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Don't you love a good thrift store?
When you wander in and find a treasure trove
of oh so fabulous junque?

Where you can get your antiquing fix for just a few dollars on occasion?
A good thrift store is always a fun spot to shop.
Since finding out that my favorite little flea has closed
scouring the thrift stores for treasures
will have to do for now.

I have seen these shoe forms all over the blogs and in books
and they really are charming in person.
The wood has such a great patina & I was excited to find a matching pair.

The gorgeous glass door knobs caught my eye originally when I found this...
but there are nearly a dozen old door lock hardware pieces,
several brass keyhole pieces as well as random old painted chipping hardware
in this big baggie of architectural junque.
Love the old look of these just sitting in the tray.

I think this little treasure is pewter.
I am little monogram looney
so when I find something etched with monograms~
it's safe to say I am probably in love.
The crest is fantastic too.

I have been having a
not so secret love affair
with old tarnished silver for awhile now.

I am always looking out for pieces here and there.
I picked up a few pieces of flatware for .25 cents each

and these old footed trays.

I have a couple ideas for them already...
Have you found any great thrifting finds lately?


Here are a few links from last weeks party
It was filled with so much inspiration~
and I am perusing through them even now!

I wanted to mention that Blogger has been having comment issues
for a few days... I don't know much more about it
but I know that a lot of people have not been able to leave comments
on posts but my friend Tricia of A Rosy Note has this advice~
For anyone who is having commenting problems, try this...when you are logging in to Blogger uncheck the little box that says "stay signed in." I did this and all is well now.
Hope it helps you too.
Thanks Tricia!
*Also issues with FOLLOWING blogs has been popping up.*
Sometimes the FOLLOW box in the sidebar
shows up, sometimes it doesn't.
You can 'follow' at the top of my blog above my header
there should be a spot to click 'Follow' there as well
and that should work until Blogger fixes it.

Onto the review!

Cedar Hill Ranch shared this charming day bed...
ooohhh love!

TDA decorating shared this darling little armoire...
can you guess what it was before it got a makeover?

Boxer Cleats and Me shared a super sweet little furniture makeover.

Marty at A Stroll Thru Life shared her lightened and brightened
master bedroom makeover

Aiken House and Gardens shared such a charming sun porch~
love those shutters~ so inviting!

Feel free to grab a 'Featured' button from my sidebar if you would like!

I wanted to say welcome new party goers
as well as say thank you to all my party animal friends :)
for taking the time to come over and share your wonderful
links each week!
You all make this party so fantastic and so much fun!

SHARE your decorating, flea finds, designs, crafts, table settings, etc.
ANYTHING related to feathering your nest!

Make sure you post a button or a link back to the party on your post.
I have noticed that not everyone has been doing this- so this a little reminder.


if you aren't already. The Follow button is on my sidebar at the top


Sharing with these lovely girls~


  1. What treasures you have found! I would love to find these type of items in our thrift stores.

    Susie at Puddle Jumper Creations

  2. Love all your thrifty finds! Thanks for hosting!

  3. ...hi Courtney!
    I'm headin' out tomorrow to see what treasures await me at my local thrift store:)
    love, Love, LOVE the concept of a "day bed" for a porch setting, so that is what i'm calling to me:)
    xo, Rosemary

  4. As usual, your silver knocks me out. I think you have a fabulous silver homing device implanted someplace w/in you. The more,the merrier.
    xo Jeanne.
    bees knees bungalow

  5. Oh, the treasures you find are alway so-o-o fabulous! Your kind of thrift stores just don't exist in my area. Boo-hoo

    Thanks for hosting this fab party!

  6. Hi Courtney - really pretty found objects you've gathered there for us! Don't you just love thrifting? It's so addicting!

    Happy Friday dear friend!

  7. Thanks for hosting the party1 I have a little, um, problem with silver and monograms too... :)

  8. Courtney I must be channeling you! Lol! I have a very similar pair of shoe forms AND I just found a box of old crystal door knobs and hardware at the Goodwill! I'm saving it for next weeks post. *winks* And yepeprs I LOVE your monogramed tray! Great scores my friend! Vanna

  9. I love your silver finds! And thanks so much for hosting!

  10. Wow, you found some great stuff. Lucky you and thanks for hosting. Have a great holiday weekend!

  11. You found some great things! I adore that round hammered tray with the monogram!!! xoxo Debra

  12. Courtney you are such a gracious hostess! I'm lusting over all your thrift finds, and you MUST share what to do with old tarnished silver... I have a bunch of it that was wedding gifts etc. and I have it just stored away!

