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When you think of an outdoor living space
what comes to mind?

A dining area with an old farmhouse table surrounded by french bistro chairs...
or a seating area or lounge area for relaxing on the patio...
or maybe a spot for an afternoon nap on a chaise?

We are fortunate to have a large area for entertaining and outdoor living
so all of these areas come to mind for my space.

I was so excited and appreciative to have been given
an incredible design challenge opportunity...

To create a backyard living space that was

A room outside for spending time with family and friends...
for entertaining and for relaxing.

Something much like a design I would create inside my home...
but using items that you can purchase from a specific store
to make over the space.

For someone who is used to finding flea market treasures
or a piece here and there collected over time to use in my rooms-
Creating a space out of ready to purchase items
and giving it an instant lived in feel was a bit different
but soo much fun!

Here is what the backyard looked like


~The Dining space~

Shabby and vintage inspired...

Faded colors
florals and ruffles...

French bistro chairs wearing a chippy finish,
galvanized bins & painted urns filled with gorgeous flowers

~The Sitting area~

Vintage inspired red floral toile
mixed with drop cloth & needlepoint pillows
& dark woven wicker.

A cozy sitting area to kick back and relax...

with a charming petite fire pit for warming your hands or roasting marshmallows

The gravel and beach areas are warmly lit by the soft glow
from vintage inspired oil lanterns.

~The Beach~

Your toes sinking into the warm sand while
stretching out a chaise...

So relaxing!

So, any guesses as to where these design elements came from?
I'll be sharing where you can find these fantastic pieces
and more pictures and details soon!


This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for collective bias
but all the designs and opinions are my own.


  1. Gorgeous Courtney!
    This should be in Romantic Country magazine!!!

    Pamela xo

  2. Ahhh... what a charming table! I love the French bistro chairs and the little numbers on them. You'd never need to go inside with an outdoor space like yours :D

  3. Looks great, Courtney. I love the stack of crates by the chair.

  4. Oh honey, this is just gorgeous! Congrats on your beautiful back yard and all the elements you've used to create this lovely and pretty place! I'm loving this! Pamela is right, it should be in House and Garden...I think!

  5. This is the prettiest post I have seen you do yet! I am in love with the table you created!!! Love those chairs, I wish I had some, and I love the ruffled table cloth you have on the table....I could go on and on here!!

  6. Looks fantastic- I love the mix of old and new and, of course, the gorgeous hydrangeas!

  7. You have taken my breath away Courtney!!! It's simply beautiful!!!

  8. Looks good I still can't put my sheers up weather not good I did get some of the chairs put out... maybe I should just come sit on your for now...Enjoy


  9. Amazing! do you by any chance have a guest bedroom so I can sink my feet into your beach ?

  10. I am going to make a guess, it might sound crazy, but I am going to say KMart!

  11. Absolutely stunningly gorgeous Courtney! I mean, this seriously should be published in a magazine because it is amazing. You are so talented and I am taking so many notes for summertime when I attempt to warm up our outdoor area. Can't wait to hear more about how this all began! :-)

  12. I'm thinking that maybe you bought them all at Target?! I have seen some really cute things there!

    Your space is awesome and I love it!


  13. Oh Courtney how gorgeous!! I agree it looks like it came right out of Romantic Homes mag! I can't wait to hear more about where all the decor elements came from? I'm loving those chairs!! More more! *winks* Vanna

  14. You've created a lovely outdoor oasis! It is just a beautiful place to relax and entertain. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Courtney everything looks beautiful, this should be in a magazine!! I LOVE those metal chairs! Martina

  16. Beautiful, Courtney !! I'd love to enjoy a wonderful meal at that gorgeous table !! Well done.

  17. OMGoodness, Courtney, your patio and beachy area is absolutely gorgeous! It is a DREAM *le sigh*.....Your table is so, so romantic. I am so happy you were able to rebuild your pergola so quickly after the storm damage. Everything looks better than before! I hope you make many happy memories out there this spring and summer with friends and family.

    Ricki Jill

  18. Courtney, What a beautiful and relaxing space you have created. I hope you enjoy many hours in your new gorgeous patio area.

  19. Beyond wonderful!!! I love every bit of what you've done- I wish I had so many great pieces to work with! I adore the simple chairs you paired with the elaborate table setting, and the sitting areas are all just gorgeous. It must be so comfortable and relaxing to sit back there and just enjoy the atmosphere you've created!

  20. It looks perfect for entertaining. My favorite are the little bistro chairs and the table.

  21. Court, my heart skipped a beat...literally. What a dream yard to have. I love your style. Always, so classy with a touch of romance!

