other party goers
Show them some love.
Meet new friends and get some new inspiration for
Feathering your Nest!!

**They are forecasting snow at our elevation over the next couple days...
party going on as planned- but may be running on it's own for a bit- I will get by to say hello when I can**

sharing over at these lovely parties~
Stop by and say hello!

Vintage Inspiration Friday


  1. Beautiful inspiration photos Courtney. Lovely roses too.

  2. Hi Courtney! I love your inspirations pics! Whenever I am considering changes in my home, I always go to Chrles Faudree very first! He's my favorite French country designer! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Courtney, I love those inspirational photos. That last one is a beauty. Can't wait to see your room.

  4. I can't wait to see your boudoir makeover. I know it's going to be perfect! I like serene and calm the best I think. Ours has not been redone in 10 years. I love it just the way it is. It's a combo of three different hues of seafoam green. Thank you for having me at Feathered Fridays. :)

  5. I like all of your inspiration pics ~ but I love the one with the red floral print lamp shade and the red toile. That happens to be one of my own inspiration rooms. Thanks for another fun Friday party!!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. Courtney I have some of the same photos in my inspiration file! I have another guest room to decorate and am wanting to go with a more neutral palette I think. I am loving the puddle bedskirt in the Westbrook photo.

  7. Courtney the bedrooms are all gorgeous!

  8. Hi Courtney!

    I like the second and last bedroom inspiration photos. I love serenity in a bedroom but I also crave color and red is gorgeous! I'm going to link my same post. Hope that's okay.

    Happy almost Friday! Hugs, Michelle :)

  9. Hi Courtney ~ Mr. French Country Cottage is so VERY romantic ... nothing says it better than Red Roses! I cannot wait to see what you have going on in the bedroom! Off to visit your party guests! xox

  10. Thank You for hosting today. Have a great Friday.....Julian

  11. I LOVE a romantic bedroom... These pictures are all so beautiful! I also "REALLY LOVE" a canopy bed... We have a HUGE bedroom and our canopy bed makes it "Cozy and warm"...
    Have a wonderful Friday and weekend to come,
    Hugs, Donna

  12. Hi Courtney...

    Oooh...sooo many beautiful bedrooms! Definitely inspiring! Of course, you can't beat Charles Faudree, in my opinion. I love the red toile room...that is right up my design alley. I also really like the last the soft buttery yellow walls with the red...simply gorgeous! Bet you are having loads of fun redoing your bedroom...I can hardly wait to see what you are up to, my friend! Thank you for sharing all of these lovely and inspiring bedroom photos with us for the party! I also wanted to thank you for hosting this sweet party. I was excited to be able to participate this week!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

    PS...Ooops, I nearly forgot. Your Valentine roses are simply exquisite, my friend! What a sweet honey you have! They look gorgeous displayed in that beautiful silver!

  13. How romantic all of those inspiration rooms are. I can't wait to see. I am sure it will be so wonderful. I must hop over and see the dress form, that is gorgeous.

  14. Courtney, thank you for being such a gracious hostess. I love linking up to your wonderful party.
    Those bedrooms look soooooooo elegant!
    Very very pretty inspiration. Thanks again, xoxo tami

  15. Well I cannot wait to see that amazing bed in your new bedroom...I am guessing that is what the changes are entailing. I am in LOVE with that painted bed set you have. Faudree would be jealous!

  16. No surprise, we love the same designers! I love neutrals, but I like being able to move to color. Bed linens and accessories make it really easy to do that. Thanks again, Courtney!

  17. Hi Courtney, Faudree has always been a favorite designer of mine. I was lucky enough to meet him last year and he is such a warm and gracious gentleman. I also have the photo of the last room saved in my inspiration file. Love it! Looks like your Valentine sweetie was good to you.

  18. looking forward to seeing your room! Love that neat looking.


  19. Oh, the last bedroom is definitely my favorite! It is just gorgeous!!

  20. Oh my goodness, I just adore all your inspiration photos. That is the exact look that I am going for in my bedroom. This weekend I hope to start sewing my bedskirt. I love the one in the inspiration photo that puddles on the ground. Thanks for hosting the link party! I'm off to see what others have posted! :)

  21. I love whites, but I love color too. There's just too much choice. I stick to whites, for walls, and add colour with accessories. Easy to change. Can't wait to see what you do.

    Lisa x

  22. Courtney, thank you so much for hosting the party! Now that we're all paying for them I don't ever want to take a hostess for thank you. ;)

    I linked Vanessa's guardrail slipcover up. She's out of town, but I don't think she'll mind. We've enjoyed being "Friday party friends" with you!

    Have a great weekend!

    Heather@ At The Picket Fence

  23. Love all of those inspiration pics Courtney!! Thanx for hosting!

  24. Those bedrooms are gorgeous! Thanks for the party!

  25. So many pretty things to look at, Courtney. I can't wait what you do to your bedroom. I am sure it will be amazing....Christine

  26. Hi Courtney, I love all those pictures but the first and last are my favorite. Your room is going to look gorgeous I can't wait to see it! Martina

  27. Hi Courtney,
    when I see all the amazing photos, it starts prickling in my fingers to change everything in my bedroom. Really inspiring wonderful photos.
    Thank you for hosting this nice blog event.
    Greetings, Johanna

  28. wow!
    so rich and cosy!
    thanks for the inspiring ideas!

  29. I'm confused? Where's your Linky party today?
    Mel's Cabin wants to participate but can't find the clicky thing for it....hummm

  30. What pretty pictures of luxurious bedrooms. I can hardly wait to see how your room turns out.

  31. Very beautiful bedroom pics! Got me thinking about my own re-do this spring. Thanks for featuring my old mail cupboard. I am glad you like it!

