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I love old chippy plaster
Weathered and worn with old cracks mottling the finish
& the charm of bits and pieces crumbling away...

This vintage putti statue brings to mind images of Old Italy...

Shabby worn plaster covered in ornate details,
lavender gardens, fountains trickling softly
crumbling statues and centuries old buildings...

A find at a flea market years ago~
I loved his cherubic face, his delicate wings and his lifelike size.
I don't always decorate with romantic style in mind...
but sometimes there are pieces that just plain
talk to me.
I think he was $12.00

I brought him home and set him aside not knowing just where
I would place him right away.
But rummaging through the shed the other day,
I rediscovered this little charmer again.

Don't you love when that happens?

I would really love to place him outside...
In the romantic vintage inspired dining area...
amongst the vining plants, holding little napkins for dinner.

Since his finish is already cracked and damaged
and not sealed well for outdoor use...
it will have to wait until our rainy weather dries up for a bit.

So, for now, he brings sweet charm to the bathroom.

His sweet look is perfect with the vintage inspired red toile wallpaper
Several rolled washcloths and a fresh bar of lavender soap
fit perfectly in the little niche he holds.

I love the old character he has.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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  1. Oh I love him! I love everything cherub:) I'm glad you re-discovered him and brought him inside, he's darling!

  2. Very sweet Courtney, he looks perfect in your bathroom! Martina

  3. Truly precious. What a wonderful spot to put him.

  4. Yes he belongs indoors. I had a little fellow reading a book, so sweet and looked like your guy...but he was cracked and glued near the base. Well he finally disintegrated. His little head is still on my stone wall... :-(
    yours looks perfect in the bathroom.

  5. charming! your pictures are always incredibly beautiful.
    Reminds me of a fountain I saw in Florence...


  6. Oh Courtney he is precious!! I ADORE cherubs! And of course romantic style *winks* What a sweet treasure to rediscover. He looks perfect in your bathroom!....I think he'd look perfect pretty much anywhere *winks* Vanna

  7. I love him :) I am on the hunt for his twin now!

  8. They used to make some really sweet things and how they made it all these years is a feet in itself. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House

  9. He is a cutey! You must leave him indoors. He looks great holding those towels, so very regally too :)

  10. That is just darling Courtney and I love that you tucked the washcloths in him in your bathroom! :-)

  11. Love your little cherub Courtney, and I think he looks perfect there..but I bet he'd look perfect in the garden too!

  12. I think your little guy looks great in the bathroom. I love cherubs. I have one on my sidebar that was part of a lamp base. I sold him, and sometimes wish I hadn't.

  13. He is so cute! Stop by and link up to this week's Share the Love Link party--I'd love to have this post added

  14. I DO love it when that happens! I would have a difficult time moving him to the garden. He looks so cute just where he is.

  15. I like using outside things inside too!! Your cherub looks angelic. Geddit?!!! Hoho!!


  16. He's so sweet. He'd look cute anywhere you put him.

  17. How fun to have found the perfect spot for your charming find. . . and then be able to move it again later. I like mixing things up a bit . . . and seem to notice things more when I move them around.

    Your home and your blog are so lovely.


  18. Sweet darling querub!!! Sooo pretty!!!!
    hugs from here

  19. He is so sweet looking, and I think it's lovely and creative that you tucked towels inside. I have a love/dislike thing with cherub images. They are adorable, and I keep a little smiling cherub on my dresser because it has sentimental value to me. But, in the Bible, whenever someone saw an angel, they were overwhelmed with awe. No one said, "Look, how cute!" But, as a child, I slept in a pink room with two white smiling cherub figures looking down on me. Could that have been the start of my passion for all things pink, sweet, and romantic?

  20. Courtney so lovely I would have to have this cherub as well! It is perfect for your setting!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my New Giveaway from Serena & Lily! You will love it!

  21. He is such a sweet little guy and what a deal! That cherub face just melts my heart :O)

  22. He couldn't be more perfect against that wonderful wallpaper... i love it!

  23. Ohhhh, he is so charming there, just perfect on your beautiful wall.


  24. Oh I love it.. Thanks for stopping by my facebook page for shoppe.(your so sweet)..

    If you left that little cherub outside-let it get weathered-chippy-Oh how great it will look with the outdoor elements..
    Beautiful Blog as well
    **Stop by sometime**

  25. It seems we both have a thing for putti/cherubs. I love how you use yours for soaps and bath cloths. I have a wall mounted one, also which I've never found a home for. You've given me some good ideas.
    Have a good evening,

  26. He is darling, Courtney!
    I used to have a pair of iron cherub shelves that are now in the living room of a dear friend...she loved them and I HAD to give them to her, ya know?
    Sometimes I miss them, but the look on Ann's face was bliss and priceless when I gave them to her...sigh...
    Maybe I'll find some more and not show her, LOL!

  27. He's a real sweetheart! Perfect in the bathroom, but I know he'd be wonderful outside too! Love it that you link up all your wonderful ideas over here at VIF! xoxo Debra