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My sweet friend Debra over at Common Ground is starting a feature on her blog that I wanted to tell you about.
Design Challenge
A little while ago Debra asked for some suggestions for her living room and blog friends chimed in!
Well, it got her thinking... and she thought of starting a blog feature where you can send in photos of a decorating dilemma or any decorating questions or problems you may have and we out in blog land can offer advice or suggestions to help out.
Such a fantastic idea!
Head on over to Common Ground and say hello to Debra and read all about it

See you tonight for Feathered Nest Friday! :)


  1. Thanks so much Courtney! So glad you'll be a part of this!
    xxoo Debra

  2. Oh no, I have need to be able to join thank the many beautiful things. Thanks for visiting! I was happy.