  32. Those are beautiful inspirations! and i agree that i love the one without the source photo most, I think that's what i wanted my bedroom to look like if i ever decorate it, it's so bright, cozy and warm, i also love the roses bouquet that you got from your honey, how sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  33. Hi there, such beautiful inspiration for your bedroom. We're working on a re-do in our room too. We have a small room but I'm trying to incorporate some special touches any way :) Thanks for hosting, Laurel

  34. Courtney,
    What beautiful inspiration on the bedrooms. You can't go wrong with any of them, so beautiful.
    What fun it would be to transform your bedroom into something like that.
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting.
    Have a sunshine day.

  35. ...I adore room #2 Carolyn Westbrook's.
    It feels fresh and softly french,
    and besides, your hydrangeas would look GORGEOUS in THIS room!!! ~ LOL!!

    xo, Rosemary

  36. Hi Courtney,
    Those red toile bedrooms are gorgeous! I always swoon over toile. Thanks for hosting.


  37. I love the last bedroom inspiration picture too, so beautiful and cozy. I can't wait to see what are up to, I know it will be gorgeous!
    Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful weeknd!

  38. Court, I am SURE you room will be dreamy. Have fun w/ the planning and do what you love. Can't wait to see it! xo jeanne.

  39. So beautiful inspiration photos, I love all:-)
    Thanks for hosting, hugs Biljana

  40. Hi Courtney - I adore that pink bedroom! I just posted #82 an "upcycled" cradle I made for my daughters birthday. Thanks for hosting, I know there is a cost now - I really love and appreciate the parties!

  41. HEY sweet Girl!!! You are CONSTANTLY Knocking my socks off! Your style is BEAUTIFUL!!! Im linked up girlfriend!


  42. These days I have branched out to include a very eclectic style. I like traditional with a little bit of modern sprinkled with rustic french country, asian, Indonesian, American folk, and even a little African. For my bedroom, I have color on the floor with the rug, but like soft walls, bed linens, and curtains.

    Thanks for hosting. I linked up w/ my vintage finds.

  43. many gorgeous inspirations to choose from! I love them all!! I think my fave, though, is the first one. I have a "thing" for toile patterns.
    I love both patterns and colors and soothing whites and neutrals. Last year I decided that I would have both 'winter' and 'summer' bedding; my winter bedding is patterned with soft colors, my summer bedding is mostly whites.This way I can satisfy both loves! ;-)

  44. Courtney, your favorite inspiration photo is also my favorite. Love the red accents with the soft walls and the large window. I like a room with natural light. Chrles Faudree is one of my favorite designers for French country. I've spent many hours looking at his books.
    Thanks for hosting Feathered Nest Friday! ~ Sarah

  45. Thanks for hosting the party! All of the bedrooms are beautiful inspiration. Makes for a though decision but I'm pretty sure you'll nail it. ;-)

  46. Wonderful selection of photos, I love them all! Crisp whites are definitely on trend right now (we saw TONS of great stuff in white at the Atlanta Home Furnishings Market last month)- but mixing in a bit of color really brings out the warmth and personality of the room. The painted headboard/footboard in the Faudree photo are particularly fabulous!

  47. Lots of great inspiration there. I love the one by Carolyn Westbrook. Always good to combine ideas from different sources though.

    Sorry I'm late linking up. I seem to always be saying that! Ugh, late to my own funeral, that's what I'll be! Thanks for hosting.

  48. Hi Courtney,
    I've been in my cottage-by-the-creek just 6 months now and my bedroom is far from the oasis I imagine it to be some day. Your photos have inspired me and I'm looking forward to transforming this space into something lovely and peaceful. Thank you for hosting this fun party. I look forward to it each week.
    Blessings ... Lynn

  49. Hey sweet pea, Nothing to link up today *shock horror* but just wanted to swing by and see how you're getting on - particularly about your grandmother.

    Still think of you.


  50. Good Morning my friend,
    Sprry about just leaving and leaving..But girl we did get 2 1/2 ft of snpw and lost our power..did you lose yours?? I took off and spent the day at my granddaughter house where she had heat and a shower ha ha!! Still can't gey out my drive way!! My grandson picked me up in his tow truck ha ha!!
    Love all your photos and how fun to be able to redo your bedroom..I need to rethink mine lol!!
    Stay warm my friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  51. I been sorry..God I need coffee before blogging..ha ha!!

  52. Hi Courtney, Love your bedroom inspirations! And I just did a post on toile, so I had to link up to your party :). I was going to link up next week since it's already Saturday; but hopefully people will come back and check new posts over the weekend.
    Love your party. Thanks for hosting!
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Julie

  53. I just came upon your blog via Dear Lillie and I love it! It's so fun to find a new blog to read. Have a great day!




  55. Hello...I just discovered your blog and your party. I decided to join in even if it is a bit late. Thank you for hosting and I look forward to meeting everyone!
    Wild Rose Vintage

  56. Loved joining the party-so many fun ideas!

  57. I'm with you, I love whites but then I get hungry for some color if it's too white! I love toile bedding, if I could afford it that would definitely be my choice.

    Thank you for hosting this fun party! We were at my in-laws all weekend so I finally get to look at all the entries today, fun!!!

  58. I love your inspiration photos, the last one is my favorite as well. I'm itching to do our bedroom as well. I need to get some inspiration photos together. My husband is deploying in about 6 months and will be working on the makeover then. I think it will be nice for him to come home to a more comfortable room.
    I've got to catch up on all the entries!