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Bursts of cabbage roses...
colorful florals, ticking, checks
To me, english cottage style is enveloping-
wrapping you in comfort and prettiness...
It's a warmth that welcomes you to come in, sit down and stay awhile.

This is a quirky little room off the master bedroom
Originally one of the bedrooms, it changed when we remodeled
and made a new hallway in the house- changing the flow of the original hall
which went right through the kitchen.
So the room became a little sitting area among other things.

I wanted to create a little cottage sitting area for something I am working on-
so this room got a french cottage look with some english cottage mixed in.
Funny thing is...
I have been leaning towards lighter, less pattern, more serene lately...
so I have no idea how this turned out so bold!!
Here's how it looks today... tomorrow?
Who knows! lol!

Remember that shabby antique headboard I placed behind my bed?
Originally, I was thinking of the same bed's footboard as the
architectural piece for that spot but when I brought it into the house,
it just didn't fill the space like I wanted...
So it has been sitting in the office, just waiting to find a home.

As I was looking around for inspirations~ there was that footboard smiling at me...
so behind the bench it went.

I love the little pink flower drops painted on the sides
and the pretty little wreath in the center.

Gorgeous green hydrangeas fill a vintage silver champagne bucket.
(Some of these beauties came from the lovely Leslie over at Goodbye House Hello Home)

The champagne bucket sits atop an old yellow chippy flea find bench.

A faux grain sack pillow with red ticking stripes and red florals
warm up the bench and make for a cozy spot to sit.

I found this upholstery fabric at my favorite source a few years back-
' Savannah' by Waverly
It's a gorgeous rich red based toile... absolutely stunning!
It is just straight off the bolt and draped on the wall.

Silver trays, floral artwork and red transferware plates
fill in the spaces - warming them up in lovely
'the more the merrier'
english cottage style...

Anyone care to join me for a spot of tea?

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  1. I Love,Love,Love your vignette!!!Very inspiring, charming , interesting and cozy! Christie

  2. Looks so romantic and charming!!!

  3. I would love to join you for tea in this wonderful sitting area. I love it all. Love that fabric. I almost bought a pillow made from it yesterday at the antique mall and I put it back. It was really pretty and I may go back for it if it is still there. Love French country and English country style.

  4. I LOVE what you have done with the room! You have done a fabulous job selecting the mix of color, pattern and texture. I especially like the draping of fabric around that gorgeous mirror and your placement of the footboard behind the bench... it's perfection.

  5. Courtney, I seriously thought the first pic was from a magazine...imagine my delighted surprise to find it is your house!!! I looooove this sitting area and that footboard is perfect where you put it! This is outstandingly gorgeous!

  6. I'm in love, you really put this spot together with such style and individuality. The red toile is so beautiful, the perfect spot for a cuppa tea!

  7. That is lovely! I can't imagine how big your home must be! The red is so pretty....I love the transferware plates on the wall, too.

  8. Yes, I think I would love to join you for a spot a tea .. thank you for asking! Of course, I would have to ride a snowmobile across Canada and down to California, as the weather here today is horrible. We're in the midst of a snow storm. Your sitting area has certainly warmed me up and is absolutely charming! Very pretty and feminine ... a place where you would find me all the time, sipping on my cup 'o tea! xox

  9. Courtney, what a beautiful sitting it! You have created such a romantic sitting area. Who wouldn't want to join you in a spot of tea. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.

    Have a wonderful day,

  10. Courtney you are quickly becoming the place I go to get tortured! Lol! How totally (painfully) charming!*winks* What a perfect use of that bed! Love love the waverly toile!!Love the way you have it draped and love the plates!!....And the mirror.....and the bench....You get the picture *winks* Vanna

  11. Oh and I just spied that fabulous armoire in the mirror!! Sheesh could you put some schnapps in that tea? V

  12. Courtney! This is an absolutely stunning little spot! I felt like I was looking at something from French Country magazine and I think they need to feature your home. I lean more towards the English side of decor and this is right up my alley! Have you ever shown this space before? Truly beautiful!

  13. What a delightful spot...I'm ready to come on over and sit for a cup of tea. I so love that fabric and that you opted for color. I love to see color like this used in a home.

  14. Simply beautiful so wonderfully styled, tea no sugar please shall i bring scones & strawberry jam

  15. That is very cool how you layered the bed part with the bench and then draped the toile to create a unified country french sitting area. Very chic!

  16. Very pretty Courtney!! Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  17. Courtney what a beautiful sitting area! Love the bench and all the fabrics and I love how you placed the footboard behind it, so cleaver!! Pretty little table too and you accessorized it beautifully! Martina

  18. Absolutely beautiful! Love the stripes with patterns.

  19. I LOVE it, Courtney! The first picture looked straight out of a magazine...I thought you were going to show us inspiration images!! You did a very original, creative job. Love the fabric and the headboard!


  20. You really have French Country Style down to a "t"! What a charming space, Courtney! This looks straight out of a "Romantic Homes" magazine! Love the French grain sack pillow mixed with the floral!