  22. Good heavens Courtney! This looks gorgeous, like it came straight out of a magazine. I love the dining table and, love, love the chairs. Can't wait to hear more about it :)

    hugs ♥ tricia

  23. What a great backyard space you have. I especially love those chairs!

  24. It's all so beautiful - if I was a guest here, I'd never leave! have a good week. x Sharon

  25. I don't have a guess as to where the items are from... but you sure did a fabulous job with everything. I love all of the hydrangeas in the urns the most!

  26. Wow...what a wonderful job!
    Great place to entertain!

  27. gorgeous!! Can you come do my yard??

  28. Courtney this is absolutely gorgeous and so dreamy!! What a perfect space you have created. It is my dream to have an area like this to sit and relax or entertain. I think you won this challenge with flying colors my dear!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  29. Courtney, would you please come over to my home to fix up my porches. Your outdoor living spaces are just so beautiful.
    Marianne :)

  30. Courtney- It is absolutely beautiful! Can I come live with you? I promise to wipe the sand off my feet before entering the house! GORGEOUS outside setting-one of the prettiest I have seen! xxoo Diana

  31. Oh my goodness, Courtney, it's absolutely incredible. I really, reeeeeeally love your dining area. It looks perfect. I love the different coloured chairs and the table cloth. Aaaaah. You lucky thing! I hope you get lots of good weather to enjoy it all.


  32. Beautiful transformation Courtney. I love the dreamy look of your table. Ruffles, sheer curtains and galvanized pots filled with hydrangeas!
    I would love to relax on one of those dark wicker chairs and soak in the evening.
    So beautifully done. I am looking forward to know where you got all your lovely things!
    I am your newest follower.

  33. Oh, this is breath taking Courtney! It looks like photos from a coffee table decor book! You are so talented. laurie

  34. Ok, Courtney. You've officially made me jealous, girlfriend. lol! Will you come over and redo my porch and deck and garden and lawn and campfire area and..... lolol! I need some of your magic!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  35. Gorgeousness all around! I would love to have that beautiful setting to relax in.

  36. Just lovely Courtney! Really Beautiful, it looks like something from a magazine!

  37. So gorgeous and dreamy!! Happy Wow Us Wednesday :O)

  38. This looks fantastic, Courtney. You did a fantastic job with it.

  39. OMG Courtney..when it says Wow Us Tues. you really WOW us! I love oputdoor rooms and this one does not disappoint.. Hope you can come by my porch some's nothing like you inspiration..just a little country cabin, but we can sit a spell.

  40. Why hasn't a magazine snatched you up yet???? This is just so beautiful, all of it. I am coming to visit, or move in,lol!!

  41. Love it! It's beautiful. The perfect place to spend a relaxing evening. I've seen the urns before, but I can't place just what store they are from.

  42. looks warm and inviting, plus great fun doing it!

  43. Courtney, this is just breathtakingly beautiful. Needs to be a magazine feature!!! xoxo Debra

  44. Your table under the pergola is lovely as the table cover. I think you've done a stunning transformation. I hope to do a post on my area if we ever have any nice weather. I'm visiting from SSS.......
    Hope your day is great, and I love your outdoor entertaining area.

    The French Hutch

  45. What a gorgeous space you've created. Looks like you're ready for a lot of entertaining now that our temps have warmed up. Very nice!

  46. Oh my, I think this is one of the prettiest backyards I have seen. A great place to entertain and relax.

  47. this space is magical and so beautiful. I love everything on your entire blog! your blog is one of my top inspirational places to go. i love it

  48. Wow! It's gorgeous! You really inspired me to get out and do some much needed work on my patio!!! I love it!!

  49. Courtney,
    This is a fabulous transformation. You have a complete escape in you backyard now. Just beautiful! Thanks for linking this up!

  50. So beautiful! Thanks for linking your post to Cottage Flora Thursday's xoox, tracie

  51. Amazing! So fun to look at - thanks for sharing! Paula from Idaho

  52. It all looks gorgeous! I love each area and that they are all matching but flow so beautifully! I am dying to sink my toes in some sand! Great idea! We have a deck so no sand here:) Love the red flowered toile. And the lanterns. The table is exquisite! I thought you made the tablecloth, it is perfection! XO, Pinky

  53. Just love this!
    greetings from Holland.
    with love,

  54. Absolutely lovely! How I wish Kmart had a store near me! These items are great and I would love to have some of them. Thanks so much for sharing!