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This IS Kmart.

Now that you all know where you can find the pieces I used to make over the backyard...
I am going to share the details and inspirations for the design.

The budget was $1500 total for outdoor living products, plants, lighting, etc.
I was thrilled to find out that I was able to mix my own accessories in
as well as change the item if I needed to for fitting my design.
I perused the Kmart website, got an idea of what I would use for my makeover
and went shopping!

Some of the inspirations for my design were in catalogs and my french design books
but I found elements that were just as beautiful and much more reasonably priced at Kmart.

We spend a huge amount of time outdoors in the Spring, Summer and Fall
so I wanted to create a space where we could roast marshmallows with the kids,
have a glass of wine with friends and just enjoy being outside.

~The Beach Area~

I already had chaise lounges that I love,
but really wanted some nice, thick and comfortable cushions.

The chaise cushions were priced at $42.49 on sale
and the 9' market umbrella $46.74 on sale.

Another important element-
The lighting.
I love outdoor lighting &
I think you can't have enough lights outside for parties
or just to add a bit of elegance to everyday occasions.
Globe lights ($8.74) were strung along the picket fence behind the chaise lounges
(they look FANTASTIC at night!)
and I was so excited to find a favorite type of light at Kmart too.

Farmers lanterns are perfect for ambiance
and I used several of them in each area of my design.

To light the steps...
on the tabletop & even a couple among
the branches of the apple tree.

Total Beach area makeover: $154.00 + tax

~The Sitting Area~

I wanted the pea gravel patio to have a comfortable seating area.
Somewhere to kick your shoes off,
warm your toes by the fire and chat while relaxing.

When I first went into Kmart to check out the seating areas,
this one caught my eye for several reasons.
The gorgeous vintage inspired look, red floral toile cushions
and of course the wicker! I love wicker!
This is all weather~ which I have not had before- but I loved the vintage style.
This area was where most of the money was spent
on the more substantial pieces to really create a living room outside.

The pieces are part of the Country Living line at Kmart.
The chairs were $150 each and the loveseat $250.
They have a couch too- which I REALLY loved also!

The cushions on this set are extra thick, well made & reversible
if you would like to change your look.
I also sewed a couple of drop cloth pillows &
ruffled seat covers for a flirty french feel when I want it
and to help keep them clean.

I used 2 shepherd hooks at $25.00 each to hang farmers lanterns on
for the seating area lighting
and added the charming firepit- $79.99

I also used 2 big frenchy urns for some red geraniums. $39.99.
These are gorgeous urns~
and this week ,
you can buy the matching bench for $99 and get an urn for free!

Total Sitting Area makeover cost: $826.00 + tax

~The Dining Area~

Ohhh how excited I was to find french bistro style chairs at Kmart!!!

I love these folding chairs and after seeing these at another store for $70.00 each~
I am loving Kmart's price too- on sale for $30.00 each!
They are made out of a heavy metal and
I love that you can pull them out for company as you need to.

They have several colors available online- but only turquoise & red in my stores.
I purchased the turquoise-which are so cute but were a bit bright for my design.

So I used white spray paint
as well as Krylon Hosta Leaf spray paint to antique and frenchify them.

I ended up doing half white and half antiqued
by lightly spraying the green on & sanding for the shabby look
& then I used stencils and black paint for the numbers on the back.

I also placed 2 more of the frenchy urns in the dining area.

They are perfect for the table top or sideboard.
The cost for the dining area~ $320.00+tax

Plants, miscellaneous and tax brought the total right to about $1500.

I was amazed at just how far $1500 went at Kmart & I was impressed
by the quality of the pieces I chose & their prices.
I saw beautiful dishes, monogrammed flatware
(saved in my cart online! Lol!)
& even bulk burlap online

Take another look at Kmart sometime...
you might be surprised at what you find too!

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This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study forcollectivebiasbut all the designs and opinions are my own.


  1. Really, really impressive makeover- thanks for including the how-tos and price points. It's unbelievable! I was positive the metal chairs were an antique find but what a great price and loved your redo.

  2. Absolutely stunning! I love your great sitting area and the dining area too!
    It's been many years since I shopped at KMart but now I think I should go there. The bistro-style folding chairs are fabulous and a great price!

  3. I LOVE it Courtney!! Looks so beautiful and inviting!:) How were you compensated to do your post? did Kmart contact you via your blog? Have a wonderful weekend~ Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  4.,Wow, WOW!!!!
    I simply adore the "beach area"
    you have done a tremendous make over and convinced me to take a second look over at the big K,
    * because of your artistic spin of it all and your disclamer at the end:)
    what time is the fizzy lifty drink party?!!
    xo, Rosemary

  5. Amazing job and I'm loving the Kmart element of it all!

  6. This is all so pretty, Courtney! You did a wonderful job with all of the Kmart pieces...I have to take a look at their website. I have been wanting bistro chairs for the longest time and this is a great price! Love your lanterns, too and the wicker was a real bargain. Enjoy!


  7. WOW! Amazing amazing job, can you come do my yard?? :)

  8. Very impressive, Courtney. Thanks for walking us through the process. Your design is amazing, and I know you and your family will enjoy countless hours in your outdoor rooms.

