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I am back from a whirlwind trip to Sunny San Diego!
I was born and raised in California
but this was my first visit to
the gorgeous sun drenched San Diego...
What an absolutely beautiful city!

So many wonderful places to walk, shop and dine
surrounded by gorgeous architecture & just a few steps from the beach.

The downtown section is so charming
I loved the historic buildings and old character.

It reminded me so much of San Francisco which I love to visit as well
(but with better weather!)

We enjoyed delicious food in Little Italy
and just up the street from the restaurant
I saw chunky, chippy, peely remnants
out in front of a shop and had to investigate...
It was an architectural salvage shop...
well... you know I had to go in.

Loved this door...
The old different colored glass panes
and chunky wood details~

There were so many neat remnants of old homes,
tons of old fireplace surrounds and chunky corbels.
The details on these pieces in this bin were amazing.
I found a truckload of things I would love to have brought home
but the prices weren't too friendly.

We popped over to Coronado for a bit in the morning...
what a gorgeous area!

The architecture was wonderful- an old area with lots of charm.
Of course the palm trees, sandy beaches and beautiful blue skies
and perfect weather weren't so bad either!

Next stop:
The Cheap Sally Dance party at the Stingaree
and a peek at the
Gordon Ramsay line at Kmart!!

Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. Girl I wish I knew you were here, It would have been fun to meet up :) So glad you enjoyed your time!

  2. Love San Diego. We went several years ago and stayed at the Hotel del Coronado for a conference. It was August and only 72 degrees. We were freezing after leaving temps of over 100 at home.

  3. I'm from New Orleans and moved to San Diego after Katrina hit. I mis home like CRAZY, so it's nice to see SD through a visitor's eyes. It makes me appreciate it a little more :)

  4. Oh, this took me back! My family lived in Escondido (neighbor to San Diego) for several years and when hubby and I were dating we would drive down there quite a bit. Isn't Coronado Island just gorgeous? Sounds like you had a great time and I can't wait to hear more about the party! :-)

  5. I love San Diego. We used to visit all the time when we lived in Scottsdale to escape the desert heat!

    Lovely photos. I would have had a field day in that salvage shop! Did you try to haggle with them?

  6. Oh I fell in love with San Diego a few years back while visiting our son in California. LOVED Coronado Island, almost magical. Your photos bring back pleasant memories.

  7. What a beautiful city! My friend moved there a couple years ago and LOVES it! I am so glad that you had a great time, sorry about the prices in the shop, that is a bummer but at least you got to see some beautiful places. :)
    Have a great week!!

  8. Welcome to my hood!!! lol Well...not really, since I live in Los Angeles County...but all of it is still SoCali! lol Anyway, so glad you enjoyed it there. The weather is always exquisite isn't it??? Not too hot, not too cold...just perfect. ;)

    Have a great week!


  9. Oh, how I miss my San Diego days...The Gas Lamp District was one of my favorite places :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures - I have very happy memories of San Diego - it was there that I went on the first date with my future husband - we had met in San Francisco three weeks earlier - he was in the navy, based in San Diego.

  11. Beautiful pictures! I have never been, but it's on the list to visit.

  12. LOVE San Diego! Just gorgeous and so peaceful, in my opinion. The Del is fabulous ~ such beauty and history. So glad you enjoyed your trip!


  13. I've never been there. It sure looks wonderful. I can't wait to hear all about the party :)

  14. San Diego is absolutely beautiful...Not just saying it because I've lived here all my life...:-) It's a totally awesome place to live...So glad you got to visit and had a wonderful time.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  15. Thank you for taking me on your trip! It is a place I would otherwise never see!

  16. Wonderful pictures which reminded me of the few days I was lucky enough to spend in this town some years ago.