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There's just something about old antique frames...
Love them in all shapes and sizes...
they really just seem to talk to me when I find them.

I don't usually care if they are worn or missing pieces
or shabby and forgotten...

I think it just adds to their character.

I love all the delicate, old, crumbly gesso...

the shabby darkened paint,
deep detailed carvings and delightful curves...
Love them.
So when I find them,
they seem to find their way home with me.

I have been shopping the thrifts recently and
I bumped into a couple of really great old frames at fantastic prices
and at first thought I would just maybe make them into chalkboards
but am kind of loving them unfinished just leaning against each other.

On the mantle they work well with an old etched frameless mirror,
a little curvy shelf on it's side,
and the faded gray cast iron frenchy clock I found at the flea market last summer.

I also found an incredible set of old delicate china.

I found a large platter and bowl that match this set about a month ago
at the same thrift store- but no other pieces were out at that time.

My daughter and I were wandering through, and found a stack of 17 matching pieces!
They were marked $8.50 for the set-
- some of the pieces have crazing & stains, and not in perfect condition,
but I just adore the colors and
rose swag pattern.

When the guy rang me up-
the frame came up correctly-
but the china rang up at a whopping...

8 cents.

8 cents
for all 17 pieces.
It was buy 1 get one free day, but they said the red tagged boutique items were
not included in the sale
but I am thinking they must have been...
I wasn't going to argue with the guys scanner gun.

... loving them...

Some of them are stained...does anyone have any tips on getting stains out of china?
I have heard soaking the pieces in milk works- but I haven't tried it.
If anyone has any ideas- I would appreciate them!

Onto Feathered Nest Friday!

French Country Cottage

There were a few issues with the past couple parties-
so I am trying a new link service this week to see if it is any better-
Please let me know if you notice any issues or anything.
(I am posting the party early this week too-
just to make sure the other link works and have time to fix it if it doesn't)

Here's a few highlights from last weeks party!

Michelle at Emerald Cove shared her delightful faux fireplace in her master bedroom.

Anita at Going A Little Coastal shared her gorgeous mantle redux for spring

Biljana shared a sweet little treasure box makeover

Saltbox in the Country shared her toile inspirations from around her home.

Olde Tyme Marketplace shared these darling seed bag creations.
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Thank you so much to everyone who joined in and shared or spent some time visiting all the guests!
I also want to say a big thank you to all my followers/ friends
and welcome to those of you who are new friends!

Once again...
snow is in the forecast for the weekend...actually, it is snowing already...
We seem to have issues with power when it snows and last week
I was playing catch up due to power outages
so if I don't get by to see you right away-
I apologize- I will try to get by when I can.

Share your decorating, flea finds, designs, etc.
Anything related to feathering your nest!

Link up an old post or a new post, doesn't matter-
just share what you would like to share this week!

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I try to get by and visit each of the participants,
but would love help in spreading the love!
So please visit the other party goers
Show them some love.
Meet new friends and get some new inspiration for
Feathering your Nest!!
New Party over at Denise's blog- go check it out!!

sharing with the lovely parties
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  1. Courtney,
    The frames are fantastic! Love that you have just stacked them up. They are beautiful that way! The china is gorgeous! Very nice find.

  2. Hi Courtney! Everything is simply gorgeous! But the china...I am floored! What a fabulous find at an unbelievable price! I have read that soaking it in a water/peroxide mixture overnight will do the trick, but I haven't tried it. Happy weekend...hugs...Debbie

  3. The frames are so pretty and us really lucked out on that china. Unbelievable. I never, but never find anything really wonderful much less for 8 cents.

    Thanks for being such a gracious hostess. This party is always fun and inspirational!

  4. Hi Courtney! I'm your new follower and today I'm joining your link party for the first time.
    The frames you have are very beautiful. And the china was a great find.
    Have a nice day!