  9. Kmart, Who Knew.... Guess I may have to check them out~ Love, Love, Love how your patio area turned out, Beautiful!

  10. Courtney everything looks beautiful!! I love the red and white cushions and those bistro chairs are pure loveliness! Have a wonderful Mother's Day! Martina

  11. I'm pretty impressed...I'll be making a trip to K-Mart soon and check all of this out! Thanks for hosting too!

  12. What a cool deal Courtney! How fun and fantastic to do a makeover for a major league classic chain like Kmart and give it an upscale look. Those Kmart execs are gonna love this!! I know I do!

  13. Courtney seriously were you like 10 when you had your first child? You look wayyyy to young to have an 18 year old (his own man *winks*) son!
    Secondly I am running out to K-mart! I haven't been there in years and I never thought I'd want to go there again...but I LOVE everything that you've done. They need to pay you for the exposure *winks* Vanna

  14. First of all, Courtney --- have an 18 YR OLD SON????? No way!!!! You look waaaay too young, and so pretty!!! :) Are you going to tell us your "How I Stay Looking So Young" secrets, too? :)

    Second, THANK YOU for sharing your KMart secrets with us! How did you get compensated for blogging about it? Did they contact you or what?

    I am heading over to the nearest KMart tomorrow to see what they have in stock. When you sprayed painted the green on the turquoise, did you sand it off after it dried? Or did you just spray it lightly on in various areas on the chair?

    Your yard looks absolutely amazing! Just like something out of a high-end decor mag! GREAT job!!!! ♥

    {I think you need to hold a blog party out there.... lol!}

    Hugs to you!

    xoxo laurie

  15. Your outdoor area looks stunning! I love the way you used good old kmart to create a French chic living space! It shows that if you are willing to be creative, you can achieve elegance with low price tag! I really really like those bistro style chairs once you worked your magic on them! X

  16. I love your outside makeover. Very stunning French design on a budget. We all love the bargains but to add the bonus of a beautiful expensive looking setting is fabulous. You have inspired me. Thanks for sharing this great post.

  17. I'm drooling! What an awesome job you did!!! I'm so impressed with the savings! Love it! Alyssa of Boston Bee

  18. I love it that you got all this for a bargain and show everyone the details of putting it all together, it truly is a beautiful space and I love how you show that it does not have to be designer furniture to make a beautiful relaxing oasis! You are so inspiring!

  19. WOW!!! I have no words!!! You have inspired me to clean up my back deck and yard even more. I started last week, and now you have given me more great ideas! THANK YOU!!

  20. Gorgeous makeover..great job finding the deals and putting it all together! Enjoy your new outdoor spaces and have a great weekend!


  21. Courtney, you outdoor spaces look most inviting. You really pulled together some fabulous details with a small budget. Great job! I'm going to check out the chairs. We can always use extra chairs for the terrace.
    ~ sarah

  22. You made some great purchase choices because your outdoor area looks great! I know K-mart really does have great outdoor stuff. My brother bought his outdoor furniture there a few years ago. It's been outdoors year round for about 4 or 5 years and survived a move, yet it's still holding up well.

  23. Courtney you have really out done yourself back there!! It is simply gorgeous and I so wish we had a Kmart. Those earns are soo pretty and frenchy!

  24. Beautiful design! Luxurious, elegant yet unpretentious and cozy at the same time! I love the redo you did on the chairs! I could sit out there, reading my decorating and gardening mags or working on a project all day! Congrats on a fabulous design! ~Leena~

  25. Your yard looks amazing Courtney. How wonderful that you got to do this with Kmart. That was very generous of them. They certainly have some beautiful items. I will have to see what they have for lounge chairs. I love those urns.

  26. This is fabulously french and gorgeously stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing....

  27. Very pretty. Such a beautiful place to spend time with family and friends.

  28. Thank you so much for sharing! We are having a pergola installed next week. I have been wanting outdoor wicker. Saw a set a Wal-mart that I quite liked. It had red and orange cushions. Not crazy about orange, but it was pretty cute. I hadn't checked K-mart. This is my style to a T! I love red and toile. K-mart, here I come!

  29. What a fantastic spot for relaxing and spending time with friends and to think KMart had alot to do with it!

    I used to go to K Mart when I lived near one but haven't in a long time! Well I might just have to take a little trip that way!

    Love the chairs!

  30. What a fabulous area!!! Great job Courtney!!! I am going to Kmart today. XoXo

  31. OK you really grabbed me with that title and I KNEW you would do a fabulous job's so lovely. When's the party? I bought two green bistro chairs when we lived in Paris that I spray painted light blue for a change in decor. Those chairs are 10 years old now and are still sturdy. Go KMart~

  32. It all looks amazing and I will be RUNNING to KMart now. I have to have those bistro chairs and french urns! You did a beautiful job!

  33. Wow, you really achieved the "WOW" factor here. I love the french bistro chairs..........I'm heading to K Mart tomorrow! Beautiful photographs too........
    Hope your weekend is great.

