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I don't even know anymore...

Anyway, reposting the post that was lost the other day due to bloggers meltdown...
Happy Weekend Everyone!

Romantic. Vintage.

I adore these vintage barkcloth drapery panels.

There is something so fantastic about vintage barkcloth fabric.
The nubby texture, delightful colors & vintage designs.

I found these drapery panels several years back in
an off the beaten path thrift store that I happened upon

In the very back room,
there was a rack of drapery panels & mixed in
the bunches and bunches of newer panels...
were these two lovelies.

The pinks, purples and greens are absolutely gorgeous
and the colors are vibrant even after so many years.
They were never used- the panels had original tags pinned to them.
They show some age from being stored for so many years
but they are in wonderful condition.

Old pinch pleats and hooks...
and lined in old cream cloth.

I absolutely adore the fabric and old floral pattern...
it reminds me of delicate china and it's dainty details
Elegant, warm and vintage cottage sweet.

I had them hanging on the backs of antique french doors
that I made into a screen but am inspired to use them
somewhere new...
I'll share soon.

For now,
I am loving them just sitting in a basket or folded in an old french armoire.
Just so gorgeous.

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  1. They are gorgeous Courtney! I can't wait to see what you do with them but I agree, they look so pretty there in the basket. :)

  2. Those fabrics are so beautiful. They inspire thoughts of romance and delightful days in the garden. You really have some lovely pieces there.

  3. Courtney ~ I feel the same way about bark cloth. It's just amazing. I have some drapery panels and Have used one for pillows. I hoard these and I am waiting for that one special project ;-)

  4. They are so beautiful, I just love that fabric. So pretty in the basket, I can't wait to see where they end "up" :)

  5. Oh my beautiful they vibrant! Wonderful find.
    Lucky Lady.


  6. I love bark cloth the colors so rich,, the florals are so true,,

  7. I like barkcloth. I have a couple of pillows made from barkcloth in the kids' playroom.

  8. What beautiful fabric. The colors are just lovely.

  9. Lucky you....absolutely delicious.

  10. Oh my, I want to know where these pretty panels will go...maybe as portierres somewhere in your house? Around some french doors??

  11. they look so pretty in your basket~ :)
    I never got your email for some reason, could you try resending it?

    French Farmhouse 425

  12. Those are some beautiful fabrics, especially that pink one. Gosh, that's pretty. I love that basket too.

    I know Rachel has been asking you about the Kmart thing...I want to know too! :)

    hugs ♥ tricia

  13. What a gorgeous fabric, Courtney! I'd love to see where you use them. I wonder, if they are older, if they are shorter than what we hang now.

  14. oh how beautiful! Hugs and wishes for a day filled with Happy!

  15. Those are gorgeous, Courtney and I can't wait to see where you use them.

  16. Love your photos, girlfriend! The colors in that cloth are gorgeous! Can't wait to see what becomes of them.
    xo, A

  17. I saw some similar fabrics at the Brimfield sale last year that were very pricey! You got a steal!

  18. LOVE! So beautiful. They look great in that basket. Can't wait to see where they end up.


  19. Just beautiful, Courtney.


  20. Those are some wonderful old drapes. I love the fabric and the colors. You can do so much with it. I can't wait to see what you have in mind for them.

  21. Wonderful work!
    Have a great day...

  22. Looks great in the basket, but I can't wait to see where they end up!

  23. Those are so pretty! You were lucky to find them!

  24. The drapes are gorgeous! Barkcloth fabric is wonderful. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with them next. Even just leaving them in the basket would be heavenly. Gorgeous roses!
    I am over from A Rosy Note spring party.

  25. Hi Courtney! I see your comments haven't returned yet either. Thanks for sharing your pretty post at Photo Feature Friday :)

    hugs ♥ tricia

  26. Wow, Courtney, snow in May? That is not good. I will send some warmth your way even though it is going to be much cooler this week. 90's last week and 60's this week. Weird weather. Have a great week and oh, my lost posts never found their way back.

  27. Oh my goodness, seriously snow??? It's raining here in So Cal and I do believe you're in Nor Cal. Weird weather but hopefully your lovely backyard stays in tact!

  28. Courtney wow I love these too!!

    Our weather went from nearly 90 and humid down to freezing as well!

    I have a New Giveaway from Serena and Lily you will love!

    Art by Karena

  29. Sorry to hear about the snow, it really can kill a spring to have snow in May, believe me I know, it has happened to us before too.
    I love finding vintage barkcloth. I love your pattern. I have used some of mine, I have a hard time cutting it, that is the reason I have so much, but I am getting better about using my fabric stash. I can't wait to see what you do with yours. I hope it warms up for you.