  5. Courtney, you have the best luck while antiquing. I rarely ever find nice things at great prices! Just this week my antiquing trip was an epic. Failure. :(
    Thanks for hosting again! You always have the prettiest vignettes. But I must confess: as an artist without tons of money, I get sad when I see empty frames! I struggle sometimes with framing issues. I like empty frames to become filled with gorgeous art!!! :D
    Have a great weekend!!!

  6. Hi Courtney! Are you kidding me???!!! 8 cents?? Ok I have to tell you your blog makes me cry consistently! You score the best deals!! I want to be like you when I grow up *winks* Love all the beautiful old frames too... but when they speak to me the say something like "Don't you just wish you could afford me!" LOL! Vanna

  7. Oh Courtney, I love your frames and the way you have displayed them. Thanks for hosting.

    Enjoy your evening,

  8. Oh yeah forgot to add that soaking it in oxy clean and hot water works great. Cindy at My Romantic Home got me hooked on the stuff and it's amazing the kinds of stains it gets out! Vanna

  9. What a thrill about the darling plates! I think old frames are just works of art. I'm sure I have too mnay of them, but you can often pick them up for a song!

  10. That was quite a bargain on those dishes, Courtney! Congrats to you:)! Joining your wonderful party this week!

  11. Hi Courtney, I love each of your frames and I am always on the search for ornate ones. They are hard to find in my area. The china is beautiful! I have used peroxide (the kind found at beauty supply companies) on ironstone and it has worked well. You may have to soak it several days though. I would test it to make sure it doesn't lighten the trim color.

  12. Wonderful thrifting!

    If the other suggestions don't work, a good back-up is 20 volume peroxide (that's hair-bleaching strength). Cover the item with peroxide and leave in a closed container for a while. It could take as long as a week, for badly stained items perhaps even longer.

  13. Your vintage frames look perfect, resting upon one another! Again, another gorgeous vignette! I never tire looking at your photos! We're getting snow tomorrow as well but I suspect our winter storm is going to be worse than yours ~ stay safe & warm! xox

  14. Courtney the frames are gorgeous. I always adore them too.

    Thank you for hosting! ~Melissa

  15. Courtney those frames are BEAUTIFUL and I love them stacked the way you have them. I just started adding a few to my home, I love the look.

    Thanks for hosting, my first time joining your party YAY!! Martina

  16. Wow, Courtney you found some great deals. Those dishes are just gorgeous. I wish I would luck up on a deal like that. I love the empty frames layered like that.

  17. You stole that china! Nobody gets a deal like that, even if there are stains on some of it! Lucky you! I think your frames look great stacked on the mantel. Thank you for hosting. laurie

  18. Love your frames! Thanks for hosting,

  19. trying to link... having error messages?? can you remove my link that didn't work? there is a froggy
    I'll try again later

  20. okay now the link is there but it's not working. says Antiquechase does not exist.... sorry for the trouble!

  21. I love old frames, too. They're so pretty. Wow, what a deal on such gorgeous china!

  22. Love your frames Courtney. And that china was a steal - well done. I just use bleach from the supermarket to remove stains from china, and it always works.

    Lisa x

  23. Courtney, thick peroxide, the thick stuff used to mix hair dye is what I have used and it works to remove the dark spots under the glaze. Seal the dishes in a plastic container and cover with the peroxide and let it sit for a couple of weeks. I am currently soaking an Alfred Meaken platter that was very stained from meat juices and it's slowly coming out. I think the 40 might do better than the 20 peroxide. You, my dear, are a better shopper than me! 8 cents is something else!

  24. Those frames are fabulous! Love that clock and etched mirror also. Beautiful vignette. Thanks for hosting the party.

  25. wow- I just love frames with thevintage detailed corners- hard to find now,
    congrats, beautiful...


  26. I love all of your old frames, collect them myself. I had to add an old post of mine with the mirror in the white frame. So sorry I sold it, I miss it now.

  27. Beautiful! Love the frames! Thanks as always for hosting the party! We love celebrating Fridays with you At The Picket Fence!


