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I have spent days covered in primer and paint...

Scrubbing that white paint off of my hands, arms and even my legs...
(did you know that primer has great adhering power to skin?)

You know it's a problem when you pull into the store parking lot
and you check your makeup in the mirror
and find little bits of primer in your hair that did not come out in the shower...
in several spots.

I just pretended it was a fashion statement.
You know-
a little bit of pizazz to brighten me up.
Kind of like when girls add glitter to their hair.

Well, anyway,
the pergola is pretty much done.

It moved over to the patio off of our master bedroom for a couple different reasons.
The patio is a little larger and we were able to attach it to the house for more stability.
Plus, we have something else planned for the other patio area.

We decided on 3 columns instead of just 2 at the far end.
The span is larger so adding the middle column works well
and it creates a more substantial, elegant feel.

Cullan took this picture when they realized that they
had attached the beam to the house
the ladder and couldn't get the ladder down.
(they had to pull the beam back off and start over)

Love it.

I was excited when we pulled the chandelier out from underneath the snow mishap mess
and found it to be intact.
A few bent leaves here and there, but that was all.

There are steps at the end of the patio that head up to the pea gravel and beach areas
so I requested (okay, I might have whined)
that the pergola be built a bit taller so that when you are
on the upper patios it did not seem too short.

The 'boys' put the pergola together over 2 chilly and on and off rainy
days during spring break - they did a fantastic job.
We were able to re-use most of the wood from the other one~
we just needed a few new boards for the added length and width.

As you can see the patio area is begging to be decorated...
I did get the drape panels back up-
I used metal conduit and clips and simple tulle drapes.

I haven't had time to get everything put back and pulled together yet
but next week, I will be sharing the finished patio.

I was so happy to put away my paint brush and start cleaning up!
I quickly changed clothes to take the dogs for a walk with my daughter and started
telling her how glad I was to be done painting...

My daughter started giggling as we were walking out of the yard-
so I looked over at the pergola and saw this...

Like I said...
I am almost finished.

Hope to see you tomorrow for
Feathered Nest Friday!

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  1. The boys sure did a fantastic job! I love your pergola and your patio, beautiful!
    XXXX Ido

  2. Holy Pergola! Courtney this looks great!! I know all of you will enjoy using this all summer! That is so funny the beam got put in in between the ladder! I love all your little oopsies! =)

  3. Is this one guaranteed not to fall down? Love the new pergola. I know what you mean about that primer sticking to skin. I had it all over me when I was painting just have to wait for it to wear off. I really does stick better than paint because the paint came right off of me. Also when I went to distress my furniture...I had a hard time getting through the primer to the wood. Hope this means my paint job will last forever. I love your new pergola and can't wait to see how you style it. I'm sure it will be fantastic. So happy that your chandi survived!

  4. This is so fabulous! Love the ladder accessory! I cannot imagine the fun of decorating this!

  5. That is hysterical about the ladder Courtney! You and Heather are 2 peas in a pod lately with the paint in your hair. I think she is just considering them "high-lights"! LOL! I absolutely adore your pergola and love how it turned out. That chandy is gorgeous and I know you must be itching for summer to really enjoy the space! :-)

  6. love your courtyard, pergola and chandelier!!
    cheryl x

  7. What a beautiful pergola. I bet after you are done decorating, it's going to be spectacular. Keep us posted!

  8. This backyard retreat is so inviting! It will be a lovely place to host a summer party with a few good friends. Thanks for sharing this post. Your boys did a fantastic job! Would love for you to become a blog follower of mine :)

  9. It is beautiful. We have a pergola above our deck and I just love the look. I had to blow up the picture with the ladder and show him, that is something we would have done too. I am curious what kind of drapes you used and how you hung them. I have simple half sheets hanging by staples until I figure out what I really want.

  10. Oh how very lovely. I just love the sheers you have used in the pergola and have never seen them used outdoors before. Do they weather well outdoors like that? I'm about to hang some in my screen porch to help block the sun a bit without blocking the view completely. Just need to figure out what & where to buy and how to hang them that's all.

    Jan @ BellaCasa

  11. Oh how gorgeous Courtney!! That ladder is a hoot though!! Yes I have paint strands in my hair too!!
    This is truly a romantic patio!!

    Pamela :)

  12. Your pergola is Amazing! Oh My Gosh! I was so sad for you when it blew down, and now it's wonderful again! The ladder photo is so funny, that made me laugh out loud. And, i can totally relate to having primer on my skin, that stuff has to just wear off. I've gotten paint on everything, including my dogs!


  13. What an enchanting area!! Beautiful.

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  14. What a gorgeous pergola...lucky you Courtney! I love the part about the ladder, gosh that was funny :)


  15. Love the pergola-- you have a lovely patio area.

    That ladder picture is a HOOT!

