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I ordered several new design books recently
and thought I would share a couple of them.
I almost always look through a design book at Borders or B&N before ordering it.
I have been fooled by a pretty cover before so I like to make sure it is a book
that will inspire me over and over in some way.

I LOVE this bathroom...
I absolutely adore the fireplace in there!
How decadent!!

Rooms to Remember by Suzanne Tucker
is a book I looked through at Borders probably 6 months ago...
I was in LOVE.
The style. The designs.
The rooms, the beautiful settings and homes...
all elegant, elaborate
(yes, probably quite expensive too)
but just beautiful.

Such a gorgeous bedroom!

I was not in love with the price...
So I noted it in my phone, checked Amazon and ebay and then
kept waiting and waiting and waiting for it to go on sale...
but nothing.

Then about a month ago Borders sent me a 50% coupon and free shipping...
I jumped on it and ordered it.
When the book arrived- I was in love all over again.

Love~ love- love this room surrounded in toile.
So pretty.

Suzanne has incredible style.

Love mossy pieces and in an urn-
even better.

What can I say about this room...floor to ceiling windows... gorgeous chandelier
and window treatments... beautiful furnishings...
just incredible.

Here are a few other books I recently purchased and a couple more are on the way :)
I'll share with you soon!

Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. Rooms to remember, take me away! I feel like I'm dreaming. I just may have to splurge and get this book! I think I'm in love too.

  2. thats some mighty good reading

  3. I can never have enough design books and am always interested in hearing about good ones! I really loved Barbra Streisand's My Passion For Design. I would also like to read Carolyn Roehme's book I see in your pile....and of course this one you are raving about!

  4. This book looks wonderful, I'll have to track it down. Thanks for the gorgeous images! xoxo Debra

  5. Thanks for the recommendation, Courtney. I am going to the library tomorrow, so I will check it out! I usually do that first before I invest in a home decorating book. I still have not gotten a copy of Prairie Style, either.

    Ricki Jill

  6. Beautiful rooms Courtney. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Courtney :) I love me some design books too, but like you say, the price can sometimes be a bit scary...I'll have to go check this one out at the bookstore though, it looks so inspiring!
    Cas x

  8. You've got a couple of my favorite designers there, Courtney; Carolyne Roehm and Cindy Rinfret. I haven't bought a new decorating book in about six months. Last time it was a few of the Nell Hill books. I'll have to look into these. I get Amazon rewards through my credit card and I usually use those to get my books or DVD's.

  9. I love flipping through design books with a coffee at the Barnes & Noble cafe. It's a great way to preview the book before buying, and they're constantly sending me coupons as part of my membership.

  10. Oh what a gorgeous book! That bathroom looks incredible! So fun to get some great inspiration. :-)

  11. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I recieved the fantastic book and magazine a couple days ago and I'll be posting about them soon after company leaves tomorrow. I havn't had a chance to sit and relax to look at them yet just did a peek thur to both!
    I love the design book you posted about the rooms are beautiful.

  12. Hi Courtney... Gasping at your books.. Going to tthrow this as a hint for my birthday... looks stunning.


  13. I love me a good frenchy book Courtney! Thanx for sharing!

  14. You are right - INCREDIBLE !! Thanks for the stopping by your blog every chance i get:)

  15. Courtney I'm adding "Rooms To Remember" to my must have list. I know if you love it I'm going to love it also *winks* Wish me luck on that sale thang! Vanna