  28. I have used Clorox Clean up to get some of the stains out from under cracked glaze. Let it soak and see what happens. Otherwise, enjoy the story that is written in the stains!!

  29. Oh Courtney ~ your photos make my heart sing. I have such a freakish fetish for frames. You have a lovely collection. Thanks for being such the Hostess once again.

  30. Holy cow Courtney! You're so lucky with your great bargain finds...what an awesome price you got for such beautiful pieces. Bon weekend mon ami!

  31. Hi Courtney..thanks for hosting your party. You really scored big on these finds, and such great prices too.

  32. those are some great finds!! so pretty! and what great prices!

    Just found your blog and became a follower. Off to read more...

  33. Love the clock and the frames, love the china but just can't believe you found them thrifting! So beautiful.

  34. The frames are beautiful!v Thanks for hosting today!

  35. What great frames! I'm really liking how you arranged them leaning on top of each other. What a deal on the china too!

  36. Hey girl, now I use denture soak on china and glass and it works just great..You done hit the MOTHERLODE y friend..Love the frames..and I hopw we get to keep our power this weekend..snow level to 1000 ft WOW!! After last week and losing so many of my beautiful trees I hope this one is not that bad..stay warm and safe..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  37. Courtney,
    I have seen your gorgeous blog all over different parties!! I love it and would love to participate in your fun linky party. Thank you for hosting.

  38. Courtney,
    Thank you for stopping by. I LOVE your blog...just fabulous. I am going to follow you now to see what else you have up your creative sleeve. So glad I found you.

  39. I too love old frames and you have some really wonderful ones. Don't they look fantastic grouped together! Ahhh!!!
    AND What an incredible bargain you got on the gorgeous dishes! "A Real Steal"!!! I think I can imagine the look on your face, and MAYBE you did a little Happy Dance after you left with a smile on your face "All the way home"!
    Hugs to you,

  40. Unbelievable great deals!!! I bet you were flying high when you came out of that shop. Well ~ this is your lucky day ~ come over to my post for the party and I tell you how to remove the stains :) Thanks for hosting and I love your frames. When I find them, they are always expensive.

  41. Wow! I adore your frames! So shabby and I totally get the crunchy gesso that happens with them but oh how it makes them so deelish! Have a fabulous day and the link worked great!

  42. I don't have a link today, but just spent a half an hour (my free time today) browsing through the links up already!
    There are so many awesome ideas!
    I got inspired to get off my franny and go do my office!
    I went to an auction last weekend and got an old 16X20 plaster/gessoed frame. $9!
    I love the chunky frames, too and yours are lovely!
    8 cents! I nearly fell off the sofa!
    Good for you...
    You certainly know how to display them!
    Have a wonderfully blessed, sunshine-y day!!

  43. I love your treasures, great findes:-)
    Thanks for featured my shabby box.
    Have a wonderful weekend, hugs Biljana

  44. I love those frames, the shabbier the better!

    Bee happy x

  45. OMG!! 8cents or the 17set!!! you're sooooo lucky!! no way in here I'd get those for 8cents, not even for $5 !! they're selling china so expensive here even in my local thrift store and charity shops, urghh...anyways, I love the detail on the plates, I am in love with your old frames and clock, i agree that it adds to the character the more worn look they are, the more lovely they become!! I love it, Thanks for sharing and hosting! Blessings, Susan

  46. I think I would have fainted from joy at 8 cents!
    Those plates remind me so much of your endtables you just shared! I don't know how to clean stains off of china, but I have a Martha Stewart homekeeping book- I bet she has something in there. I will see if she mentions anything and get back to you. Thanks for hoting and mentioning my party! :) XX00

  47. woo hoo! what a great find! and those frames are just deliciously ornate. Have a great weekend!

  48. Lovin' all the frames and Anita's mantel looks outstanding! Thanks so much for hosting.


  49. Hey Courtney, love how you've layered the mirrors and frames. They are a work of art in themselves! Thanks for linking up, love having you over at VIF!!!