  13. Thanks for the invite! I love your blog! I too, adore old silver... just found a great casserole server for $1 at a yard sale... Posting on that soon!

  14. Love the old silver. I have a post scheduled on a few silver pieces I got at a second hand store. I love that stuff!! You are such a Dear, thank you for featuring my daybed. (air kisses) Your blog is what I want mine to be like (when it grows up!)

  15. I'm a fellow tarnished silver lover and I just can't help myself! It's a bug . . . ! :-)

    I absolutely love your shoeforms Courtney!

    Jem xXx

  16. Courtney thanks for hosting and have a wonderful holiday weekend, Martina

  17. Courtney,
    What pretty vignettes you have created. That silver is beautiful! Love that any way you photograph it. Thanks for having us!

  18. Courtney you found some gorgeous things. I'm joining the party for the first time. Thanks for hosting

  19. Love all the pretty silver!! THanks for the fun party this week!

  20. Oh Courtney, You would just die if you could see the piece of silver I found at a yard sale last Saturday...although not cheap,.... I paid $15.00 for it but I have never seen another for sale like it. I just finished giving it a polish and putting on the kitchen table...filled with....of all things....honey combs. Hope to show it next week. :) xoxo

  21. Your found some fabulous treasures. Love the shoes and the books and I am with you, I love silver and pewter. Your pieces are fantastic finds.

    Thanks also for showcasing my bdrm. I am so honored. Such a thrill.

    Hugs, Marty

  22. Lovely finds, Courtney! Gotta love vintage silver! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  23. Hi Courtney! Oh, that bag of vintage hardware is fantastic! I love to find those kinds of things. And well, old silver has completely stolen my heart for the last few years. I can't resist it. I went thrifting earlier today and got some beautiful silver pieces. thank you for hosting and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Memorial weekend!

  24. Great finds. I love the metal tray with the crest.
    Thanks for hosting......

    The French Hutch

  25. Courtney, Love finding silver and silverplate for a song! I want to hang those casserole holders on the wall after turning them into little memo boards. :-) Sue

  26. OMG! Your tip regarding leaving a comment worked! Hooray! this is the first time I have been able to leave a comment on a blog! I hope you don't mind, I am going to share this info on my blog (crediting you and Tricia). thanks again!

  27. Oh Courtney, you and I love the same things ~ I love love LOVE anything silver and anything monogrammed! But we could never go shopping together ~ I fear we would dive on the same things! :0)
    Thanks so much for hostessing this fun event ~ I've just linked up!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  28. Thank you Courtney for featuring my armoire, you are so sweet! I love all your amazing finds. I went thrifting today and came home with nada, hate it when that happens! Glad at least someone was successful :0) Have a great weekend and thanks again!

  29. Fabulous thrift store finds Courtney! I just love that monogrammed tray, too. Monograms are so compelling.
    Thanks for hosting!
    - Susan

  30. Great finds, Courtney. Thanks for hosting!

  31. Thanks for featuring all those beautiful rooms and creations, Courtney. I am inspired! Love all your silver and your shoe forms. I found a pair in an antique shop too....Christine

  32. Fabulous finds and fabulous features Courtney! I love old silver too. :) Thank you as always for hosting the lovely party!

    Heather (and Vanessa)

  33. Your silver finds are wonderful. Your photos are so enticing too. You have a great eye for design. Thanks for hosting this fun party. I really enjoy it. Have a nice Memorial Day weekend.

  34. Oh such beautiful treasures! Makes me want to go shopping for some vintage pretties.

  35. I'd say that YOU have a fabulous thrift store. Thanks Courtney!

  36. Hi,Courtney I'm your newest fan and follower and I linked up for the first time. Your followers list is missing so I clicked at the top to follow.. thanks for that tip. Hope it works otherwise I'll be back again. I love vintage silver and your treasures are gorgeous!... all those silver trays and pitchers. Great finds! Thanks for hosting and sharing all the beautiful features. Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!~Poppy

  37. Hey Courtney! Mmmmmm! There's just something so delicious about a few tarnished, monogrammed silver pieces setting about.... :) Great finds! I'm so happy that flea market season is here....!!!! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  38. You found some really great things! I had so much fun at last weeks barn sale (posted last week) that I had to go back and I found more treasures! Just too much fun!
    Thanks for hosting!

