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Happy Fathers Day

Growing up...
your dad might have been the biggest strongest guy in the neighborhood,
the one who could fix all the broken things around the house
the one who scared away the monster in the closet
or the one who threw you in the air & let you ride on his shoulders.
He might have been a jokester or comedian who made you laugh
or very serious and strict
He held your hand to keep you safe as you took your first steps
and carried you in his arms as you discovered the world.

As you grow older and watch as your husband becomes a father 
you understand just how special Dads are
  and what an impact that relationship has on your life 

To all the Dads in our lives~
Happy Fathers Day


  1. Well put Courtney! happy Fathers day to all the great dads in our world!

  2. So very true! Thanks Courtney!

  3. So true! I had a great one and my kids do too!

  4. You're so right Courtney! I had a great dad, very playful with us kids and my daughter's dad was like that too...and he's a terrific grandpa!! Happy Dad's Day to the treasures in your family! Hugs, FABBY

  5. So true Courtney. Hope all the dads have a Happy Happy Day! Vanna

  6. Hi Courtney!!

    I just lost my dad on April 16th and I'm still in shock. He was Scottish and I always loved his accent...It is what I miss the most. We talked every day by phone and always had a joke or two for each other. Even though he wasn't a great dad, I looked beyond that and told him I appreciated him for all his good and forgave him all his not so good.

    I choose to remember the good and to put away the bad.

    I'm married to a great guy who is a great dad to my son and our son we had together.
    I hope you had a great day filled with good memories and warm weather.

    Have a great week Courtney!!


  7. Courtney.....this is such a heartfelt-beautiful post.

  8. that....was my papa. plus he worked 3 jobs, provided for a family of 9. traveled 55 miles probably 4/5 months out of yr. total to visit my mama in hospital. didnt miss a night. i swear to God, i dont know how he did it. but there is a very special place for him in Heaven. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADDY. i miss so so..............susy