  50. What wonderful thrift finds you've shared! I am so inspired to hit the shops now...unfortunately the roads are frozen here in the Pacific NW, so I'll just have to live vicariously through my blog friends this weekend! Thank you for hosting such a wonderful party! I am going to link up now, then hop around to visit the lovely attendees!
    Best Wishes and Blessings!

  51. Hey Gorgeous! Thank you for hosting! OK! You steal my HEART EVERYTIME I come here! LOVE all the "Antiqued, Weathered, Tattered" things you have and find! You are SO talented and have such an EYE for these things! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    BTW...Im back to doing my own posts starting TODAY! Carrie has been Guest posting and YOU KNOW what a MOTORMOUTH I am!!! Its been TUFF for me to keep my mouth/fingers shut the past 4 days! LOL!

    Come see me! MISS YOU!


  52. Lovely photos. I linked up again. Thank you...

  53. Your frames are beautiful and they could happily follow me home too. Okay now $.08 ~ 8 cents ~ wow, wow, wow! I'll never get a bargain to match that one. I love that pattern too! Thanks for hosting a wonderful party!!

    Susan and Bentley

  54. Courtney, the details on the frames are truly wonderful. I agree, even if they show a bit of wear, these old frames offer amazing ambiance. Great finds! Your china is another great deal. Good for you!
    Thanks for hosting! ~ Sarah

  55. Hi! I love the frames, I have collected frames for years but nothing as pretty as yours. Your dishes are beautiful! I just picked up some real beauties at the thrift store this week with pink roses and blue trim. Isn't it just too much fun to find deals like that!!!
    Thank you for hosting!

  56. What fun I had today bringing out old pieces of milk glass and "playing" with it. You've given me the opportunity to show it off. Thanks! I love your blog! You are so talented!!
    I look forward ot checking out the bloggers who feathered their nest today too.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ladybug Creek

  57. Eight cents???? Seriously???? THAT is the best deal I've ever heard of, Courtney! :) Love what you did with those luscious frames. They look SOOOO French up there with your sweet clock. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  58. Amazing finds! I'm so jealous of the quality of your thrifts. Lately my luck at the thrifts has been pretty poor and uninspired- I'm really crossing my fingers that it will turn around as people get to their spring cleaning. I simply adore your mantle arrangement, and Anita's is gorgeous as well!

  59. Gorgeous Courtney.. you have a knack for arranging things in a beautiful way. I have been searching for a mirror.. you give me hope my luck will turn around!

  60. Courtney those frames are gorgeous. I like them empty and leaning on your mantel too. I've always got my eye out for some. You found some good one. And .08 for the china? That's just crazy. Lovely colors. You had a good week!

    Thanks so much for the mention on my mantel :)

  61. Great story about the beautiful china...that would have made my week!
    Mary Ann

  62. Hi Courtney! I just got back from vacation...I've missed visiting you and seeing your wonderful posts. Those frames are great, I like them empty too. They are so pretty that they don't really need anything in them. I can't believe you got that china for such a great price...lucky girl!

  63. Girl I want to shop with you and then we can come over to my house and do some decorating.. I've just nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award for such a wonderful blog! You really have a gift and a great eye at decorating. If you choose to accept the award, you can read about how to do it at
    Hope you are able to accept this award and pass it along! Have a great weekend.

  64. I like how you have your frames displayed. I have three on a shelf like that (all naked), but mine aren't nearly as ornate as yours. I need to find some more interesting ones. And congratulations on the china find. Doesn't get better than that!

  65. Hi Courtney, Thanks for highlighting my toile post from last week. I just love, love your china pieces.
    I inherited some old china cups that were stained, and I used an SOS pad and it removed all of the stains. Let us know if you find something that works for your china.
    Have a great Sunday!
    ~ Juli

  66. What fabulous finds! I adore the frames and the china is absolutely wish I could find those frames and china to die for!!!

  67. LOVE this! Thanks for sharing! Please stop by and say hello at