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Remember that favorite flea market I always talk about going
to in June and again in September?

The one where I found those charming piano sides...

and the huge old roses oil painting...
and the perfect frame for it a few rows away?

& this delightful little french clock?

I have been getting so excited for sifting through
space after space of treasures...
the old boxes,
bargains galore,
and the thrill of coming across that perfect fantastic find!

Such a favorite market every year~
My friend Lydia and I have been going together since we bumped
into each other at the flea when our daughters were in 1st grade.

We bring our girls with us and they search for their treasures too~
junkers in the making!

It's nearly June so we were making our plans for the day~
Get up early, grab a Starbucks and get on the road to 'The Flea'...
or maybe not...

While looking for the day this year...
I found out that they closed it.


The property where they always held it is going to be developed and
the Lions Club decided to close it down rather than look for a new spot to host it

Really the best the little flea market around run by the cutest little Lions Club guys...
we looked forward to perusing all the goods every time it came around.
I am hoping they decide to relocate it
and SOON!!
Missing it already!

I guess it's back to the thrifts for now...

See you later today for
Feathered Nest Friday!


  1. Courtney I hate when that happens! My mom and I had a favorite home store we always loved going to and they closed this year right after Christmas:( Martina

  2. This happened to me too A fav spot for finds just closed up shop without notice I was so saddened
    Now I am on the search for a new fav spot

  3. I LOVE what you found there~ ;) Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  4. Love the treasures that you found there, especially the painting. How lovely. I am inspired to go to flea markets now, something I have never done! Hope you find another good one.

  5. I'm soooo sorry...I feel your pain. This has happened to me with some great gift shops.


  6. Double darn it, eh?! Hope you find another one to sooth your flea needs!!

  7. OH NO!!! :( that made me sad for you! Maybe you and your friend could revive it? ;) You could always come here- the third week in June is an amazing local rummage sale at a local Catholic church! hope you can still find some treasures.

  8. Nooooooooooooo!!! Courtney that makes me want to cry!.....I don't know if it's just me, but so many of my favorite things seem to be coming to an end lately *sighs* Well at least there's still Starbucks! Vanna

  9. Courtney, I think it's fun fro you to join your friend and take your daughters to the market together. So sweet!

    Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend!!!