  39. Courtney,
    Thanks so much for visiting me and the sweet invite which I have taken you up on! A friend just walked me through how to link up to parties and it is so fun! What a great party your have! We really have similar taste, I love old silver, especially trophies and trays, I lucked out and found some sweet tiny children's shoe forms and also have some glass doorknobs and vintage hardware! Love everything you found!

  40. Courtney,
    I tried to find where to follow you at the top but couldn't figure it out! (Warning, it takes me longer then most to figure this blog stuff out)! If you can tell me where, I would love to follow you! Just leave me the info in a comment and I will come back if I haven't already!

  41. Courtney,
    Didn't take me as long as I thought! Finally saw it and I am your newest follower!
    P.S. Mine are missing now too!

  42. Beautiful finds! Really great features too, I really love that first one. I saw a lot of wonderful link ups too, can't wait to sort through them!

    Thanks for hosting

  43. Lovely treasures!!
    Glad to be joining in today

    hugs and blessings
    barbara jean

  44. THanks for hosting! I love shopping at antique stores!

  45. I was smiling as I read your post today Courtney. I've a lover of silver, in fact that is a silver tray in the back seat of my car from yesterdays finds. I also have monogrammed pieces everywhere, yesterdays find was a cut glass water picture with initials on it. Great minds think alike I guess!

  46. Courtney, your finds are such treasures! I love the monogrammed piece...well, all of them! I am sad that many favorite fleas are closing...tough economy. One would think that second hand stores would be booming, as people seek to recycle and reuse. Finding great things hasn't stopped you though! These are awesome! As always, thanks for hosting! Christie at Three Pixie Lane P.S. LOVELY features, too! I have enjoyed checkin' them out!

  47. Hi Courtney, thank you for your nice comment on my blog!
    Your silver treasures are beautiful!

  48. Holy Wow. So many great links.
    I posted my shoe forms - couldn't help myself.
    xo jeanne @bkb

  49. your thrift store is awesome!!!!

  50. Just gorgeous, Courtney!
    We seem to have very much the same taste, we might get into a hair pullin' fight if we went shopping together. ;-)

    Very happy to be linking with again this week!


  51. Thanks for hosting and Happy Memorial Day weekend!!


  52. O, goodness..your meme is growing so large, I can't see everyone anymore.:)
    Love all your teasures..
    Thanks for hosting..
    xo bj

  53. oh yes, I live for thrift stores- is that a bumper sticker?
    Lovely post as always- leave inspired.


  54. Thanks so much for hosting this party and letting us share!


  55. Thanks for sharing another great link party! Love all the inspiration! Happy Friday to you!

  56. Wanted to thank you again for coming by my blog and telling me about your the Feathered Nest Friday. I shared my Subway Art this week and I'm LOVING checking out some other amazing projects have posted.

    Lots of inspiration everywhere!

    Pamela @

  57. Happy Friday, I love that sleeping porch!

  58. Hi Courtney,
    I've added your linky party to my regular list! So I'll be back to feature more of my goodies!! Thanks for hosting. Everyone has such beautiful projects - happy to be apart of it and contribute! You're blog is awesome, i'm learning so much from everyone!

  59. Beautiful thrifty finds! My thrift shops never seem to have things like these - I'm jealous!

    Thanks for hosting the party - I've linked up my vintage scrabble tile necklaces :)

  60. Hi Courtney,
    You have been making some great finds!! Footed trays always follow me home too, I can't get enough (need more storage sapace, haha) and I love all the glass knobs and hardware!
    Blogger is a mess! Thanks for the tip on followers, I never paid any attention to that bar before :-)))
    Thanks again for being our lovely hostess:-)

  61. Looking forward to seeing what you make out of all those silver pieces, maybe a shadow box out of the warming dish holder?

  62. Courtney, thank you for the invitation -- Divine love your blog Terri

  63. Great finds, as always! The only thing I miss about living in Florida was the abundance of great thrift shops... the ones here in NC are such crap! Thanks as always for the party- so many great inspirations!

  64. Hi Courtney, I love the footed trays, and with your creativity I am eager to see what you have planned. I have the same love of a good day scouring thrift stores. Thanks for the great link party I am off to check em out!!

  65. Oh my Goodness!!! So Wonderful to find someone else who LOVES the same things!!! My new Favorite place on the Internet!! .... like visiting a Fav Best Friend!
    ~luv Mary