    The French Hutch

  34. wow, I'm so glad I found this post. I've been looking for inexpensive bistro chairs for a while with no luck. I"m off to Kmart tomorrow! Thanks so much!

  35. I want to hang out in your beautiful yard. You did an amaizng job. I wish we still had our Kmart. It closed years ago. I always liked that store.

  36. WOW. You sure know how to handle your Kmart shopping, girl! This is one stunning sitting area!

    I've shared this on FJI Facebook for SNS 81. :)!/photo.php?fbid=10150245503906141&set=a.192514281140.164586.175378011140&type=1&theater


  37. Your yard is so beautiful! Can I come over too?
    :) Susan

  38. All I can say is BEAUTIFUL!...Loev the wicker set the bistro chairs!...the fire pit! the time I get to Kmart I bet everything will be gone!...
    Thanks for sharing!

  39. I love what you pulled together. It looks magazine shoot ready, excellent job!

  40. You were quite the bargain shopper, and with excellent taste and style!!!!

  41. Such a well thought out outdoor space. So many interesting individual ideas that add up to a remarkable space to entertain.

  42. I am totally amazed that all this came fro K MART!!!!!!!!!!!! Who knew!!!! You did a fabulous job! It all looks gorgeous! XO, Pinky

  43. This is all so gorgeous. We don't have Kmart here any more. They closed up about five years ago and left town. I always thought they had nice things. But your space looks very high end and its amazing it all came from Kmart. I love the wicker set. I really would like that for my back deck.

  44. I'm so excited, I can't wait to head to Kmart tomorrow. You did a beautiful job. I am also currently decorating an outdoor space and had decided on Pottery Barn furniture, but after seeing your space and the price, I will look at Kmart first. Thanks for a great inspiration.

  45. Wow!! I gotta say, I would never have thought that Kmart could do such a great job at a "Frenchy Makeover". You have a fantastic eye. And now a lovely backyard to match. Congrats! Dee

  46. wow gorgeous makeover! You did such a wonderful job! Love it! Dropping in from Domestically Speaking!

  47. Courtney, your outdoor space looks terrific. I'm looking for a small table for a grill. I'll take a look at KMart.
    Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  48. Hi Courtney,

    Love the Wicker, it certainly sets the mood for relaxation. What a great space to spend the summer in. Your own little oasis. Great Makeover!

    All the Best,

  49. Courtney, this looks like a magazine spread in Country living. I love it. I missed this post some how when you first posted it. I need to go to K mart. Probably too late now. I love the outdoor wicker furniture with the red toile. Too cute. Want those folding chairs and what a great price. Too hot here to enjoy the outdoors until the fall. Y'all have great weather in Ca. Thanks for joining the party. Not sure I have anything for yours. Still thinking.

  50. I'm stunned that all of this is from Kmart. My mouth is wide open!


  51. I love what you have created! Lovely setting and just gorgeous and inviting! The beach idea is so fun! I like how you broke it down for us too. The folding chairs are too cute too! You go Kmart!

  52. What a great patio space you have. It really looks like a great place to relax. Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday; hope you'll be back again this week!

  53. I was perusing through blogs, and just came across yours. Love your redo! We just purchased a fixer and on a tight budget - great to know k-mart has these wonderful pieces! Thanks for the inspiration. -Jessie

  54. I found you through Pinterest and realized I have been to your blog before. I love how you transformed the K mart items into the vintage french lovelies in your blog. Your Back yard is beautiful.

  55. Wow... Stunning... I love creative decorating on a budget! You did so much for so little... I just found your site today and I love it :)

    I began blogging less than two months ago and I'm just getting the hang of it. I've been a DIY decorator and crafter for several years. My blog isn't too fancy yet, but I'm having fun sharing DIY tips, trick and ideas. Come on over and check out my blog if you get a chance:


  56. As 55 other people have said, :D it came out gorgeous. Only I have a question about the table cloth with the pink large ruffle? THAT is what I'd like to find. I've never owned one but in my own fantasy. :D Lady

  57. Love your blog. Just found it. I wonder if they still have the chairs? Where did you get your tab le and how big is it? Did you make it? Your blog is simply gorgeous!LOve everything. Donna

  58. I love this makeover! I recently removed my old deck and I am looking for a patio. I think this pea gravel maybe just want i need, but if you don't mind I have a few questions. Is the pea gravel barefoot friendly? Did you have to put a retainer of some kind around the area to keep the gravel in? How deep is the gravel and does stuff sink into it? Thank you so much for all your help!

  59. OMG! Courtney that is gorgeous! I used to go to KMart a lot... Then I don't know what happened... Most of the time their stuff was kinda blah so I guess I did not go anymore.
    But now that I saw this! WOW! Gal... Amazing.
    Have I told you yet I love your blog and became a follower! I have only one bistro chair. I took mine with me from Holland 12 years ago. I hold on to it as crazy.
    Bring it to my booths (as display only - ADO) They are so hard to find. Mine is all weathered looking too. Perfect.
    I will be checking out KMart. Thank you so much for this "eye"opener. What a makeover!

    By the way where did you get that tablecloth? Or this you make it?
    Is it a one piece or two?

    Have a lovely week!