  21. I Love English Cottage Style!!!! And you pulled it off with a French Twist, Courtney! Your little corner is perfect, and I think putting the footboard behind your adorable ticking bench is genius!!! I have always loved red transfer ware (red is my favorite color). It looks so pretty framing the mirror. *le sigh, mate* :D



  23. you've certainly got the look down-looks like it came right out of country living (england) :) chris

  24. Courtney, You created such a beautiful space! I love the daybed and transferware. The pillows and mirror are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous room at my party.

  25. That's a great use of what could be a difficult space. It looks nicely "dressed" and inviting. I'm sure that if/when you change it, it will still look wonderful


  26. I wish I could pop over for a spot of tea. What a beautiful spot in your home. I love it!!

  27. What a sweet little room. Uve done a fabulous job at making this room blend seemlessly with the master. What a great little place to get away from it all..Visiting u is on MY bucket list. LOL. i read that in another comment earlier..............Bonnie

  28. Love the room, Courtney, and I adore the bench, the headboard makes all the difference. Beautifully put together as always. xoxo tami

  29. What a beautiful room Courtney! I don't recall seeing it before. Gosh, your house seems huge and so full of such wonderful things. I love the bench with the grainsack pillow and the ticking pretty.


  30. Hi Courtney...

    My friend, your talents just never seize to amaze me! What a fabulous sitting room you have created...I love, love, LOVE IT!!! Of course, you know how I love red. The rich red toile that you draped around your beautiful mirror is sooo pretty! Ohhh...and what a GRAND use the footboard to back the bench! It's perfect!!! My friend, you really do have some of the most gorgeous pieces of furniture! I soooo enjoy coming to your place! I just hope that my little home will grow up to be like yours some day! Hehe! Thank you for sharing this fabulous room with us today!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  31. I love it. The colors are wonderful and the headboard bench is divine! What a wonderful room.

  32. What a gorgeous spot to sit and relax. I love the colors and the fabrics are just beautiful Courtney, you did a wonderful job! I love the foot board behind the bench, it looks like it has always been a part of the bench.
    Just beautiful!

  33. I love English country style and this is so pretty.

  34. Those pictures are like out of a French magazine, you are very talented, I'm sure you will do great doing interior decorating, have no doubt. Amazingly beautiful!

  35. Gosh to have a spare room as a "sitting room" what a treat that would be. You have done a beautiful thing here.
    Sure like the footboard as a bench back.


  36. love this,it's gorgeous. your whole house is!

  37. LOVE English Cottage and that room is simply scrumptious! It would be a treat to join you for tea in such a beautiful spot!


  38. Just so gorgeous!! I could move into that little room and stay forever. Love it!!

  39. Those hydrangeas make the space ;)
    I just love this!
    RED!!!! Yum!
    I will bring the scones and shortbread, maybe some cream puffs if you serve Earl Gray. Hot.
    Cream and sugar.
    3:00 is tea time, right?

  40. so the red transfer ware frenchy! thanks for linking up to fridays unfolded.



  41. Only one word needed: GORGEOUS!

  42. This is absolutely stunning. I totally love it all. Using the headboard is such a great idea and the fabric draping the mirror is wonderful. Love everything. I would sit there all the time. Hugs, Marty

  43. What a beautiful sitting room and a great use of space! How clever of you to use the headboard as a back for your bench. It's just lovely!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  44. I love the flower print with the striped pillow!


  45. Home Sweet Home! No place like it on earth..I would love to sit here and have have a beautiful home.
    Have a great weekend,

  46. Belongs in a magazine....just beautiful. Just love the mirror and the footboard as the bench back.
    Marianne :)

  47. i would love to join you for a spot of tea in that gorgeous, yet comfy looking room! i'm not usually a "red" person, but i am in love with this room, very nicely pulled together. every detail is charming and inviting! thanks for sharing! p.s. i'm follower #890!

  48. Aren't you clever! Love the look of the foot board with the bench. Totally makes the look. M.

  49. Courtney,

    Beautiful room! I'd love a spot of tea. For a small area it has so much charm. I love it!
    Your new follower

  50. GA! Courtney...AGAIN...BEAUTIFUL!
    The Hydrangeas STOLE my heart AGAIN!
    Thank you for linking this up to WHASSUP WEDNESDAY!

    Hope to see you next Wednesday:)


  51. I am so glad I found your blog, your decorating is so so charming, cozy and inviting!! I have a french country style home as well which I finished about 7 years ago. I feel I need to lighten things up a bit with my paint and accessories. I would like to bring in more whites and silvers, you have so many wonderful ideas. What talent!!

  52. Courtney,
    This is beautiful! Love the color and pattern going on here, so romantic. The subdued wall color makes it more interesting that just white. (You know it reminds me of the colors on the wall in Emma Thompson's Sense & Sensibility.) Such a pretty space for a little tea! Thanks for linking it up at my party!

  53. What a beautiful space Courtney. I LOVE the footboard behind the bench ~ Brilliant! I'm a succer for anything toile, so this vignette had me swooning. Thank you for linking this wonderful design to Favorite Things, and thank you for being so nice about your photo appearing on my blog. laurie

  54. What a pretty area! It;'s fit for a princess...Christine

  55. WOW wow wow.....I am in love! This is sooo beautiful and inspiring.

  56. really pretty Courtney! I love the drapey fabric- we used to have something like that over our bed :) Thanks so much for sharing this at Transformations and Treasures! You made great use of the space!!