  30. Gorgeous drapes, they are stunning.

    As for the snow, there seems to be a lot of it around today.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  31. Love the old drapes. They always had such wonderful color and the over sized flowers always make me smile.
    Richard at My Old Historic House

  32. I can recall a time in May while visiting home (Buffalo, NY) and it snowed, it was May 20th. Crazy indeed. Your pics are pretty though.

  33. Please Courtney, do not send that my way, it took so long to get rid of it this year.
    Those them!

  34. i would have to jump off a bridge if it snowed anymore!! we are putting lawns down now, and one already came in...a week of rain is forcast for Boston, perfect for growing new grass.

  35. such rich colors,, just beautiful,, crappy snow though,, we finally have spring here in Northern Ontario and I don't know where in the states you are but anywhere its just wrong to have snow now,, my sympathies,,

  36. I cant believe it! Snow in!;) LOVE your photos Courtney~ Hugs,Rachel

  37. Hard to believe the now in May, but your picture of the snow on the hanging basket really sets a neat tone for the Cabbage Rose post. I do love the barkcloth drapes.

  38. What a gorgeous pattern on those drapes! They look perfect in that basket! X

  39. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see your photos, Courtney. Oh my gosh!!!! Totally YUCK!!! Our weather took a dive yesterday too. We had a week of sunny and 80 degrees and as of yesterday it's now 50, rainy, and windy. Global warming...???? What's that???? lol!

    Anyway, at least you have some roses inside to enjoy! :) Love the heft and weight of barkcloth. Yours is sooo pretty!

    xoxo laurie

  40. Hi there
    I ventured here from Laurie's blog....oh my I can't have snow? I'm not sure where you are but I'm sure snow shouldn't be in the forecast. Hopefully its going to melt soon....

    I absolutely love those drapes. They are beautiful. I love roses and floral drapes and you have found the perfect basket for them...

    come by and visit sometime...

  41. Courtney! I love vintage fabrics especially barkcloth! You found some great fabric here. Love the look and texture of these great fabrics. I look everytime I see fabrics in an antique store hoping to find something like your fabrics. Beautiful!

  42. They are beautiful!!! I can't wait to see what you do with them. :)
    Hope your week is wonderful,

  43. Gosh are you in Colorado too? THis weather is just crazy! I think Spring will just slip by and we will get slammed with hot summer!

    Love that beautiful fabric!

    bee blessed

  44. Snow? No way, that's unreal!

    Anyways, yourd raperies are so sweet and lovely. Can't wait to see how you use them.

  45. Love these drapes!

    I'm happy new follower,I'm excited about Feather your nest party this Friday.(thanks for the invite)whoohoo!
    Come follow back if you can!

  46. I would be in tears if we got snow now;):) Your blog is beautiful! I love these gorgeous fabrics! Thanks for stopping by and I will be back here too! Happy Monday! XO, Pinky

  47. How lucky to find the beautiful barkcloth drapes! It's suppose to snow here in our local mountains in S. CA!

  48. Wow, I'm in shock you got snow in that area. I hope it warms up soon. Come and visit =)))

  49. Hi Courtney!
    Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear about your weather issues. Snow? That's just not right. It is unusually cold here in NY and and the flowers just don't know what to do. Love your vintage fabric! Making plans to stop by during Feathered Nest Friday.

  50. OMG! Did you really get snow?? That's nuts!!!
    Rose-o-holic here *waves hand in air* Love your old barkcloth rose curtains Courtney! They look delish draped in your basket......Speaking of which I was out tiquercising yesterday and I ran across a basket so much like yours. It was spensive tho! ...Durn it! *winks* Vanna

  51. Courtney,
    Oh snow, that's strange. I just said the other day I am ready for a normal weather year. It is too much in the weather department these days. Love these bark cloth drapery panels. they would look lovely anywhere! Sorry I am behind had a big weekend and son graduated. Thanks for linking it up!

  52. They looks beautiful COurtney! As for the snowI am shaking my head in disbelief!! Loving your new towel holder!

  53. ack. I saw your post on FB and was going to comment but didn't get to! I hope your plants and flowers didn't get ruined. :( Love barkcloth- you found a really pretty one.

  54. Hi Courtney, Oh, I just love anything with vintage cottage roses. These are gorgeous!
    ~ Julie

  55. So beautiful fabric!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  56. Hi Courtney,

    I have the same love affair as you do with vintage barkcloth. I've been collecting it for about a dozen years. You found a really pretty design.

    Pink Sparkles for your week,
    Stephanie ♥