  16. It's looking beautiful Courtney! Too funny about that ladder *winks* And I hope you don't get any more paint on you doing that last little stretch! Lol! Vanna

  17. Wow this is gorgeous! Great job... now I want one! LOL :)

  18. Courtney, I love the new pergola! That was a ton of work getting it all painted. Well almost all painted! How did you end up getting that ladder off? That was so funny. Not so much at the time I'm sure. It just looks so great!

  19. Courtney, what a beautiful patio to enjoy. Love the pergola. You have been busy. That is funny about the ladder. Thanks for joining the party!

  20. I had to look again when you said you had some decorating to do. It's so beautiful as is! So so funny about the area you missed, and the ladder! Hahaha! My kind of story! So glad it's back up for you!

  21. It looks beautiful! I love the curtains, chandelier and water feature. It makes it all look so romantic. I'm sure it is especially beautiful in the evenings. Have a lovely day x Sharon

  22. That is gorgeous! What fun you will have decorating it.

  23. So pretty! You are going to make that space amazing. Can't wait to see.

  24. Oh my friend I hear ya on the paint. I went to a meeting and then was going to a movie afterwards so I scrubbed and scrubbed to get the paint off (oil is almost impossible) and felt so proud of myself only to look down at my ankle in the meeting and see paint all up my ankle and leg..sigh. I am in LOVE with your pergola. Would you ever be able to share the directions on how you made it? I want one so bad for my deck. Oh I'm showing a little peek at my open cabinets tonight on I.F. with a shout out to my oh so clever friend Courtney on the arched openings..stay tuned. ;) Have a beautiful day!


  25. Very pretty I'm sure ya'll will get years of enjoyment out of it. Stopping by From Fishtail Cottage.. Happy Flora Thursday

    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  26. Oh, wow! This is in my dreams! I love that you put a chandelier there, too. And a fountain! If I was there, I would never leave that area!

  27. Oh this is so lovely! You will spend so much time there. That chandelier is gorgeous!!
    What a great job y'all did!



  29. Thanks for stopping by THe Ivy Cottage and commenting on my painted hutch! Love your blog and am now following! Hope to be back here for your friday link up!

  30. Primer be damned it looks GREAT! I hope you leave the ladder that is just perfect. Can't wait to see when it is all done although I don't know how you can improve on what you already have.

  31. Hi Courtney, Your pergola is beautiful! The drapes and fountain look wonderful and I know it will be even more beautiful when you finish decorating. I would have just left the ladder, painted it and added potted plants to the steps. lol! Thanks for sharing this at my party.

  32. Haha! There is always something we miss!!! I have been there with you on the paint/primer in the hair...Your pergola looks fantastic and I love the chandi out there! Your patio is looking gorgeous Courtney, and I can't wait to see what you do to the other one!

  33. That is such a beautiful space! I know I would love a beautiful place like that to "retreat" Fabulous!

  34. Wonderful! I can only imagine all the work a cleaning up it took to do by a wonderful mother and a young girl who thinks Charlie is Awesome!! HaHaaaaaaaaaa!a! Shun the nonbeliever! Shunnnnnnnnnna! :) Love your blog mom, Love you! :) !

  35. That is absolutely beautiful Courtney! It will be a amazing entertaining space. Thanks for linking it up!

  36. Too funny that their ladder got stuck....But it turned out amazing....would love to have lunch on the patio w/you! Thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's xoox, tracie

  37. This is just gorgeous! I see many days and nights spent out here!
    I'll be featuring it on Tuesday!
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  38. Oh Courtney, it looks beautiful! What a fabulous job all of you did. You did have me laughing though. The beam through the ladder was just too funny, and then your daughter laughing about you being glad to be finished with the painting when she was looking at an unpainted beam! I can just imagine what enjoyment you are going to get out of this pergola ~ it will be worth all of the hard work ~ plus you'll have some great stories to tell visitors while they are enjoying this area. Thank you for linking this beautiful cration to Favorite Things. laurie

  39. Your pergola is gorgeous! Someday I want to put one over our back deck.

    Are you telling me that paint in your hair isn't in style? Forget the hair, how about fingernails covered in primer? I've decided to call it a french manicure and call it good! Oh and the built in ladder could have made great shelves ;)

    Have a fun weekend!

  40. I love your primer in the hair story, Courtney. My husband saw some oil based paint in mine and thought I missed a spot coloring!! I was not horrified that I had paint in my hair(that wouldn't come out for weeks) but that gray might be showing. I love your pergola!!

  41. Oh my goodness, I have NEVER wanted a pergola with curtains and a chandelier more than after seeing your gorgeous project! This gets 5 stars in my book. Well done! As for primer in the hair...been there!