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An old farmhouse table draped in shabby pink linen

Set with a petite stack of my grandmothers vintage china
- perfectly pretty and meaningful-
& a birthday cake on a silver platter.

Lots of birthday wishes and hugs for a very special girl!
We celebrated my daughters birthday this year
a couple of times to accommodate different schedules
The kids always like to say they have a 'week-long celebration'
For Ansley's party ~party, she decided to invite just a couple of
her close friends over for a sleepover, cake and fun.

A pretty in pink table in the dining room for party food
and the outside table was draped in white tulle.

But instead of party pictures at the table
we had several giggly girls who were running around having fun
who didn't want to sit for pictures~
let alone cake and ice cream.
So I am sharing just a few pictures I took before the party
and my girl on her birthday.

She picked out a white cake with whipped frosting for her party (delicious! )
but I found these frosted gourmet cupcakes at the bakery.
Mint chocolate chip is her favorite and they were perfect
for her real birthday sweets.

Love this precious baby girl.

It's been crazy busy here lately and I am so behind on so many things!!
I apologize for not making my usual visits to everyone~ I will be stopping by shortly.
This Summer has been a bit crazy for sure and I cannot believe
that school is starting up again in just a few short weeks!
Where did the lazy days of Summer go already!?

Hope to see you tomorrow for Feathered Nest Friday!

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  1. Definately pretty in pink! Your daughter is beautiful!

  2. The table looks stunning and so does the birthday girl!

  3. Oh, she's fabulous! The decor is fabulous! And those cupcakes are fabulous!!!!
    You've done it again--such sublime styling!!!

    Lana In Italy

  4. Beautiful table for a beautiful girl....

  5. I WANT those cupcakes! Mint chip is my husband's favorite ice cream and oh how he would love those cupcakes! Are those chocolate covered mint oreos on top?! How lucky you are to get to celebrate a birthday with such a beautiful girl- and how lucky she is to have you!

  6. The only thing upstaging your table is your beautiful daughter.

  7. Beautiful table inside and out. Those cupcakes look awesome! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. Enjoy these last few lazy summer days...

  8. Hi Courtney. How pretty I love it all!! Your daughter is beautiful. Sounds like the girls must of had a great time. Ahh, I remember those days of sleepovers with friends. Oh fun! We should all have a big girl sleepover. : ) And those cupcakes, OMG!! I must try those. ~ Catie

  9. Your last photo should be a magazine cover! And those cupcakes... uhhh yum! Your daughter is precious, happy birthday to her, i'm sure she is so proud to have a mommy that makes everything so pretty...


  10. A beautiful table, Courtney, and a very beautiful birthday girl!! Your grandmothers china is so pretty!

  11. Such a pretty party setting! Happy birthday to Ansley! I had a mothers helper named Ainsley, and your daughters name is the closest I have heard of it.

  12. such sweet decorations for a delightful looking girl!

  13. A beautiful pink table for a gorgeous birthday girl!! The cupcakes look so yummy and wish I was at the daughter's birthday, she's so lucky to have you too. Lots of hugs, for both of you! FABBY

  14. What a beautiful party for your beautiful birthday girl!


  15. That is one beautify girly girl party. I can't imagine how beautiful everything looked in person.

  16. Happy Birthday to Ansley! Courtney, your daughter is a beautiful young lady. Love the table, flowers and of course the cupcakes.

  17. Courtney-What a beautiful girl..and a beautiful table! What a gorgeous post. I haven't been visiting very much lately either- xo Diana

  18. Just beautiful. Enjoy it all.

  19. Ansley is beautiful! I'm sure that she and her friends had a wonderful time. The table is gorgeous, as usual. The cupcakes are quite beautiful too.


  20. Love that candelabra. looks like a perfect grey. Glad you had a lovely time. Arent birthdays just wonderful?

  21. what a special birthday setting! So very pretty with pink decor. you have a lovely daughter. Christie

  22. belated happy birthday to your lovely daughter. Her smile could melt the whole world, so sunny and warm. I love your inside table.. OOh I do love the candelabra and the pink! Your dishes are so pretty. Also love the outside table. So lovely with the tulle.
    many blessings, xo marlis

  23. Happy Birthday to your daughter. What a lovely setting, and those cupcakes look delicious.

  24. Beautiful table, beautiful party, beautiful girl! Happy Birthday to your baby girl. My baby just turned 14 this week! Seems impossible!

  25. Courtney, once again you pull out all the stops and create a beautifully sweet and inviting space! Sooooo beautiful!!!! I'll bet your Ansley was surprised and just loved all the special loving touches you added!! :) You should hire out as a party-planner/decorator, girl!

    xoxo laurie

  26. That is one gorgeous table for your sweet girl, Courtney! The flowers are spectacular, and I love the way you've draped the table. So pretty in pink!

  27. Courtney this is so pretty and special for a girls party. Your daughter looks very happy and she is beautiful like her momma. :) I can't believe how this summer has flown by, it is just crazy!
    Enjoy your week!

  28. Just beautiful, and I love the chalk board!